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  • [crawler] use the selenium Library of Python to crawl geek time paid courses and save them as PDF files


    Code it, you can make it yourself “”” This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the author and the link of this article Thank you for your attention

  • How to use viewmodifier in swiftui (2020 tutorial)


    -Remember that in the swiftui world, everything is a view. Swiftui world avoids new, return and complex parentheses. Your code should have a sense of elegance and fashion. To ensure this, please master viewmodifier first. Introduction to viewmodifier A modifier that you apply to a view or another view modifier, producing a different version of […]

  • Spring cloudalibaba microservice development practice, a case, hand in hand to guide you


    Technology theory can be seen everywhere. What are we short of? Lack of actual combat cases, paper can not withstand the test, from the beginning to the end to experience a deep memory.This article takes you for a real walk. Combined with spring cloud, spring cloud Alibaba, Dubbo and other open-source packages, based on the […]

  • Swiftui makes a modern card (2020 tutorial)


    The use of stack container based on swiftui vstack hstack anticipate result code import SwiftUI struct InfoStackView: View { var body: some View { HStack { Image(“circle”) .resizable() .scaledToFit() .clipShape(Circle()) .overlay(Circle() .stroke(Color.white, lineWidth: 3)) .shadow(radius: 5) // .frame(width: 180, height:180, alignment: .center) VStack(alignment:.leading) { Text .font(.title) .foregroundColor(.white) Text (“drawn by sun Kehong”) .font(.subheadline) .foregroundColor(.white) HStack{ […]

  • Swiftui Foundation: how to make pictures spread all over the screen


    Suppose we have a picture that we want to spread all over the screen? Set the background first import SwiftUI struct ContentView: View { var body: some View { VStack{ CircleImage(imageName: “lilly”) .frame(width:160,height:160) .padding(.top,89) .padding(.bottom,20) } .background( Image(“lotus”) .resizable() .scaledToFill() ) } } The effect is not satisfactory, not spread out Then fill the container […]

  • Zstack button circle (2020)


    This paper introduces the making process of round text buttonTechnology used ZStack Button Circle() Text code import SwiftUI struct ContentView: View { var body: some View { Button(action: { }){ ZStack{ Circle() .frame(width: 100, height: 100) .foregroundColor(.blue) Text(“Press me”) .foregroundColor(.white) } } } } effect More swiftui tutorials and code focus columns Please pay attention […]

  • Swiftui intermediate: get API data and display (2020)


    1. Define struct import Foundation struct Features: Decodable, Hashable { var properties: Properties var geometry: Geometry } struct Properties: Decodable, Hashable { var mag: Double var place: String var time: Double var detail: String var title: String } struct Geometry: Decodable, Hashable { var type: String var coordinates: [Double] } struct QuakeAPIList: Decodable { var […]

  • Pull refresh (2020 tutorial)


    Pull refresh (2020 tutorial) Encapsulate the previous code into struct import SwiftUI public struct PullToRefresh: UIViewRepresentable { let action: () -> Void @Binding var isShowing: Bool public init( action: @escaping () -> Void, isShowing: Binding<Bool> ) { self.action = action _isShowing = isShowing } public class Coordinator { let action: () -> Void let isShowing: […]

  • Swiftui intermediate: a searchBar


    After using the searchBar provided by apple for many years, we plan to implement one by ourselves today. Think about the composition of searchBar Address for text entry A button list Implementation plan Hstack is used to wrap a textfield and button, and the list is realized by list. code import SwiftUI struct RFSearchView: View […]

  • Swiftui intermediate @ binding initialization Preview


    @Binding can pass object references across views, but how to initialize? Solution You can generate some test data in preview. Here are two methods Define a @ state static variable struct RFSearchListView_Previews: PreviewProvider { @State static var items2:[String] = [“a”,”b”] static var previews: some View { RFSearchListView(items: $items2) } } Using the. Constant function struct […]

  • Swiftui intermediate 3D page switching (Chinese painting 2020)


    Page page import SwiftUI struct PaginationView <Content, Pages> : View where Content: View, Pages: RandomAccessCollection, Pages.Element : Identifiable { var pages : Pages var content: (Pages.Element) -> Content @State private var translation: CGSize? = nil @State private var lastTranslation: CGFloat = 0 @State private var angleTranslation: CGFloat = 0 @State private var initPosition = CGFloat(0) […]

  • Swiftui advanced uses generics to package copy and paste code


    Swiftui advanced uses generics to create a generic struct target Package the frequently copied and pasted code into a general code that can deal with a certain kind of problems code import UIKit //Define the protocol specification model function for paradigm call protocol PageModelProtocal:Identifiable,Hashable{ associatedtype T static func row_page() ->[T] } //Define a paradigm class […]