• Line text line fixed length fill tool


    Line text line fixed length fill tool Line text line fixed length fill tool This tool can use fixed characters to fill all text lines that do not reach the specified length in the text string list. If the text line exceeds the specified number of characters, it will be ignored, and spaces, etc. will […]

  • Python namespace and scope


    Namespace Namespaces: used to store the binding relationship between name and memory address. It is the division of stack area Function: the namespace can store the same name in the stack area, so as to solve the naming conflict There are three types of namespaces: Built in namespace Global namespace Local namespace Built in namespace […]

  • Sword finger offer plan 13 (double pointer simple) — Java


    1.1 topic 1 Sword finger offer 21 Adjust the array order so that odd numbers precede even numbers 1.2 solution Classic double pointer. Judge whether it is an even number by% 2There is a trap here. Pay attention to the loop inside. You need to add judgment 1.3 code class Solution { public int[] exchange(int[] […]

  • Three methods to solve the path with space in vbs


    Method 1: ? 1 2 3 Set wshell=CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”) wshell.Run “””C:\Program Files\360\360se\360se.exe”””,5,True Set wshell = Nothing Method 2: ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 temp=”C:\Program Files\360\360se3\360se.exe” path = Chr(34) & temp & Chr(34) Set wshell=CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”) wshell.Run path,1,True Set wshell = Nothing Method 3: ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 Public Const vbQuote = “””” […]

  • 01 convex set


    01 convex set catalogue 1、 Affine and convex sets 2、 Some important examples 3、 Convexity preserving operation 4、 Generalized unequal relation 5、 Separating and supporting hyperplane 6、 Dual cone and generalized inequality relation 7、 Reinterpretation of minimum element, minimum element and dual cone Convex optimization from getting started to giving up the complete tutorial address:https://www.cnblogs.com/nickchen121/p/14900036.html […]

  • Vscode using the code runner plug-in cannot compile files with blank names


    This article is also posted on my blog:Vscode cannot compile and run files with spaces in the file name using the code runner plug-in – skykguj’s blog (sky390. CN) The most annoying thing about using Visual Studio code to write c + + programs is that the code runner plug-in can’t compile and run files […]

  • Understanding jQuery and jQuery selectors


    Record what you should pay attention to at ordinary times. If you see any mistakes, please correct them Know jquery JQuery object and DOM object var domObj = document. Getelementbyid (“Id”) // DOM object Var $obj = $(“#id”) // jQuery object DOM objects cannot be used in jQuery objects Conversion of jQuery object and DOM […]

  • Detailed explanation of CPU and memory resource limitations of kubernetes k8s


      Detailed explanation of CPU and memory resource limitations of kubernetes k8s   Pod resource limit Note: CPU unit conversion: 100M CPU, 100 millicpu and 0.1 CPU are the same; The accuracy shall not exceed 1m. 1000m CPU = 1 CPU。 Official website address: 1 https://kubernetes.io/zh/docs/tasks/configure-pod-container/assign-cpu-resource/ 2 https://kubernetes.io/zh/docs/tasks/configure-pod-container/assign-memory-resource/ Kubernetes’ restriction on resources is actually controlled […]

  • More than 60 tools are commonly used in Vue


    1. Mailbox export const isEmail = (s) => { return /^([a-zA-Z0-9_-])[email protected]([a-zA-Z0-9_-])+((.[a-zA-Z0-9_-]{2,3}){1,2})$/.test(s) } 2. Mobile phone number export const isMobile = (s) => { return /^1[0-9]{10}$/.test(s) } 3. Telephone number export const isPhone = (s) => { return /^([0-9]{3,4}-)?[0-9]{7,8}$/.test(s) } 4. URL address export const isURL = (s) => { return /^http[s]?:\/\/.*/.test(s) } 5. String export […]

  • How does UltraEdit replace tabs with spaces?


    How does UltraEdit turn off replacing tabs with spaces? When using an UltraEdit, you sometimes need to turn off using spaces instead of tabs. Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial below. Software name: UltraEdit (code editor) V28 10.0. 26 64 bit Chinese green activated version Software size: 69.6MB Update time: 2021-05-14Download now First, […]