• Weekly game 180 of leetcode – Python solution


    5356. Lucky numbers in matrices class Solution: def luckyNumbers (self, matrix: List[List[int]]) -> List[int]: rmin = [min(x) for x in matrix] cmax = [] n = len(matrix) m = len(matrix[0]) for i in range(m): maxv = matrix[0][i] for j in range(1, n): maxv = max(maxv, matrix[j][i]) cmax.append(maxv) ans = [] for i in range(n): for […]

  • Application of automatic web search (NAS) in semantic segmentation (2)


    preface:This paper will introduce how to search the semantic segmentation model based on proxylessnas. The final search model structure can reach 36 FPS test results on the CPU, and show the application of automatic network search (NAS) in semantic segmentation. With the advent of neural architecture search technology, deep learning has gradually developed to the […]

  • ⚡ Front end multi-threaded large file download practice, speed up 10 times, grasp Baidu cloud disk


    background Yes, you’re right. It’s front-end multithreading, notNode。 This exploration originated from the recent development. When encountering the development requirements related to video streaming, a special status code was found. Its name is206~ In order to prevent this article from being boring, I will start with the effect drawing. (in one sheet)3.7MSize picture as an […]

  • Kotlin symbol processing (KSP) alpha is now available


    Author / Software Engineer Ting yuan Huang and product manager David winer We are pleased to introduce youKotlin Symbol Processing(KSP), a new tool to help you build lightweight compiler plug-ins in kotlin. KSP provides functions similar toKAPTHowever, the speed is increased by 2 times, the kotlin compiler function can be accessed directly, and the multi […]

  • Weekly point canvas animation – speed and acceleration (2)


    In the previous section, we introduced the basic concepts of speed, includingVelocity along the axis, and more pervasiveVelocity in any direction, at the end of the article, we made an exampleMouse followAnd by changing the shape of the objectrotationProperty makes an extension on speed. Through the study in the previous section, you will find that […]

  • Technology sharing | the fastest logical backup tool in MySQL history


    Author: Hong binThe person in charge of aikesheng south district and technical service director, MySQL ace, is good at database architecture planning, fault diagnosis, performance optimization analysis, has rich practical experience, helps customers in various industries solve MySQL technical problems, and provides overall MySQL solutions for customers in finance, operators, Internet and other industries.Source: reproduced […]

  • Requests, aiohttp, httpx comparison


    Among Python’s many HTTP clients, the most famous isrequests、aiohttpandhttpx。 Without the help of other third-party libraries,requestsOnly synchronization requests can be sent;aiohttpOnly asynchronous requests can be sent;httpxIt can send both synchronous and asynchronous requests. The so-called synchronization request means that in single process and single thread code, after a request is initiated, the next request cannot […]

  • Storage system


    Storage system The computer storage system is divided into multiple levels, ranging from registers and caches inside the CPU to memory, disk, tape and various pluggable USB devices. They all belong to the storage system. A common intuitive figure is as follows: From the top CPU to the bottom hard disk storage layer, you can […]

  • Xmake v2.3.2 is released, bringing the same construction speed as ninja


    This version focuses on refactoring and optimizing the internal parallel construction mechanism, realizing the parallel compilation of source files between multiple targets and the support of parallel links. At the same time, it optimizes some internal losses of xmake and fixes some bugs affecting the compilation speed.Through test and comparison, the current overall construction speed […]

  • There is a large amount of data and paging query is very slow. What is the optimization scheme?


    Read by little hub: When the number of pages is large, the query efficiency drops sharply. Is there any way to optimize it? Finish reading this article! Author: youyou I Source: cnblogs.com/youi/p/7851007.html preparation General paging query Use subquery optimization Use ID qualification optimization Use temporary table optimization ID description of data table * When there […]

  • 62. QT qscroller realizes the sliding effect of home interface


    Since qscroller is at least above qt5.0, if the version is too low, it is recommended to see it58. Tablewidget simulates finger slidingChapter, customize the implementation slider Before learning this chapter, you need to know the key words of sliding: Press the mouse and slide the mouse:It refers to that the user presses the screen […]

  • Slow motion animation by time warping


    Slow motion animation by time warping We often see all kinds of jogging functions. In CSS, there are ready-made jogging effects such as bounce and elastic, which can be used directly. If we want to implement these jog functions in canvas animation. It’s a headache to think about how to deal with it directly. This […]