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  • Implementation method of bullet frame in IOS


    Implementation method of bullet frame in IOS #define iOS8Later ([UIDevice currentDevice].systemVersion.doubleValue >= 8.0) Bullet frame before IOS 8 @interface RootViewController ()<UIAlertViewDelegate> @end UIAlertView * alert = [[UIAlertView alloc] initwithtitle: @ “login failed” message: @ “please re-enter user name and password” delegate: self cancelbuttontitle: @ “Cancel” otherbuttontiles: @ “OK”, nil]; [alert show]; #pragma mark – UIAlertView […]

  • Uni app full end custom modal box component uapopup (upgraded version)


    uaPopupCompatible multi terminal based on uniappH5 + applet + app sideCustom bullet frame components. Quick introduction Global import in main.js. import UAPopup from ‘./components/ua-popup/index.vue’ Vue.component(‘ua-popup’, UAPopup) You can also use the easycom mode to import, so you need to change the structure tocomponents/ua-popup/ua-popup.vue The following figure: perfect operation at multiple ends. UA popup pop-up component […]

  • (summary) what the project learned after changing the UI component library: there are 21 problem types


    (summary) what the project learned after changing the UI component library: there are 21 problem types introduce The reason for writing this article is that the author experienced a replacement of the overall UI component library of the project not long ago. I thought that replacing the UI component library was just to change the […]

  • Flyer imitation wechat pull-down pop-up box


    In mobile development, drop-down pop-up box is a very common selection interaction method, and the effect is shown in the figure below.For this kind of pop-up frame, we can use dialog to implement it. The following is the main code of user-defined pop-up frame. Color _bgColor = Colors.white; double cellHeight = 34; double cellWidth=120; typedef […]

  • Vue uses El tree setcheckedkeys in elementui to clear the problem of incomplete data


    Foreword: the El tree tree control that can be selected in elementui still has the selected problem when entering again after the first selection.<el-tree :data=”treeData” node-key=”id” ref=”tree” :props=”defaultProps” default-expand-all show-checkbox @check=”checkNodes”>The complete code is as follows: <el-dialog width=”35%” class=”reportDialog” :close-on-click-modal=”false” :visible.sync=”areaDialog” @close=”dialogClose” @open=”dialogOpen” append-to-body > <el-tree :data=”treeData” node-key=”id” ref=”tree” :props=”defaultProps” default-expand-all highlight-current show-checkbox @check=”checkNodes” > […]

  • Vue uses slot technology to encapsulate a dialog pop-up box component (component-based programming idea)


    Review of slot technology before packaging dialog components Why package components (component-based development) Benefits of component-based development (encapsulating components) The benefits are obvious. It can increase the reusability and flexibility of code, so as to improve the development efficiency. Imagine if a pop-up box can be used on many pages in a project, and if […]