• The implementation of jQuery universal traversal method each in JavaScript topic


    Part 11 of JavaScript series, explaining the implementation of jQuery universal traversal method each Introduction to each JQuery’s each method, as a general traversal method, can be used to traverse objects and arrays. The syntax is: jQuery.each(object, [callback]) The callback function has two parameters: the first is the index of the object’s member or array, […]

  • Watch the conference online! Come to yunqi!


    background The fight against novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV Coronavirus), 2019, has become a top priority for the whole nation. China’s confirmed novel coronavirus infection was more than 30 thousand by February 7, 2020. In order to prevent novel coronavirus, Wuhan took measures to take measures to stop the city. Zhong Nanshan, academician, advocated that the family […]

  • Wu Enda deerelearning.ai new course online: tensorflow: data and deployment


    You should be familiar with Wu Enda. His machine learning course in coursera is very popular. Recently, his leading deep learning.ai opened a new course “tensorflow: data and deployment” on coursera, which mainly introduces the methods of data analysis using tensorflow.js, tensorflow Lite, tensorflow hub and other tools. The special course has been open for […]

  • Interview series (8): distributed communication ActiveMQ + rabbitmq + Kafka


    ActiveMQ topic (see the home page for interview questions + Answers) What is ActiveMQ? What about ActiveMQ server downtime? What about losing the news? Persistent messages are very slow. Uneven consumption of news. Dead letter queue. Is the message retransmission interval and number of times in ActiveMQ? Rabbitmq topic What is the broker in rabbitmq? […]

  • Talking about html special character coding CSS3 content: “I am a special symbol”


    Some special characters and icons used in the project HTML code XML/HTML CodeCopy content to clipboard <div class=“cross”></div>     CSS code CSS CodeCopy content to clipboard .cross{         width: 20px;         height: 20px;         background-color: #F3F9FF;         border-radius: 10px;         border: 1px solid #DBE6EF;         display: inline–block;         position: relative;         bottombottom: 20px;         rightright: 15px;     }     .cross:after{         content: “\2715”// Special Characters or Shapes     color: #a2b6c5;  […]