• Shell variable advanced usage


    Variable replacement and testing Variable substitution grammar explain ${variable name # matching rule}} Dependent variablestartRule matching will meet the most important requirementsshortData deletion for ${variable name # matching rule}} Dependent variablestartRule matching will meet the most important requirementslongData deletion for ${variable name% matching rule}} Dependent variabletailRule matching will meet the most important requirementsshortData deletion for […]

  • Oracle creates tables for new projects


    I didn’t know Oracle systematically. This time, I set up a table for the new project in Oracle and recorded some experience 1. Create a new database instance?? Generally not required MySQL connects to edu database: jdbc:mysql :// localhost:3306/edu Oracle connection orcl instance: jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost :1521:orcl Looking at these two connection strings, we can see that […]

  • Five papers on ECCV 2020 image recognition


    Today, I’d like to introduce five papers on ECCV 2020 oral. ECCV, CVPR and iccv are called the top three conferences in the field of computer vision. A total of 5025 articles were submitted to ECCV 2020, of which 1361 were accepted, with an acceptance rate of 27%. ECCV 2020 accepted papers list address: https://eccv2020.eu/accepted-papers/ […]

  • [database] Oracle


    1. Oracle database installation 1.1. Integrate PL / SQL Developer Software 1. Click Tools > Preferences > connection to fill in the connection information   2. Connect to Oracle database. The default connection method is as follows: the address of the server where the Oracle database is installed; 1521: default port number Orcl: default […]

  • The way of C / C + + Learning


    First of all, explain the problem of heap corruption deleted. The compiler reported an error mainly due to improper memory new / delete. If the compiler prompts heap corruption deleted and CRT detected that the application write to memory after end of Heap Buffer, the following aspects should be checked first: 1) Whether the space […]

  • Preview the new things of C # 10


    Original text:[Introducing C# 10]Author:Ken Bonny ​ Earlier this week, I followedMads TorgersenstayDotNet SouthWestAt the conferencespeechHe is the chief designer of Microsoft’s C language. He outlined some cool new things C # 10 is going to contain. Let’s take a quick look. Small disclaimer, most of these changes have been basically completed. But because it’s still […]

  • leetcode 151. Reverse Words in a String


    Title Requirements Given an input string, reverse the string word by word. For example, Given s = “the sky is blue”, return “blue is sky the”. Update (2015-02-12): For C programmers: Try to solve it in-place in O(1) space. click to show clarification. Clarification: What constitutes a word? A sequence of non-space characters constitutes a […]

  • Reproducing kernel Hilbert space


    Hilbert space Let’s first talk about what isHilbert space。 This concept sounds tall, but it’s actually a very simple concept.First of all, what is itlinear space linear space Linear space is the space that defines multiplication and addition. This is a space with a linear structure. With the concept of linear space, we can find […]

  • [operating system virtualization] memory segmentation


    introduce Using base and bound registers, it is easy for the operating system to relocate different processes to different physical memory regions. However, for these memory areas, there is a large “free” space between the stack and the heap. The space between the stack and heap is not used by the process, but it still […]

  • Python removes excel space and line feed, and reports an error ‘Int’ object has no attribute ‘strip’


    Found a section of code on the Internet, run after the error, which friend help to see #Remove except spaces and empty lines Error in operation result: D:\Testing_Software\Python38\python.exe D:/Code/PycharmProjects/test_rigang/utile/operation_excel.pyTraceback (most recent call last): File “D:/Code/PycharmProjects/test_rigang/utile/operation_excel.py”, line 87, in opers.clear_blank_space() File “D:/Code/PycharmProjects/test_rigang/utile/operation_excel.py”, line 80, in clear_blank_space ws.cell(i, j).value = old.strip().replace(‘ ‘, ‘’).replace(“\n”, “”)AttributeError: ‘int’ object has […]

  • Those dark holes in HTTP specification


    HTTP protocol is a network protocol that developers are most familiar with. “Easy to understand” and “easy to extend” make it the most widely used application layer protocol. Although there are many advantages, there are still many dark holes hidden in the definition of the agreement because of many games and restrictions, which makes people […]

  • Oracle create database and user, table space, manage table space and data file


    introduce A table space is a logical part of a database Physically: the database data is stored in the data file Logically, the database is stored in the table space A table space consists of one or more data files   Logical structure of database Introduction: Logical structure in Oracle includes table space, segment, zone, […]