• Free hand series, to a different Tanabata photo wall to send girlfriend


    Yes, I’m here again. After all, today’s Tanabata: May lovers get married in the world Do not want to evoke Acacia, dare not go out to see the moon. But when the moon comes into the window, I miss you all night. I turn off the moon, you’re even brighter. Last address: Demo address:http://alterem.gitee.io/ddvs/ Code […]

  • Calculation example of content spacing and height set by IOS uilabel


    preface Uilabel is used very frequently. When there are many words, it will appear dense, which is not conducive to UI display and user viewing. Usually, we need to adjust the “line spacing” or “text spacing” in the label to make the text less compact and improve the user experience. After adjusting the “line spacing” […]

  • Using native JS to write multiplication table


    Step idea: 1. Use for loop to print 99 multiplication table2. 9 rows and 9 columns, double for, empty string, escape character spacing tab, newline3. Variable storage — number, row, column Show one function getForm() { var num = ”; for (var rows = 1; rows <= 9; rows++) { for (var cols = 1; […]

  • Uicollectionviewcell “left display”


    1、 Preparation 1.UICollectionView Left Aligned Layout A uicollectionview left display constraintClick download_ UICollectionView Left Aligned Layout 2、 Project catalogue 3、 Custom uicollectionviewcell Collectionviewcell. H creates the uilabel property to pass values #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> @interface CollectionViewCell : UICollectionViewCell @property (nonatomic, strong) UILabel *titleLB;; @end Collectionviewcell. M creates a display text view Here, the text size of […]

  • JQ implementation waterfall flow layout + lazy loading


    Example: Thinking: 1. Make sure that all the pictures are the same width, and then determine how many columns to show, the first row to use float:left Implement sorting2. As shown in the figure below, we show a total of four columns of pictures. Starting from the second row, we put the pictures in the […]

  • Machine learning (13): Wu Enda’s notes


    Previously, we have learned a series of supervised learning algorithms such as linear regression, logical regression and neural network, and come to the conclusion: in machine learning, the important thing is not to use algorithm a or algorithm B, but to collect a large amount of data. And the performance of the algorithm depends on […]

  • Gesture unlocking of mobile phone by canvas


    According to the international practice, the effect picture should be displayed first 1. JS dynamically initializes DOM structure First, in the index.html Add basic styles to body{background:pink;text-align: center;} Add a mobile meta head introduce index.js script index.js //Anonymous function self execution (function(){ //Canvas lock is a global object window.canvasLock=function(obj){ this.width=obj.width; this.height=obj.height; } //Dynamic generation of […]

  • Layout of cascade flow in CSS


    1、 Effect picture 2、 Code <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> /* https://www.cnblogs.com/bbc66/p/9434217.html */ html,body{ padding: 0;margin: 0; } .box { padding: 10px; /* display: flex; flex-flow:column wrap; */ /* height: 100vh; */ column-count:2; /*Specify column width*/ /* column-width:500px; */ /*Specifies the spacing between columns*/ column-gap: 10px; /*Specifies the style of column to column gap*/ /*column-rule:2px […]

  • Query the live IP address of specified segment memory in LAN


    catalog Batch Ping Output to the specified file Batch Ping For / L% I in (start, scan interval, end) do Ping – W 2 – N 1 10.224.131.% Ias for /L %i IN (55,1,80) DO ping -w 2 -n 1 10.224.131.%i Output to the specified file arp -a > 111.txt

  • Dagger navigation update for Android studio 4.1


    In projects that use dagger, do you have any doubts about understanding Dagger’s dependencies? Does the dependency come from an @ inject decorated constructor, @ bonds, or a @ supplies decorated method? Is it finite? It’s not easy to figure out. Can’t one click access to relevant information or even more content? Certainly. abreast of […]

  • The principle of the distance between img Tags


    Basic analysis of img tag in HTML5: four elements of img Tag Image: (1) SRC: image path (2)width: (3)height: (4)alt: The effect of alert is as follows When there is an error in the image, the function in ALT is used to represent the error content, which is convenient for the search engine to grab […]

  • Flutter GridView


    I have collected some learning materials, including a lot of learning, interview, advanced fluter information, and a lot of video details. If you want to know more, please see the end of the article for details. Also welcome all the great gods to come to install X. 1. Introduction GridView is one of the commonly […]