• @Mappedy in manytomany


    I haven’t written the project from scratch for a long time. When I wrote the experiment of software engineering, I found that I was fuzzy about the concept of this thing again, so I reviewed it and recorded it for later review. Mappedy overview Only onetoone, onetomany and manytomany have the mappedby attribute, which does […]

  • Comparison of several data persistence frameworks hibernate, JPA, mybatis, jooq and JDBC template


    Because the project needs to choose the data persistence framework, I took a look at several popular and unpopular frameworks. For complex business systems, the final conclusion is that jooq is the best in general, but it is not completely free. Finally, I chose JDBC template. Hibernate and mybatis are the two most commonly used […]

  • Overview of microservices and spring cloud


    Microservices and spring cloud With the rapid development of the Internet, cloud computing has also been booming in the past decade. The IT environment and it architecture of enterprises are gradually changing, from the past single application architecture to the widely popular microservice architecture. Microservice is an architecture style, which can bring great convenience to […]

  • [reprint] relative path of static files after setting project name by spring boot


    Original blog address: https://blog.csdn.net/qq_ Causes of problems server.servlet.context-path=testDemospring.mvc.static-path-pattern=/static/**After defining project name and static resource path, it is found that the relative path of CSS and JS referenced in HTML in templates is abnormalIn the above directory, index.html cannot be obtained by referencing CSS href = “.. / static / xxx” through a relative pathIt’s OK […]

  • The simplest springboot to integrate mybatis tutorial


    In the previous two articles, I talked with the readers about the simplest data persistence scheme in spring boot. Although it’s simple, it’s not used much, because it’s not as convenient as mybatis. It’s a bit complicated to integrate mybatis in Spring + spring MVC. You need to configure multiple beans, which is further simplified […]

  • Implementation code of spring boot Hello World


    This article is the introduction to springboot. Without any additional tools, we create a spring boot web project from scratch and run it. Project construction In the final analysis, spring boot is just a framework, a few jars, nothing magical. However, the process of creating a project with spring initializr blocks a lot of information, […]

  • Local environment construction of spring project


    0x01 dependent environment installJDK 1.8, and configure environment variables installGradle 4.4.1, and configure environment variables Git IntellJ IDEA 0x02 download source code to local and import idea https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-framework Here, it is suggested that fork should go to its own warehouse to look through the source code and add comments 0x03 build compilation order 1. Import […]

  • How to use data architecture to drive enterprise growth?


    For architects, the development of technology is endless. In the process of building and practicing intelligent data architecture, architects will encounter some doubts and challenges more or less. How to solve some problems encountered in the architecture construction? What are the new industry trends and technical methods in the field of architecture construction? Recently, on […]

  • Explain the steps of spring boot auto assembly


    In “spring boot Hello world”, a simple example of spring boot is introduced, and many features of spring boot are experienced. The automatic configuration feature greatly simplifies the work of program development (without writing a line of XML). In this article, we’ll take a look at how spring boot is configured automatically.First of all, it […]

  • Spring MVC – a summary of four types of return values of methods. How many have you used?


    Spring MVC is now a basic framework in Java field. Many people use it every day. But do you know the return value of spring MVC method completely? Today, brother song is going to talk to you about four different types of return values in spring MVC to see if you can get your knowledge […]

  • Redis integrates spring and uses cache instances


    1、 About redis What is redis? Redis is a key value storage system. Similar to memcached, it supports more value types, including string, list, set, Zset and hash. These data types support push / pop, add / remove, intersection, union, difference, and richer operations, all of which are atomic. On this basis, redis supports various […]

  • How to set the log level when testing spring boot


    1. overview In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to set the spring boot log level during testing. Although we can ignore the log when the test passes, it is very important to choose the correct log level if we need to diagnose the failed test. 2. Importance of log level Setting the log level […]