• [C + + memory management] 8_ G2. 9 overview of STD:: alloc operation mode


    summary free_ The list array contains a total of [0 – 15] 16 elements, each of which corresponds to a childsingleLinked list (embedded pointers organization management) Each sub linked list manages multiple memory blocks (the size of memory blocks ranges from 8 bytes to 128 bytes). For example, free_ List [0] manages the 8-byte linked […]

  • Autojs do small games – Lianliankan


    Yashu tutorial is simple and easy to understand Effect display Dynamic background Connecting line rearrangement Dependency graph The figure uses the vscode plug-inDependency Cruiser Extensiongenerate Production process layout ui.layout( <vertical padding=”30″> <horizontal> < text textsize = “30sp” text = “timing” / > <text textSize=”30sp” text=”00:00″ layout_weight=”1″ /> < button textsize = “30sp” text = “rearrange” […]

  • Python technique: implement simple tokenizer with re module


    A simple tokenizer The tokenization task is the most common task in Python string processing. Here we will explain how to build a simple expression tokenizer with regular expressions, which can parse the expression string from left to right into a stream of tokens. Give the following expression string: text = ‘foo = 12 + […]

  • Spring certified China Education Management Center – spring data tutorial 1 of Apache Geode


    Document structureThe following sections explain the core functions that spring data provides for Apache geode: Bootstrapping Apache geode with the spring container describes the configuration support provided for configuring, initializing, and accessing Apache geode caches, regions, and related distributed system components.The Apache geode API is used to explain the integration between the Apache geode API […]

  • 20210412-20210416 technical weekly report


    Hello, Hello, monkey, I’m writing the code into a bug. Official account: bighead technology. Original is not easy, but welcome to reprint. Main content of this week’s technical weekly report: JVM related knowledge points JVM related knowledge points This week, I mainly study the relevant knowledge of JVM and some real JVM production cases. Try […]

  • Oracle common maintenance query


    Check deadlock SELECT s.username,l.OBJECT_ID,l.SESSION_ID,s.SERIAL#, l.ORACLE_USERNAME,l.OS_USER_NAME,l.PROCESS FROM V$LOCKED_OBJECT l,V$SESSION S WHERE l.SESSION_ID=S.SID; Force deadlock release alter system kill session ‘1500,6160’; reference resourceswww.jb51.net/article/85039.htm Check the SQL of deadlock and the SQL executed before deadlock according to Sid –Deadlock time select sql_text from v$sqlarea a,v$session b where a.SQL_ID=b.SQL_ID and (b.SID=47 or b.SID=3847); –Before deadlock select sql_text from v$sqlarea […]

  • Jupiter notebook (anaconda3) changes the default path for saving files


    Open jupyter     Find path 1 import os 2 a=os.path.abspath(‘.’) 3 print(a)   Create personal folders E:\pyAPP\JupyterWork       Find and modify the configuration file path Open Anaconda prompt Enter the command Jupiter notebook — generate config   Enter the directory: C: \ users \ Liujun \ jupyter\   Edit jupyter_ notebook_ config. Py […]

  • Python code reading (Part 25): splitting multiline strings into lists


    Introduction to Python code reading collection:Why not recommend Python beginners to directly look at the project source code The code read in this article splits multiple lines of strings into a list, and each line of string is a list element. The code snippet read in this article comes from30-seconds-of-python。 split_lines def split_lines(s): return s.split(‘\n’) […]

  • Spring source code analysis 11: spring extension loading mechanism


    Spring source code analysis 11: spring extension loading mechanism Spring has two main extension loading mechanisms: automatically loading classes in third-party packages and extending the namespace of beans in XML configuration files 1. Automatically load classes in third-party packages spring-coreProvides an extension mechanism similar to Java SPIMETA-INF/spring.factoriesIf you define the classes that need to be […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play with VIM – 26 – indent settings


    Indent settings Recall the last lesson This time I learned the details of color Set 256 color mode :set t_Co=256 Then the specific colors are determined You can also generate web pages:TOhtml Is there anything else interesting? Indent settings In normal mode use<<Can indent forward use>>You can indent backwards =You can indent the current line […]

  • [daily algorithm / brush through leetcode] 8 String to integer (ATOI) (medium)


    Click here to view more content related to algorithmic interview~ Title Description You can convert it into an integer, ATOI function. First, the function discards useless opening space characters as needed until the first non space character is found. The next conversion rules are as follows: If the first non null character is a positive […]

  • C + + 11 strong type enumeration


    Enumeration is to define a category and enumerate the individuals under the unified category for code use. Defects of C + + 98 enumeration: Whether namedEnumeration namestillEnumerating members in types, bothGlobal scopeYes, itsThe scope is globalof Appears if the same enumeration member is defined in a different enumerationRedeclarationWrong. enum PUBLIC_COLOR { RED, YELLOW, GREEN }; […]