• SMFL notes


    Most of this article comes from the Google translation of the official tutorial, but adds a little personal understanding and other relevant knowledge Please indicate the original link for Reprint:https://www.cnblogs.com/Multya/p/16273753.html Official tutorial: https://www.sfml-dev.org/tutorials/2.5/ Continuous updating Configure cmake Precompiled binary library files are used here. It’s not too troublesome to compile by yourself Cmake files need […]

  • When I wrote a thunder fighter for my cousin in Python


    Everyone has played the thunder fighter. That’s it   My cousin, who was only in primary school, bothered me to score at the weekend. Others simulated the college entrance examination for three years and five years. That’s different from me. I directly wrote him a game and played it by myself. I can’t teach him […]

  • Python game development, pyGame module, python implementation of brick games


    preface: In this issue, we will use Python to make a small brick playing game. There is no more nonsense. Let’s start happily~ Effect display development tool Python version: 3.6.4 Related modules: PyGame module; And some Python’s own modules. Environment construction Install Python and add it to the environment variable. PIP can install the relevant […]

  • Using ImageMagick to manipulate GIF graphs


    In the last article, we have learned many functions in graphicsmagick. We also said that graphicsmagick is a branch of ImageMagick, so many of their functions are used in the same way and effect. We won’t say more about similar contents. Interested friends can directly consult the official documents. In this article, we want to […]

  • International Olympic Day | move with Mr. tcallus DB!


    On June 23, the 74th “International Olympic Day” came immediately. You may be a little strange about this festival. As the old rule, Mr. tcallusdb will popularize science for you first! Olympic Day was established by the International Olympic Committee in 1948 to commemorate the modern Olympic Games born in Sorbonne, Paris, on June 23, […]

  • Canvas sprite encapsulation


    When making canvas animation, the quality of wizard encapsulation directly affects the subsequent programming experience. The following packaging method comes from HTML5 canvas core technology graphics, animation and game development, which realizes the decoupling between sprites and drawing objects. It is easy to use. I usually use this writing method myself. A complete sprite consists […]

  • Advanced skills of CSS (7)


    Display and hide of elements Display show (hide) Show and hide Display: none (hidden) Display: block (display) characteristic Hide elements first <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″> <title>Document</title> <style> * { margin: 0; padding: 0; } div { width: 200px; height: 200px; margin: 20px 20px; background-color: blue; } .box1 { […]

  • Recommendation of serial port debugging tools


    In the embedded development, we always face all kinds of messages from the terminal. Different equipment and terminal manufacturers have their own message protocol. How to debug and test is a very important thing in the development process. If you do well, you get twice the result with half the effort. Sharp tools make good […]

  • Using canvas to realize text editor (support WordArt rendering and animation)


    introduction At present, there are two main technical solutions to the implementation of rich text editor: one is to directly edit HTML elements by using content ditable attribute, such as draft.js The other is proxy textarea + custom div + simulated cursor. For the classic rich text editor similar to “word”, one of the above […]

  • Another open source icon library CSS.GG It’s worth using


    Hi, I amMartin, also known as Lao Wang, today I recommend an easy-to-use open source icon library. We usually look for iconsiconfont But today, we saw itMartinAfter that, there will be a new choice——CSS.GG Github https://github.com/astrit/css.gg star 5751 fork 214 Watch 86 Project introduction 700 +pureCSS, SVG & Figma UI IconsAvailable inSVGSpirit map,styled-components, NPM & […]

  • A technique of using lanimationtimeline in lufylegen engine


    Introduction to lufylegen engine Lufylegen is an HTML5 open source engine, which implements the development of HTML5 using the syntax of ActionScript 3.0. It includes lsprite, lbitmapdata, lbitmap, lloader, lurlloader, ltextfield, Levent and other classes familiar to as developers, and supports Google Chrome, Firefox, opera, IE9, IOS, Android and other popular environments. Using lufylegen can […]

  • Pixi exploration record


    During the Spring Festival, a friend shared an article on Netease Jung H5 https://azi.music.163.com/c/rongge_test/index.htmlIt’s beautiful. We need to study the implementation principleNetease’s Jung mental prototype is the best H5 test I’ve seen this year! Look at the JS request: JS search research one by one;The first one: pixijs, a search found that pixijs is very […]