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  • Markdown use


    First level Title: # title name or Ctrl + 1 Secondary Title: ## title name or Ctrl + 2 Level 3 Title: #### title name or Ctrl + 3 ​ typeface bold (bold) Italics Bold Italic delete quote “>” indicates a reference Split line —Or * * * represents the split line picture Hyperlinks [my […]

  • Build vite + cesium development environment in one minute


    Create directory mkdir cesium-vite-test cd cesium-vite-test/ Create package.json yarn init -y Installation dependency yarn add -D cesium vite vite-plugin-cesium Because cesium is not an ordinary NPM package, it needs to rely on some CSS, images, JSON and so on. We need to refer toCesium’s official webpack tutorialTo do a lot of extra work. Fortunately, now […]

  • Android recycleview split line colored egg


    I have collected some learning materials, including a lot of learning, interview, middle and high-level fluuter materials, and a lot of video explanations. If any students want to know more, please see the end of the article for details. We also welcome all the great gods to install X. First of all, the problem How […]

  • Summary of various methods of CSS to realize article split line style


    This article sorts out how CSS can realize multiple ways of article split line. Split line can beautify the page. Let’s take a look at various methods of using CSS to realize split line style. The effects are as follows: Method 1: a single label realizes the separation line: html: <div class=”line_ 01 “> implementation […]

  • HTML several special split line effects


    1、 Basic line 2、 Special effects (effects are not isolated and can be combined with each other)1. Gradient transparency at both ends:<HR style=”FILTER: alpha(opacity=100,finishopacity=0,style=3)” width=”80%” color=#987cb9 SIZE=3>   2. Spindle:<HR style=”FILTER: alpha(opacity=100,finishopacity=0,style=2)” width=”80%” color=#987cb9 SIZE=10>   3. Right gradient transparent:<HR style=”FILTER: alpha(opacity=100,finishopacity=0,style=1)” width=”80%” color=#987cb9 SIZE=3>   4. Left gradient transparent:<HR style=”FILTER: alpha(opacity=0,finishopacity=100,style=1)” width=”80%” color=#987cb9 SIZE=3> […]

  • Finish Anaconda environment in seconds. Use Tsinghua image to install opencv and teach you how to install an elegant environment (1-4)


    First of all, opencv is not recommended to install with CONDA command, but the speed of using pip is very slow. At this time, Tsinghua image will be used 1. Enter the anaconda virtual environment you want to install 2. PIP command line input pip install -i https://pypi.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/simple opencv-python Basically, this command can solve the […]