• How to promote online games? Is content more important than experience?


    At present, the forms of promotional materials in the game industry emerge in endlessly, are updated quickly, and are easy to be imitated to a certain extent. Therefore, the creativity of game content is also constantly improving. But people who like to play games generally have their own comparisons in their hearts. Is the game […]

  • Seven key factors of user conversion rate, rapid progress is no longer a dream


    Every website faces huge traffic every day, but traffic is not equal to the final profit. Every website must optimize services, make clear decisions and obtain higher profits by improving the conversion rate. So what factors are related to the increase in conversion rate? Factors Affecting Conversion Rates The factors that affect the conversion rate […]

  • A brief introduction and usage scenarios of SQLite


    What is SQLite? SQLite is a lightweight embedded database. Its database is a file. Small embedded, similar to mysql, but smaller, with relatively few functions, it occupies very low resources, maybe only a few hundred k of memory is enough. It is a truly open source unlimited database, cross-platform, supports Linux, Mac, Android, iOS and […]

  • SQLite transaction model, performance optimization tips, common misunderstandings


    0, Preface This article mainly introduces the transaction model of sqlite, and some performance optimization tips based on the transaction model, including transaction encapsulation, WAL+ read-write separation, sub-database and sub-table, page size optimization, etc. It also summarizes some common problems and misunderstandings based on the current situation of the use of sqlite in mobile Taobao, […]

  • [Experience stack] SQL statement logical operators “AND”, “&&” compatibility


    Recently, I plan to transfer my blog to the typecho platform, and I chose a theme that I personally like, that is, the Akina for Typecho theme template. Here, I would like to thank the theme owner for the open source sharing, but “500 Database Query Error” appeared at the beginning of the use process […]

  • ZetCode Database Tutorial


    Source: ApacheCN ZetCode Translation Project Translator: Flying Dragon License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Contribution Guidelines This project needs proofreading, and you are welcome to submit a Pull Request. Please be brave to translate and improve the translation. While we strive for excellence, we don’t expect you to be perfect, so please don’t worry about making mistakes […]

  • Sqlite3 of C++


    1. Introduction to sqlite3 1. Personal opinion sqlite3 (official document) is a lightweight and widely used relational database. The sqlite3 database can run on Unix-like and window systems. Among them, most Unix-like systems (such as Linux) have the sqlite3 database installed by default. The system I personally use is Ubuntu 16.04. By default, the system […]

  • iOS-ZFJRedisLib-Super convenient key-value pair storage solution, Sqlite data model repository, APP cache solution


    foreword I have written a data model storage method before. I wrote it when my previous company was working on a cache framework. Specifically, it is encapsulated on the basis of FMDB and directly stores the data model, as follows: “iOS-FMDB-based operation encapsulation, addition, deletion, modification and query of model objects” I am not very […]

  • Milvus query task scheduling principle


    This article mainly explains how Milvus schedules query tasks in a single-machine multi-card scenario. In addition, we will also discuss the problems encountered during the scheduling implementation, solutions and future development directions. background As mentioned in Data Management in the Large-Scale Vector Retrieval Scenario (Part 1), the similarity search of vectors is actually judged by […]

  • The sqlite operation class encapsulated by php


    Sqlite is a local miniaturized database installed by default in php, which is similar to the small database of xml, but sqlite has stronger functions. sqlite.class.php file: <?php class sqliteDB{ private $sqliteResult; private $error = ”; private $createTable = <<<TABLE /*Initialize and create data tables, multiple tables can be created*/ CREATE TABLE COMPANY (ID INT […]

  • How Milvus implements data dynamic update and query


    In this article, we will mainly describe how vector data in Milvus is recorded in memory, and how these records are maintained. Our design goals mainly include the following three points: Data import efficiency should be high Visible as soon as possible after data import Avoid Data File Fragmentation Therefore, we have established a memory […]

  • Introduction to WAL of Milvus


    Milvus is an open source eigenvector similarity search engine. We released version 0.7.0 on 2020-03-11. In this version, Milvus adds a new component to the storage system—WAL (write-ahead logging, write-ahead logging system). Today we will introduce the relevant background and implementation principles in detail, and how to use it better. |background Let’s first review the […]