• Implementation of Database Entity Definition for Spring Boot


    Articles Series Hello World of Sprint Boot Introduction to Program Structure Design of Sprint Boot Preface This article begins with code practice, and the system design starts from bottom to top. So this article first introduces how to realize the design and implementation of database table entity class. The persistence layer framework of SpringBook database […]

  • JPA Session once and for all


    Introduction Review the problem scenario again: Iterable<Teacher> teachers = teacherRepository.findAll(); for (Teacher teacher : teachers) { Logger. debug (“Teacher:” +teacher. getName ())); for (Klass klass : teacher.getKlasses()) { Logger. debug (“Class:” +klass. getName ())); for (Student student : klass.getStudents()) { Logger. debug (“student:” + student. getName ())); } } } Running this code in a […]

  • 20 + query keywords that Spring Data JPA must master


    Wechat Public Number: An Excellent Abandoned PersonIf you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a message in the background. I will try my best to solve your problems. Preface It’s also a contribution from my younger brother and teacher. I’m really a friend who likes technology. The following is the original text: Today, when […]

  • Spring Boot Tutorial (2): Data Layer Access Using Spring Boot JPA


    Tutorial introduction This project is a sample of Spring Book. The aim of this series of tutorials is to enable readers to acquire spring boot knowledge from 0 to 1 and apply it to projects. If you think this project is useful to you, you are welcome to click on the Collection and Comment button […]