• How to remotely connect Sql Server 2014 Express without sqlserver Management Studio


    Because the express version of sqlserver is free and compact, I installed a sqlserver 2014 express, but the express version is only locally connected by default, and my project needs a small partner to connect to my database, so I Google.In fact, I also Baidu.How to make your Sqlserver fail to start successfully by making […]

  • One-to-one mapping of Entity Framework


    One-to-one relationships are complex relationships in the Entity Framework, involvingHasOptional 、WithRequired 、 WithOptionalPrincipal 、 WithOptionalDependent。 In this article, we will explain the usage of these points in detail. Let’s take members and orders as an example. A member may or may not have orders, but an order belongs to a member absolutely. We first write […]

  • Entity Framework Multi-to-Multi Mapping


    In the last article, we explained one-to-many mapping in EF. In this article, we explained many-to-many mapping in EF. In this article, we also use a simple example to illustrate many-to-many mapping. Zero and Automatic Generation of Relation Table Story: In a student course selection system, there are two entities: students and courses. The relationship […]

  • Pits encountered in database operations


    This article is mainly about recording some pits I encountered in using the database and updating them from time to time. ## Case 1 SqlServer 2008## Scene:Data docking and video search for partners Specific realizationPartners provide data interfaces, and then we synchronize data by crawling partners’interfaces. Every time we crawl in full, but the warehousing […]

  • Caching for Performance Tuning of SQL Server


    When any query is executed, the SQL Server reads the data into memory. When the data is used, it will not be released immediately. Instead, it will be cached in the memory Buffer. When the same query is executed again, if all the required data is cached in memory, then the SQL Server will not […]

  • SQL Server 2008 Logon Error: Unable to Connect (Local) Solution


    After some friends install SQL Server 2008, most of them will encounter connection errors. Especially for novices like us, they are so depressed that they can hardly pretend to play and then have problems. This article is intended to solve the problem that the installation step is not a problem, but the login is not […]

  • Entity Framework Entity State


    Starting today, we will begin to explain the entity state and data operation in EF. This article begins with the entity state.Through the previous study, we know that EF is responsible for tracking the state of the entity through the upper and lower levels, and that the location of the entity state is in the […]

  • MS SQL Server Database Separation-SQL Statement


    Preface I’m cleaning up the database today. Yes.MS SQL ServerSeparated database files are used. In this process, there is a small problem: the database log file was deleted by mistake, and then the data can not be opened, except offline, other operations are wrong. Database Separation conventional method This method is a conventional and multi-step […]

  • Entity Framework Knowledge (V)


    stayMany-to-Many Relational MappingThe association table in EF is automatically generated. But sometimes we need to show the associated tables that define them. We can define it in the following steps (continue using the hungry code in this article on multi-to-many mapping): Define association table classes: public class StudentCourses : BaseEntity { public int StudentId { […]

  • Judgment and Creation of Data Table, View, Function/Method and Stored Procedure in MS SQL Server


    Preface When operating a database, it is often used to determine whether data tables, views, functions/methods, stored procedures exist or not. If they exist, they need to be deleted and recreated. The following is the sample code in MS SQL Server. Table When creating a data table, it is judged whether the data table exists […]

  • Analysis and Solution of Sql Server Deadlock Monitoring


    1 Background 1.1 Alarm Recently, I’ve been sorting out my notes and intending to migrate them all to EVERNOTE. Tidy up to the lock part, there happens to be a case recorded by myself, reorganize and share it to you. One day at noon, received an alarm message, DB deadlock abnormal, one minute deadlock 120. […]

  • Entity Framework Private Property Mapping


    This article is purely self-entertaining, because the possibility of using privatized attribute mapping in actual development is almost zero. The default mapping in EF is to havepublicAttributes of modifiers, but if yesinternal 、 privateandprotectedHow do the modified attributes map into the database? Now let’s talk about it separately. Zero and Internal Attribute Mapping Let’s first […]