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  • QT + OpenGL 14 multi light source mixing problem


    We have studied the different light sources in each, but we have implemented them separately. There are often multiple light sources in a scene. So we have to consider this situation. In order to see the effect, we need to first come to a terrain, download the terrain model and draw it directly according to […]

  • PBR-BRDF-Disney-Unity-1


    What do you know about this notehttps://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/260922654Time: July to December 2020Modified: 20201213Statement: This article is a personal study note. I’ll review it myself and enjoy communicating. If there is infringement, error or different understanding in the article, please leave a message: correct and give advice, and I will correct it in time. My highest respect!Cognition: […]