• Using OpenGL es to realize panoramic player


    When playing panoramic video, you can rotate the angle of view freely. If combined with the gyroscope of mobile phone, panoramic video can have a better browsing experience on the mobile terminal. This paper mainly introduces how to use theAVPlayerRealize a panoramic player. First, let’s look at the final effect In the last article, we […]

  • Moving a sphere (player control)


    <font size=2>Place a sphere with a trailing tail on the planeChange the position of the ball according to the player’s inputControl speed and accelerationLimit the position of the sphere and let it bounce away from the edge</font> This is the first tutorial in the control character movement series. Specifically, we will control the movement of […]

  • Generating Spherical Mesh Model with Unity3D Mesh Function


    In this paper, we share the specific code of generating spherical mesh model with Unity3D mesh function for your reference. The details are as follows. I’ve already talked about how to use mesh to generate a mesh of my own, so this article will describe how to transform this mesh into the shape I want, […]