• How to achieve the safe backup and 1GB / s fast recovery of 10t cluster data?


    Author: Shen Taining As an infrastructure, the security of database is not clear, so the data security backup and recovery function is standard in serious use scenarios. As a distributed database, tidb can meet the backup and recovery needs of large clusters. After testing, the backup and recovery speed of 10t data can reach GB […]

  • Stationmaster: World Martial Arts, only fast not broken?


    It is often said that “the world’s martial arts are fast, but they can’t be broken”. Tomorrow moon finds that many webmasters now regard this sentence as a golden rule. It seems that judging whether a blog is good or not is fast. Almost all novice blogs start from struggling with various accelerated cache plug-ins, […]

  • How to improve the boot speed of computer? Several optimizations to improve the boot speed


    Don’t envy how fast other people’s computers start up. You can only improve your own computer’s start-up speed as much as possible. There are many factors affecting the computer’s start-up speed. Hardware configuration is the main one, but our computer’s configuration is basically fixed. Then we can speed up the computer’s start-up time from other […]

  • Performance evaluation of Baidu brain edgeboard based on resnet50 / mobile SSD model


    ResNet model PrefaceIn the last test, we trained the output of a three convolution layer in series with a full connection layer from the beginning as a prediction model of cat dog classification. This time, we trained a RESNET model ourselves and compared the performance in the following three environments AIStudio CPU: 2 Cores 8GB […]

  • Technology sharing | delete statement causes a lot of SQL to be killed


    Author: Wang HangweiYou like MySQL DBA, good at analyzing and solving database performance problems, and using automation tools to solve daily needs. phenomenon A database often sends out the following alarms at a certain time, such as 2:00 a.m. or some time in the daytime [critical] [prod] [MySQL] – over 200 kill SQL / min […]

  • Git merge multiple submissions


    When merging branches, you want to merge multiple commits into one, and then cherry pick to the main branch. Merge branch The development branch may commit multiple times for development, but when publishing or PR, we only want to see one commit. At this time, we need togit rebaseThen merge. #Head ~ 3 means that […]

  • JQuery source 21,94 line by line parsing


    Notes: To view the retrieval index:(#13335)https://bugs.jquery.com/ticke… Why transfer to window? (function(){})(window) //Why? Why do you want to pass in the window (function(){ Window // is not conducive to compression })() //The speed of finding the top window is slow This is to optimize the speed. We know that the variables are found in the scope […]

  • Android mediaplayer audio speed play, adjust the playback speed


    Link to this article: Android mediaplayer double speed playback, adjust the playback speed Many audio and video apps on the market now have the function of double speed playback, such as adjusting the playback speed to 0.5, 1.5, 2 times, etc. Starting with Android API 23 (Android m), mediaplayer supports adjusting the playback speed.The method […]

  • TiDB RC3 Release


    On June 16, tidb officially released version RC3. This version has done a lot of work on MySQL compatibility, SQL optimizer, system stability and performance. In terms of performance, the load balancing scheduling strategy and process are optimized. In terms of function, the authority management function is further improved. Users can control data access authority […]

  • SharpC: A C Interpreter In C# – 1110


    Running machine configuration: For example, the recursive call in the above article is run to shield the log. The speed performance in debug mode is about 432.8 seconds, about 7 minutes. ================================ Program Begin ================================ The thread ‘vshost.RunParkingWindow’ (0x1764) has exited with code 0 (0x0). The thread ‘<No Name>’ (0x20c8) has exited with code 0 […]

  • [IOS] spring animations


      This interface shows how a spring animation can be created by specifying a “damping” (bounciness) and “response” (speed). This interaction shows how to create a spring animation by specifying damping (elastic) and response (speed).    Key features Uses “design friendly” parameters. No concept of animation duration. Easily interruptible. Design theory   Springs make great animation models […]

  • How to improve the speed of computer power on?


    The computer will become more and more slow in the use process, which greatly affects the user’s mood, so how to improve the speed of system startup? Now I’m going to talk to you about this problem and share the setup steps and screenshots with you, hoping to help you. step 1. Execute Win + […]