• SQL plus command in Oracle


    1. Introduction: Oracle SQL * Plus is a client tool to interact with Oracle. In sqlplus, you can run sqlplus command and sqlplus statement. The DML, DDL and DCL statements we usually refer to are all sqlplus statements. After they are executed, they can be saved in a memory area called SQL buffer, and only […]

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 (win7) login sqlplus error ora-12560 and ora-12557 solution


    Windows Server 2008 R2 (win7) login sqlplus error: ora-12560 and ora-12557, error screenshot is as follows: Problem scenario 1:Only Oracle 11g is installed in Windows system, but client is not installed. At this time, sqlplus cannot be logged in in CMD. resolvent: (1) Check whether the registry contains Oracle ﹣ sid = XXXX, (XXXX represents […]

  • My glogin. SQL settings


    The $ORACLE_HOME/sqlplus/admin/glogin.sql file is similar to bash’s. bash_profile file, which can pre-execute some default settings when starting sqlplus. For DBAs that often use sqlplus as a management tool, sqlplus can be used more efficiently after it is set up. Relative to glogin. sql, there is also a login. sql, which can point to the directory […]

  • Win10 environment installs and configures Oracle 11g database, and some common sqlplus commands and problem solutions


    Recently, a web project is being deployed, which usesoracle 11gOriginally intended to be deployed in the Linux environment, but due to various problems, it finally turned to the win10 operating system for deploymentoracle 11gInstallation and configuration, summarize some experience. Knowledge Points:oracle 11gOracle is a database product owned by Oracle. The version number G represents the […]

  • Create user and table spaces for Oracle using sqlplus command line tools


    It is relatively simple to create table spaces and users and assign privileges by using Oracle 10g’s own enterprise manager or PL/SQL graphical method. This article will introduce another method, using Oracle 9i’s command line tool: SQLPLUS. To create a table space, this method is more concise and fast to use. Hypothesis: The article assumes […]

  • Using sqlplus to create DDL and DML operation methods


    1. Connecting to the database When you enter the command line mode in windows and press sqlplus, you will   Then the DDL operation of the table is performed. For example:   In the DML operation: You can insert data and update data to the schema you just established For example, data insertion   ** […]

  • Oracle SQLcl – a powerful tool to replace sqlplus


    Original address: https://wangfanggang.com/Oracle/sqlcl/ Introduction For students engaged in Oracle technology development, they must connect to Oracle database. Oracle’s own sqlplus command line tool is too weak to support command association, data display is not beautiful, and what Oracle Client should be installed, resulting in many students having to use other tools (PL/SQL Developer, Oracle SQL […]