• Summary of 105 Motianlun “localization migration” dry goods documents (including TiDB, openGauss, Shangyun, etc.)


    At present, domestic database products are in full bloom. With the advancement of policies, technology iterations and the gradual expansion of market demand, the localization of databases is accelerating. There are more and more financial, communication, manufacturing, Internet and other corporate institutions and government agencies. The business system has been migrated from foreign databases such […]

  • Explain Sqllogictest in detail


    writing background previous article“How to add new tests for Databend”Introduced how Databend conducts the test, among which sqllogictest is mentioned in the SQL test method. Everyone is more interested in this newly introduced test method, but there are few Chinese materials introducing this at present, so we sort out some recent work and thinking , […]

  • What will happen to artificial intelligence in the rest of 2019?


    Hello, let me tell you a secret quietly: half of 2019 has passed! Did you feel enlightened when you heard the news?That’s right, July came so quietly, it didn’t slow down its arrival for anyone, and it didn’t announce its arrival to people with great fanfare, just like the spring rain in Du Fu’s “Happy […]

  • GreatSQL Open Source Database & NVIDIA InfiniBand Storage and Computing Separation Pooling Solution: Realize High-performance Distributed Deployment


    NVIDIA InfiniBand is a widely used network interconnection technology, based on IBTA (InfiniBand Trade Association) defined high-bandwidth, low-latency, low CPU usage, large-scale easy-to-expand communication technology, is the world’s leading supercomputer The first choice for interconnection, it provides strong network performance support for many data-intensive applications such as high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and storage. […]

  • Year-end welfare giveaway Baidu Cloud Double Twelve Thanksgiving for you


    In the business world, data is becoming the new “oil”, and how to mine “oil” and how to transform it into commercial value through storage, transportation, processing, etc., is inseparable from new infrastructure. As the carrier of “data oil”, cloud computing is covering every field of people’s life, such as finance, transportation, steel, agriculture, etc., […]

  • Memorabilia of domestic databases in September 2022-Mo Tianlun


    This article isMotianlun Technology CommunityOrganized major domestic database events and important product release news in September 2022. Table of contents Milestones of domestic databases in September (timeline) Product/Version Release Compatible certification New database for leaderboards Manufacturer activities Relevant information Milestones of domestic databases in September (timeline) On September 1, Gartner, an internationally renowned research organization, […]

  • Hive time query function collection


    Hive’s date query, date conversion and date calculation functions are often used, and are hereby recorded for easy reference! get current time query current date select current_date > 2022-04-26 Query the current timestamp select unix_timestamp() > 1650977624 date calculation date plus or minus daysAdd a few days: date_add(A,B)Minus a few days: date_sub(A,B)Parameter description: A parameter […]

  • Guest officer, here is a reading note of “MySQL Must Know and Know”, please accept it!


    This article has included the 1.1K Star number open source study guide – “Dachang Interview Guide North”, if you want to learn more about Dachang interview-related content and obtain the offline PDF version of “Dachang Interview Guide North”, please scan the two pages below Pay attention to the official account “Dachang Interview” via QR code, […]

  • We have a new name!


    Dear partners: Hello everyone! It is a pleasure to share our new name with you here:Business database。 Kaiwu is taken from “opening things to make affairs”, which is derived from “Book of Changes Xici 1”, “the husband’s “Yi” opens things and becomes a business, taking the world’s way, and that’s it.” Kaiwu is also ” […]

  • Programmers pass the test – why are you still using stored procedures?


    stored procedure Stored Procedure (Stored Procedure) is a set of SQL statement sets in order to complete a specific function in a large database system. It is stored in the database and is permanently valid after one compilation. stored procedure with parameters) to execute it. A stored procedure is an important object in the database. […]

  • Graphical big data | Spark Dataframe/SQL big data processing and analysis


    author:Han [email protected] address:http://www.showmeai.tech/tutorials/84Address of this article:http://www.showmeai.tech/article-detail/175Disclaimer: All rights reserved, please contact the platform and the author for reprinting and indicate the source 1. Introduction to Spark Dataframe In the higher version of Spark, we can use the structure of Dataframe to process data more conveniently and quickly, and it can also be analogously associated with […]

  • Hive common function arrangement


    Record hive three types of functions: rounding function, random sampling (rand() function), array containment function (array_contains), later view explode function rounding function round(A,B) :Rounding, A is an integer or floating-point parameter, B is the number of decimal places to be reserved, and B is an optional parameter. If not written, one decimal place is reserved […]