• Gzip’s setting in Apache 2 and squid’s processing method analysis


    Gzip can speed up large websites Sometimes the compression ratio is as high as 80%. Recently, it has been tested, at least more than 40%, which is quite good In versions after Apache 2, the module name is not gzip, but mod_ deflateIf you want to open gzip, you must open the following two modulesLoadModule […]

  • Method of clearing squid cache in Linux system


    Clear the proxy cache on Linux or UNIX running squid. Here is a very rough method, and squidclient. A good method is script, especially when there are many websites and URL parameters are complex. Step 1: determine the location of squid proxy cache Copy code The code is as follows: #grep cache_ Dir / etc […]

  • Using squid + stunnel to build proxy server on CentOS


    Proxy server, do not need to introduce, simply say the installation process. At the beginning, the installation of hosting24 did not succeed. It took half an hour to replace it with linode. It is speculated that hosting24 has imposed restrictions on agents.1、 Server descriptionA foreign VPS (linode recommended), service squidA company’s internal PC, can access […]

  • How to configure squid proxy server under Linux system


    Briefly record the configuration of squid transparent proxy server Environment: VirtualBox + CentOS 6.0 + squid-3.1.4-1.el6.i686 0. Check whether squid is installed by default. If not, install it first Copy code The code is as follows: [[email protected] ~]# rpm -qa squidsquid-3.1.4-1.el6.i686 1. Add dual network cards to the virtual machine, set all bridging, configure IP, […]

  • Analysis of the whole process of squid proxy server configuration in Linux system


    What is squid? Squid is a software to cache Internet data. It receives users’ download applications and automatically processes the downloaded data. That is to say, when a user wants to download a home page, it sends an application to squid, asking squid to download it for him, then squid connects to the applied website […]

  • Database multi row to single column


    When the database storage is different from the actual display requirements, we have to write SQL to realize data presentation: Such as:   Let’s look at the data table first:   CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Expenses] ( [Date] DATE, [Description] NVARCHAR(40), [Charge] DECIMAL(18,2) ) GO Source Code   Then, we fill in some data for the table, […]

  • CentOS 7 install squid proxy


    Squid, a high-performance proxy cache server, supports FTP, gopher and HTTP protocols. Squid, a software that caches Internet data, receives the user’s download request (as a proxy server), automatically processes the downloaded data and returns it to the customer. When a user wants to download a home page (such as Mipu Technology: https://mimvp.com), he / […]

  • Squid Foundation and Configuration


    Introduction to Squid 1. What is Squid? Squid is a software used to buffer Internet data. In this way, it achieves its functions by accepting requests from objects that people need to download and processing them appropriately. That is to say, if a person wants to download a web page, he asks Squid to get […]