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  • User defined GitHub warehouse of composer in yii2


    Column backup: https://www.bestyii.com/topic/32Now there are more cool open source projects. Some extensions still depend on each other. Sometimes they are changed temporarily, and there is no need to go through the package release process. The solution is simple: Clone the original library and modify the code Release a new version composer.json Map the library to […]

  • In depth understanding of the for loop in JavaScript


    preface: Today, I would like to share a knowledge point about loop filtering. Maybe it is the front-end Xiaobai. The first thing you want to think about is to use the for loop to filter, but what I think of as a rookie is map, Those who have studied data structure must know that linear […]

  • Website B (bilibilibili) column supports the simplest scheme of markdown


    background Station BAt present, the column only supports rich text editor, and there are two types of text editors, one supporting markdown and the other not supporting markdown. Unfortunately, the column of station B does not support markdown and has no plan to support it. This is understandable. After all, up owners do not all […]

  • It’s time for fastjson to say goodbye


    Life is too short to do something that no one wants. This paper has been published byhttps://www.yourbatman.cnIt includes spring technology stack, mybatis, JVM, middleware, etcspecial columnFor free study. Pay attention to the official account.Bat’s Utopia】Break through one by one, grasp deeply, and refuse to stop. preface Hello everyone, I’m brother a. We’re back after one […]

  • First page of the column


    Hello and welcome to this column. Before I started writing this column, I used to read and sort out some sporadic database papers. One of them is amazing https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/… 。Thank you for the inspiration of this column. I think it’s good to write some columns. First of all, I need to produce output. In the […]

  • PHP compiler and installation extension redis and swoole


    1、 Install redis extension Download the redis expansion pack and unzip it wget https://github.com/edtechd/phpredis/archive/php7.zip unzip php7.zip   Enter the directory after decompression, compile and install   cd data/pkg/phpredis-php7 /usr/local/php/bin/phpize   There is a problem Cannot find autoconf. Please check your autoconf installation and the $PHP_AUTOCONF environment variable. Then, rerun this script. #Install Autoconf yum install […]

  • 1. Get to know Jackson — the best JSON Library in the world


    If you want to be distinguished, you must suffer behind your back. Pay attention to the official account.Bat’s Utopia】Start column learning and refuse to stop. this paper https://www.yourbatman.cn It has been included. There are also small and beautiful columns such as spring technology stack, mybatis and middleware for learning. preface Hello everyone, I’m brother a. […]

  • Column contents


    Column list About myself Column welcome page SQL related Basic SQL Intermediate SQL Intermediate SQL Intermediate SQL Intermediate SQL Linux/Unix command line regular expression DBMS database operating system PostgreSQL PostgreSQL installation based on Linux DEB system

  • HTML & CSS: the things you can’t do without building a website


    I’m glad you can see this column! As the saying goes, it’s fate to meet. Maybe you and I have looked back 500 times in the last life to get this side. It’s a little disgusting. Let’s go back to the book and talk about this column. This column is mainly about html and CSS […]

  • 2019 summary, 2020 outlook


    2019 summary, 2020 outlook Summary of 2019 —-End college life Last year, I wrote a long article to summarize, and this year is no exception. I ended my painful and long university life in June this year, and I don’t know why. I took half of my graduation photos, which was very boring, so I […]

  • Composer custom GitHub warehouse under yii2


    Column backup: https://www.bestyii.com/topic/32There are many cool open source projects now. Some extensions are still dependent on each other. Sometimes it’s just a matter of making temporary changes and there’s no need to go through the package publishing process. The solution is simple: Clone original library, modify code Release new version Map the library in composer.json […]

  • Tips 3 – the border radius is 100% and 50% equivalent


    This article is synchronized from jscon technology blog, click to read Video Explanation Text explanation 1. Let’s start with the conclusion border-radiusThis CSS attribute should be used very skillfully. The scenes used in reality are basically the same with four fillets. For example, implement a circular button, in whichborder-radiusSome people write it as50%Some people write100%, […]