• The way to learn webpack 5 (optimization)


    1、 Foreword Friends who learn from 0 to 1 can refer to the pre learning article: The road to learning webpack 5 (basic) The way to learn webpack 5 (practice) Pre articleThe road to learning webpack 5 (basic)The concept of webpack is briefly introduced,The way to learn webpack 5 (practice)Start with configuration and build a […]

  • The RM command is weak!


    Hello, I’m Liang Xu. Creating, deleting and modifying files are very common operations performed by users in Linux system. As we all know, it is used in Linux systemrmThe command deletes a single file almost instantaneously. However, if the number of files is large, the deletion operation will take a long time to complete. Have […]

  • Failed Django exploration


    When I wanted to write a relatively automatic database management interface, I thought of Django + MySQL (my Python rookie) and set it quickly and conveniently by using Django admin. This tutorial,http://django-chinese-docs.readthedocs.org/en/latest/intro/tutorial01.html, I still recommend novices to get started. I felt that I had learned almost the same template and path. When I was ready […]

  • Webpack series learning (IV) performance optimization (I)


    Development environment performance optimization 1、 Optimize package build speed 1. HMR thermal module replacement When a module changes, only one module is packaged, not all modules. Opening method: ` devserver add hot: true` CSS file: style loader has been included and does not need to be processed HTML file: the HTML file cannot be hot […]

  • Introduction to golang go language


    1. What is go language “Go is an open source programming language, which aims to make it easy for people to build simple, reliable and efficient software” (from go’s official website golang. ORG) Go language is an open source programming language developed by Google. It was born at 15:4:5 on January 2, 2006. It was […]

  • Research on front-end picture merging scheme


    introduce Through the analysis of product line data, it is found that about 70% of the pictures are less than 300K and about 50% are less than 100k. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate whether the front-end picture merging scheme is conducive to improving the batch upload speed of pictures. I’ve done it beforeFront end […]

  • GitHub accelerated clone


    In general, clone projects are slow. There are also ways to speed up clone. One way on the Internet is to import gitee and then download clones through gitee. The speed is really fast. It’s just a little troublesome. Now there’s a plug-in way to speed up. Google browser (except Science) install plug-ins GitHub acceleration […]

  • STM32 touch key


    This paper will use the capture channel 1 of stm32f207 timer 12 to realize the touch key function, which will be applied to the input capture function. Please see the previous article for details《STM32 input capture function》, refer to the development board of punctual atom for code and circuit design. 01. Touch key principle Touch […]

  • On webpack performance optimization (with detailed webpack learning notes)


    preface I’ve been sorting out aboutwebpackRelated knowledge points, on the one hand, because their knowledge points are fragmented and not systematic enough, sometimes they don’t know where to start when they encounter problems, on the other handwebpack5.0It’s already on the way. It’s really a bald news. So this prompted me to review it systematicallywebpack4.0All knowledge […]

  • Detailed explanation of three different desktop environments of Linux MINT


    You can choose the correct version from the Linux Mint website. How do I choose to install the version of Linux mint? It must be one of the headaches for many people As we all know, Linux Mint has three different versions: Cinnamon, mate and xfce So which version is right for you? If you […]

  • Yolactedge: real time instance segmentation on the first open source edge device (Jetson AgX Xavier: 30 FPS)


    Compile | CVReport | I love computer vision (wechat ID: aicvml) Yolactedge is the first competitive instance segmentation method that can run at real-time speed on small edge devices. On 550×550 resolution images, yolactedge with resnet-101 as the backbone runs as fast as on Jetson AgX Xavier30.8 FPS(172.7 FPS on RTX 2080 Ti). YolactEdge: Real-time […]

  • A practice of upgrading webpack3 to webpack4


    This webpack upgrade has improved a lot of construction speed: production packaging has increased by 30%; Development and construction increased by 40%, and development and update increased by 70% We have tried some build optimizations based on webpack3 before, such as introducing happypack to optimize the build speed, enabling loader cache and optimizing package search […]