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  • Very easy to use SQL statement (daily arrangement)


    1. / * get the path and name of the trace file*/ SELECT d.VALUE || ‘/’ || LOWER (RTRIM (i.INSTANCE, CHR (0))) || ‘_ora_’ || p.spid || ‘.trc’ trace_file_name FROM (SELECT p.spid FROM v$mystat m, v$session s, v$process p WHERE m.statistic# = 1 AND s.SID = m.SID AND p.addr = s.paddr) p, (SELECT t.INSTANCE FROM […]

  • Examples of mixed use of JSP and SQL statements


    If you don’t say much, just give me an exampleinsert Copy codeThe code is as follows: String sql=”insert into allorder values(‘” + orderid + “‘,’” + bookid +”‘,’” + amount + “‘,’” + username + “‘)”; int result=stmt.executeUpdate(sql); if(result==1) response.sendRedirect(“index.jsp”); else response.sendRedirect(“detail.jsp”); delete Copy codeThe code is as follows: String condition=”delete from allorder where id=’”+ […]

  • Summary of common SQL statements in database


    SQL is one of the most widely used database languages. Here, I summarize the data sorting, filtering and grouping in SQL language on the database, as well as tables, views, joins, subqueries, cursors, stored procedures and triggers. Database related Check all databases show databases;Create database create database database name;View the database show create database database […]

  • Advance and summary of common SQL statements in MySQL database


    This paper describes the common SQL statements of MySQL database. For your reference, the details are as follows: The previous section describes the basic statements of MySQL SQL. Here we continue to summarize the advanced content of SQL statements. Advanced SQL statement 1. Query field: ————Query all fields Select * from table name; ————Query the […]

  • Query the executing and executed SQL statements in Oracle


    Query the SQL statement being executed by Oracle and the user executing the statement SELECT b.sid oracleID, b. Username login Oracle user name, b.serial#, SPID operating system ID, paddr, sql_ Textexecuting SQL, b. Machine computer name FROM v$process a, v$session b, v$sqlarea c WHERE a.addr = b.paddr AND b.sql_hash_value = c.hash_value Other netizens give the […]

  • Configuration method of SQL statement in mybatis for Oracle


    Hump naming method should be used for underlined fields in the database, such as P ﹣ name corresponding to pname. The example is as follows: 1. SQL statement configuration in XML file (geteway. XML file) <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <!DOCTYPE mapper PUBLIC “-//mybatis.org//DTD Mapper 3.0//EN” “http://mybatis.org/dtd/mybatis-3-mapper.dtd”> <mapper namespace=”com.soecode.hbdw.gateway.dao.GatewayDao”> <cache></cache> Purpose: to provide SQL statement configuration for […]

  • Self made gadgets greatly accelerate MySQL SQL statement optimization (source code attached)


    Introduction Optimizing SQL is one of the common tasks of DBAs. How to optimize a statement efficiently and quickly is a problem that every DBA often faces. In the daily optimization work, I found that there are many operations that are essential steps in the optimization process. However, the repetitive execution of these steps will […]

  • The ultimate solution of cannot find one or more C of sqlserver


    @[toc] Problem generation Last night when I opened my sqlserve, I found that this window popped up, and started a long solution. At last, I tried almost all the online tutorials, but it was useless!!Let’s review the solutions of other bloggers: 1. Solve the problem of cannot find one or more components.please reinstall the application. […]

  • WordPress modifies the SQL statement of an article ID (change ID 148 to 147)


    In April, I updated the article, and the article ID stayed at 146. In May, I was busy with the exam, and I didn’t write any article. As a result, when I wrote the article a few days before June, the ID jumped from 146 to 148 directly. I don’t know why. My WordPress ID […]

  • Analysis of SQL statement implementation method for acquiring Django framework ORM query execution


    In this paper, an example is given to illustrate how to get the SQL statement executed by the Django framework ORM query. Share for your reference, as follows: Using Django orM can easily write many queries, but sometimes we need to check whether these ORM-generated SQL statements are correct or not, and we need to […]

  • Method of Executing SQL Statements Timely in SQL Server 2005


    SQL SERVER 2005 has a timed task, you can start it. But for more intuitive control, write a program directly and execute your stored procedures regularly. 1. Setting up the “SQL Server Agent” service starts with the system My computer — Control Panel — Management Tool — Service — Right-click SQLSERVERAGENT — Attribute — Startup […]

  • Four implementation methods of SQL Server deadlock tracking


    Preface Recently, deadlock victim is often encountered in writing programs, each time with a confused face. Study how to track and write down. In this article, the introduction is very detailed, has certain reference and learning value for large furniture, the following words do not say much, let’s take a look at the detailed introduction. […]