• How to get the value in spring boot YML more elegantly


    Preface Occasionally, I saw someone make complaints about the way to get value from the configuration files in foreign forum. Therefore, we have consulted the relevant information and found that there is indeed a more convenient way to manage and get elegant. GitHub demo address: springboot YML value 1. What is YML file Application.yml replaces […]

  • Wanzi spring cloud gateway 2.0, a technology for the future, let’s learn about it?


    Your praise is my greatest support. Original: the taste of little sister (WeChat official account number ID:xjjdog), welcome to share, reprint please keep the source. This article will talk about the function of API gateway and the usage of spring cloud gateway from the perspective of knowledge topology. The article is very long. You can […]

  • Spring 5 source parsing 8-refresh method summary


    Without much nonsense, just go to the source code annotation: //Abstractapplicationcontextාrefresh source code public void refresh() throws BeansException, IllegalStateException { synchronized (this.startupShutdownMonitor) { // Prepare this context for refreshing. //Prepare context, set its start date and activity flag, and perform initialization of property source prepareRefresh(); // Tell the subclass to refresh the internal bean factory. […]

  • Spring boot 2 practice: automatically configure different logical beans according to conditions


    1. Preface We often have different interfaces loaded according to conditions. For example, you can query the list of files in the directory,WindowsYou can use it.CMDOfdirCommand, andLinuxNext you will uselsCommand. be familiar withSpring BootAutomatic configuration also knowsSpring BootIt can enable different configurations according to different actual situations. This is [email protected] work.This annotation specifies under what […]

  • Sample code for using rsocket in spring boot


    1. overview The rsocket application layer protocol supports the semantics of reactive streams, for example, using rsocket as an alternative to http. In this tutorial, we will see how rsocket is used in spring boot, especially how spring boot helps abstract out the lower level rsocket API. 2. dependence Let’s start by adding a spring […]

  • A guide to the use of filter in spring boot Web


    Filter, one of the three major components of the web, is the first knowledge point that many small partners contact when learning java web. However, learning early does not mean using much. Basically, if you don’t write a web application from 0 to 1 (or even write a web application from 0 to 1), you […]

  • Spring boot series of tutorials: filter in the web chapter


    In the previous blog post, we introduced two ways to use filter in spring boot. Here we introduce another way to directly use filter as a spring bean. In this way, the priority of filter can be directly passed [email protected] to specify; finally, from the source point of view, we will analyze the two different […]

  • Super detailed log configuration of springboot based on logback


    Preface There are several log frameworks in Java Web, such as: logback, log4j, log4j2 (slj4f is not a log framework, it is equivalent to defining a specification, which can be called with slj4f). The highest performance should be logback, and spring boot uses logback logs by default, so this article will explain the log configuration […]

  • Spring cloud Alibaba migration guide (3): simple config


    Since spring cloud officially announced that spring cloud Netflix has entered the maintenance state, we have started to produce a series of articles in the spring cloud Alibaba migration guide, which provides developers with more technical options and reduces the technical difficulty in the migration process. Part 1: one line of code from hystrix to […]

  • Construction practice of wechat service task scheduling platform of Yixin


    Content source: the 4th Technology Salon of Yixin Technology College – online live broadcast | construction practice of Yixin microservice task scheduling platform Speaker: Liang Xin, senior architect of Yixin & head of development platform Guide: Nowadays, both Internet applications and enterprise applications are full of batch processing tasks, which often need some task scheduling […]

  • [IOS] spring animations


      This interface shows how a spring animation can be created by specifying a “damping” (bounciness) and “response” (speed). This interaction shows how to create a spring animation by specifying damping (elastic) and response (speed).    Key features Uses “design friendly” parameters. No concept of animation duration. Easily interruptible. Design theory   Springs make great animation models […]

  • Quick installation experience weevent


    Weevent is a set of distributed event driven architecture, which realizes a credible, reliable and efficient event notification mechanism across institutions and platforms. express setup Fast installation is to facilitate the user to build development and test environment, and quickly deploy on a single machineWeEventService. provideDockerThere are two installation modes: mirror and Bash script. The […]