• Causes and solutions of SQL database instance name not found or remote connection failure and display error error40


    To share the SQL database instance name caused by the character “\” escape cannot be found or the remote connection fails with an error of error40 1、 Problem introductionI haven’t used C ා to connect the database program for a long time, but I found some information on the Internet and basically wrote it out. […]

  • SQL2005 injection assistant script [rough version]


    Author: tr4c3‘in order to maintain the universality of the script, the usage of and (select col name (object ID (‘tablename’), n)) = 0 is abandoned.‘to return Korean characters, you can modify lines 121 or 136. More settings need to be modified by yourself“More functions, please join yourself Const method = “get” ‘please modify the submission […]

  • Quickly transfer the coral IP database to MS SQL2005 page 1 of 2


    First, prepare: Latest coral IP databasehttp://update.cz88.net/soft/qqwry.rar Microsoft Office Access 2003 EiditPlus MS SQL2005 1. Then open showip.exe that comes with the coral IP database, select unzip and save a TXT file: 2. Open the text with eiditplus and drag it to the last few lines to delete the superfluous things (don’t try to open it […]

  • Solutions to remote connection problems of SQL2005


    1、 Enable remote connection for SQL1. Click start, point to programs, point to Microsoft SQL Server 2005, point to configuration tools, and then click SQL Server peripheral configurator.2. On the SQL Server 2005 peripheral configurator page, click peripheral configurator for services and connections.3. On the peripheral configurator for services and connections page, expand database engine, […]

  • SQL Server 2005 default port modification method


    In SQL Server Configuration Manager, expand the network configuration of SQL Server 2005, and then click the protocol of the server instance such as MSSqlServer.In the right pane, double-click TCP / IP protocol.In the TCP / IP Properties dialog box, click the IP address tab.In the ipall section of the TCP port box, enter an […]

  • SQL2005 learning notes common table expression (CTE)


    A common table expression (CTE) can be considered a temporary result set defined within the execution scope of a single select, insert, update, delete, or create view statement.CTE is similar to derived tables in that it is not stored as an object and is only valid during a query.Unlike derived tables, CTEs can be self […]

  • SQL2005 learning notes apply operator


    Use the apply operator to call a table valued function for each row returned by an external table expression that implements the query operation.The table valued function is the right input and the external table expression is the left input.By evaluating the right input, the calculation results of each row of the left input are […]

  • SQL2005 learning notes excel and intersect operators


    1. introduction The except and intersect operators allow you to compare the results of two or more select statements and return non repeating values.2. differenceThe except operator returns all non repeating values returned by the query to the left of the except operator and not included in the values returned by the query to the […]

  • SQL2005 learning notes window function (over)


    1. introduction: The window functions in SQL Server 2005 help you quickly view different levels of aggregation, which makes it easy to aggregate totals, move averages, and perform other calculations.Window functions are very powerful and easy to use. You can use this technique to get a lot of statistics immediately.A window is a set of […]

  • Two common ways to implement paging in SQL2005 row menu


    Copy codeThe code is as follows: declare @PageNumber int declare @PageSize int set @PageNumber=2 set @PageSize=20 –Using between select * from ( select row_number() over (order by source_ip,id) as row_num, * from tb) as page_table where row_num between (@PageNumber – 1) * @PageSize + 1 and @PageNumber * @PageSize –Using top mode select top 20 […]

  • Solutions for SA users unable to log in to the system during or after SQL 2005 installation


    The specific operation steps are as follows: 1. Open “SQL Server Management Studio” and use “use windows authentication” when connecting2. Right click the properties of the connection instance, select security, and select SQL server and windows authentication mode for server authenticationType, log in to audit and select “None”, OK!3. Then, execute:Exec sp’u password null, ‘new […]

  • SQL 2005 automatic backup script


    This version is always the latest version (my own version has a backup every day) Copy codeThe code is as follows: declare @DBName varchar(200) set @DBName=’ReportServer$SQL2005‘ –Truncate logDUMP TRANSACTION @DBName WITH NO_LOG –Shrink databaseDBCC SHRINKDATABASE (@DBName,TRUNCATEONLY) –Backup databaseUSE master declare @Version varchar(20) declare @DateAppend varchar(20) declare @BasePath varchar(200) declare @BakPath varchar(200) –Set the basic directory […]