• File cutting command of Linux command: introduction to split


    Location: / usr / bin / splitPermissions: all userseffect:Usage: split [option] [INPUT [PREFIX]]Options:– B , can be followed by the size that can be cut into files, which can be added units, such as B, K, M -L) split by the number of lines Prefix: leading character, which can be used as the leading text […]

  • VBS tutorial: function split function


    Split function Returns a 0-based one-dimensional array containing a specified number of substrings. Split(expression[, delimiter[, count[, start]]]) parameter expression Required. A string expression that contains substrings and delimiters. IfexpressionIs a zero length string,SplitReturns an empty array, that is, an array that does not contain elements and data. delimiter Optional. A character that identifies the bounds […]

  • Linux system under the split command to cut the file usage tutorial


    Have you ever wanted to split a large file into small files? For example, we need to divide a 5GB log file into several small files, so that we can read it with a common text editor. Sometimes we need to transfer 20GB large files to another server, which requires us to split it into […]

  • Three methods for SQL to split a column into multiple columns


    There is a column of data in the data table, as shown in the figure: Now you need to divide this column into three columns. The SQL code is as follows: The first kind select max(case when F1%3=1 then F1 else 0 end) a, max(case when F1%3=2 then F1 else 0 end) b, max(case when […]

  • The usage of exec, test, match, search, replace, split in JS


    Exec: regularize the string and return the matching result. Array [0] is the original string, array [i] is the position of the match in the whole searched string.Test: test whether the string contains a matching result. If yes, it returns true, if not, it returns false.Match (pattern): regular matching is carried out according to the […]

  • Splitting Linux files with split command


    Some simple linux commands allow you to split and reassemble files as needed to accommodate storage or email attachment size limitations. Linux system provides a very easy to use command to split files. You may need to do this before uploading a file to a limited size storage site or as an email attachment. To […]

  • The method of splitting and inserting specific strings in SQL Server


    This paper introduces the method of SQL Server to split and insert specific strings. To share with you for your reference, as follows: –Loop add declare @idx as int While Len(@UserList) > 0 Begin Set @idx = Charindex(‘,’, @UserList); –Only one piece of data If @idx = 0 and Len(@UserList) > 0 Begin Insert Into […]

  • SQL server implementation of split function to split string function and usage example


    The example of this paper describes the function and usage of split function in SQL server. To share with you for your reference, as follows: /* Function name: F? Splittonvarchar Function: function to realize split function Update records: Design idea: separate a string of nvarchar type characters into a table with only one column of […]

  • How to use MAC split screen? Two kinds of tutorials for Mac split view screen segmentation


    Microsoft has added the split screen function in Windows 8, which can make two applications share the screen in different proportion at the same time. At present, in the latest Mac OS 10.11, we have also added the split screen function, which can make us more reasonable and effective arrangement of application windows and improve […]

  • Performance comparison of CTE plit and CLR in SQL SERVER 2008


    We create a new DataBase project and then create a User Defined Functions, Code like this: Copy codeThe code is as follows: 1: /// <summary> /// SQLs the array. /// </summary> /// <param name=”str”>The STR.</param> /// <param name=”delimiter”>The delimiter.</param> /// <returns></returns> /// 1/8/2010 2:41 PM author: v-pliu [SqlFunction(Name = “CLR_Split“, FillRowMethodName = “FillRow”, TableDefinition = […]

  • Guide to the Use of Perl split String Partitioning Functions


    This article focuses on the use of Perl split function, a very useful function in Perl is the Perl split function, which divides strings and puts the results of segmentation into arrays. This Perl split function uses a regular expression (RE) and works on the $_variable if it is not specific. Perl split function One […]

  • Detailed Usage of VBScript Split Function (String to Array Function)


    Usage of VBScript Split function Usage: Return array = Split (original string, string to be found, split into several arrays)describeReturns a zero-based one-dimensional array of subscripts containing a specified number of substrings.grammarSplit(expression[, delimiter[, count[, compare]]]) For example, splitting strings into arrays with commas (,) Copy codeThe code is as follows: str=”1,2,3,4″strarr=split(str,”,”)for i=0 to ubound(strarr)msgbox strarr(i)next […]