• How did Litu people get their high EQ?


    If someone asked you, “Which is more important, EQ or IQ, before success?” How would you answer? Let us reveal the secret together today! The editor read a book “Emotional Quotient: Why EQ is More Important than IQ” by Daniel Goleman, PhD in Psychology from Harvard University two days ago. With the above questions in […]

  • The god-level SpringBoot manual, from basic entry to practical advanced


    The best documentation in the world comes from the official “Spring Boot Reference Guide”, which is introduced like this: Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applicationsthat you can “just run”..Most Spring Boot applications need very little Spring configuration. Spring Boot (meaning “guidance” in English) is used to simplify the process […]

  • Idea+maven uses spring’s small demo


    Environment installation: Please see my previous article, which introduces the environment installation in detail:https://segmentfault.com/a/11…demo: 1. Go directly to the topic, start the development of a small java demo, and see if spring can be used normally. At first, follow the process introduced in the previous article, and the following project directory will be generated after […]

  • What are the new tricks of the robots that have participated in the Double Innovation Week?


    The 2019 National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week” kicked off in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center on June 19. With the theme of “focusing on Yizhuang, linking three cities, and integrating development”, the exhibition attracted many high-tech enterprises and universities. Participate in. This exhibition has built a perfect platform for the exchange and […]

  • Chain of Responsibility Pattern in Design Patterns


    In this paper, through the library management system, user name verification, password verification, need to add questions, each time we need to add an if judgment statement, and change it to the chain of responsibility mode for chain calls. In order to make the code more elegant, we Use the builder pattern you learned before […]

  • Troubleshoot the situation of thread pool suspended animation under high concurrency


    Troubleshoot the situation of thread pool suspended animation under high concurrency Problem Description The thread pool is used in the project, and the main task of the thread pool is to send http requests through HttpClient. This problem occurs sporadically in the NetEase cloud music environment, and it is more serious in the strictly selected […]

  • Talk about how to use the pipeline mode for business arrangement (Part 2)


    foreword In the previous article, we introduced two implementations of business orchestration using the pipeline mode. This article introduces other implementation methods Method to realize Method 1: Use springboot to automatically assemble 1. Create a new pipeline entity @Data @AllArgsConstructor @NoArgsConstructor public class PipelineDefinition { public static final String PREFIX = “lybgeek_pipeline_”; private String comsumePipelineName; […]

  • spring-debugging source code


    download source code Directory Structure find the test class find the test class ClassPathXmlApplicationContextTests find a test method The test method of this test class can test creating containers and creating beans. The so-called spring, the core is the container and beans. Then debugging the spring source code is to debug the creation of the […]

  • A Primer on Minimalist Java Workflow Concepts


    Brother Song has updated several articles about Flowable, but considering that some friends may have never been exposed to process engines, so I will sort out some basic content with my friends. 1. Why do you need workflow After Brother Song forwarded the previous article to Moments, some friends commented that they never understood why […]

  • The principle of Spring Session


    Original address: Principles of Spring Session Welcome to visit my blog: https://blog.duhbb.com introduction Today I am writing an external interface. The general principle of this interface is to obtain user information through token in the filter and then create a session. The subsequent process isController -> Service -> Daoup. This development is not as stupid […]

  • SpringBoot quickly implements the authentication system, based on LoopAuth


    LoopAuth is a low-intrusive, streamlined, lightweight, fine-grained Java Web permission management framework Currently includes the following functions: Annotation authentication code authentication login function With/without stateful login Redis login business storage separation Subsequent expansion plans (arranged in order of development): ABAC Permission Expansion Microservice support Account risk monitoring Official address: Gitee GitHub official document try it […]

  • IDEA configures the running environment of Git projects (non-maven)


    After the Git project is imported and updated, configure Git roles and database connections. PlacementProject Structure Project The default configuration does not need to be modified. It should be noted that the Project language level must be selected to be consistent with the jdk version number used by the project, and click Apply. Modules Click […]