• JavaScript mathematical curve – equiangular spiral


    Introduction FollowArchimedes spiralAfter that, an equiangular spiral was found. Origin My GitHub brief introduction Isometric spiral, also known as golden spiral or logarithmic spiral, was discovered by Descartes in 1638. Later, Jakob Bernoulli studied and found the self reconstruction characteristics of isometric spiral. Jakob Bernoulli was so fascinated with spiral that he asked to engrave […]

  • JavaScript mathematical curve – interlocking spiral


    Introduction FollowEquiangular spiralThen try interlocking spiral. Origin My GitHub brief introduction stayArchimedes spiralThe general formula mentioned in, when C = – 2, is the interlocking spiral, also known as lituus curve. Roger Cotes described this curve in his book harmony mensurarum (1722). Maclaurin named the curve in 1722. Formula description in polar coordinate system: Formula […]

  • JavaScript graphic example: Archimedes spiral


    1. Archimedes spiral Archimedes spiral is also known as “constant velocity spiral”. When a point P moves along the moving ray OP at the same speed, the ray rotates around the point o at the same angular speed. The trajectory of point P is called “Archimedean spiral”. The Cartesian coordinate equation of Archimedes spiral is […]

  • JavaScript animation example: helix


    There are all kinds of poetic curves in mathematics, and helix is a special one. The term helix comes from Greek, which means “helix”“Convolution”or“Winding”. For example, a plane spiral is a curve that starts at a fixed point and turns outward one by one. More than 2000 years ago, Archimedes, an ancient Greek mathematician, studied […]