• MyBatis Plug-in Use–Paging Plug-in and Performance Interceptor


    There’s a lot of information on PageHelper. The author’s documentation is comprehensive. I’m just recording my own configuration and usage here.Required jar packages:jsqlparser-0.9.5.jarandpagehelper-5.0.0.jar XML Configuration Configuration in spring configuration file: Create MyBatis SqlSession Factory and specify data sources <bean id=”sqlSessionFactory” class=”org.mybatis.spring.SqlSessionFactoryBean”> <!– <property name=”configLocation” value=”classpath:mybatis-config.xml” /> –> <property name=”dataSource” ref=”dataSource” /> <property name=”mapperLocations” value=”classpath:com/yupont/gs/dao/mapper/*.xml” ></property> […]

  • Eclipse imports spring-boot-plus (III)


    Eclipse imports spring-boot-plus Install Lombok plug-in !!! Please make sure that Eclipse has installed Lombok plug-ins!!! (vii) Download Lombok Run Lombok for installation For example, Lombok downloads to: C: Users Admin Downloads Win + R Opens Command Line Go to the Downloads directory cd C:\Users\Admin\Downloads Execute lombok. jar or double-click java -jar lombok.jar Select the […]

  • Spring-boot-plus project configuration file (4)


    Spring-boot-plus project configuration file Configuration File Description Configuration instructions The configuration files in the project are mainly in YML format Configuration file location: spring-boot-plussrcmainresourcesconfig Sprboot configuration is divided into common configuration: application.yml file Each environment profile in the project Application-dev.yml Development Environment Application-local.yml Local Environment Application-prod.yml Generation Environment Application-test.yml test environment Application-uat.yml User Acceptance Test […]

  • Detailed configuration of spring-boot-plus (V)


    Detailed configuration of spring-boot-plus Common configuration application.yml (iii) SpringBoot official full configuration Tomcat related configuration server: servlet: context-path: /api tomcat: max-threads: 1000 min-spare-threads: 30 uri-encoding: UTF-8 Context-path: project access path Max-threads: Tomcat thread pool size settings Min-spare-threads: number of Tomcat initialization threads Uri-encoding: Tomcat coding Application-related configuration spring: application: name: spring-boot-plus banner: charset: UTF-8 location: […]

  • The Implementation Principle of Spring AOP and Its Example


    The Implementation Principle of Spring AOP and Its Example Spring implements AOP by relying on JDK dynamic proxy and CGLIB proxy. Following is a brief introduction to JDK dynamic proxy and CGLIB proxy JDK dynamic proxy: Its proxy object must be the implementation of an interface, which is to complete the proxy of the target […]

  • (15) Constructing Spring mvc+mybatis+dubbo Distributed Platform-Windows Installing Dubbo Control Console


    In the last article, we introduced “Building Dubbo Distributed Platform – Installing Dubbo Control Console in Windows”. Considering that our development environment is on Windows, in order to deploy and run conveniently, today we will briefly introduce how to install Dubbo Control Console in Windows. The open source part of the Dubbo management console mainly […]

  • Spring-boot-plus project directory structure (6)


    Spring-boot-plus project directory structure directory structure Bin: Start/restart command script directory Logs: Post-deployment log directory Assembly: maven Packaged Profile Directory Java: Source code directory Resources: resource file directory Config: Project Profile Directory Mapper: mybatis XML Mapping file directory Test: Test directory Test / resources: Code generation template directory ├─bin ├─logs │ └─back ├─main │ ├─assembly […]

  • Create a Spring MVC project using IDEA


    Write on the front: Refer to “Spring Actual Warfare” to achieve 1. Create projects using idea Here we use gradle to build project dependencies Use your own local gradle environment 2. Modify the gradle configuration file after building the project (using Ali Library) 3. Introducing Spring MVC dependencies Version profiles, which are used in the […]

  • Spring-boot-plus project packaging (7)


    Spring-boot-plus project packaging Pack Project The spring-boot-plus project uses the Maven assembly plug-in for packaging Packaging Deployment Based on Different Environment Contains startup and restart commands, and the configuration file is extracted into the external config directory tar mvn clean package -Plocal cd target Packaged Project Compression Package spring-boot-plus-1.0.0.RELEASE-local.tar.gz spring-boot-plus-1.0.0.RELEASE-local.zip Configuration file location spring-boot-plus-1.0.0.RELEASE-local\spring-boot-plus\config Packaged […]

  • Spring-boot-plus Operations and Maintenance Deployment (VIII)


    Spring-boot-plus Operations and Maintenance Deployment Online deployment Packaging environment is prod mvn clean package -Pprod Packed catalogue cd target/spring-boot-plus-1.2.0.RELEASE-prod Setting up on-line database, Redis and other sensitive information vim spring-boot-plus/config/application-prod.yml Start up service sh spring-boot-plus/bin/startup.sh start log [[email protected] spring-boot-plus-1.2.0.RELEASE-prod]# sh spring-boot-plus/bin/startup.sh ================================================ 2019-08-06 00:14:02 ================================================ application name: spring-boot-plus application jar name: spring-boot-plus.jar application bin path: […]

  • SSM framework integration


    SSM integration development environmentIde, MySQL database, Spring + Spring MVC + Mybatis, Tomcat 8.5, JDKVersion 1.7 is used. Step 1: Import the jar package Spring + Spring MVC + MyBatis + Mybatis-spring package AOP Alliance+Weaving+c3p0 Database Connection Pool+MySQL Connection Driver+jstl Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1_tSC… Extraction code: dyao The project structure is as follows: Step 2: Create the […]

  • Detailed Description of the Use of Posture in the delete of JPA in the Spring Boot Series


    Original: 190702-SpringBoot series of tutorials JPA delete using posture in detail Four operations curd in common db. The previous blog articles introduced insert and update respectively. Next, let’s look at the posture of delete and how to delete data through JPA. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to physically delete data (delete records directly from […]