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  • Collection: the SQL server code generator, which has been developed independently for a long time, is open source (. Net WinForm)


    Hello everyone, I haven’t seen you for a year. My technology has made amazing progress. So I come to share the technology for you. What I bring to you today is the old tools developed a long time ago to share with you. I believe that everyone has used the code generator, how many are […]

  • Zepto operates on element attributes like this


    Preface When using zepto, we often need to operate some DOM attributes, or the inherent attributes or custom attributes of the element itself. For example, common onesattr(),removeAttr(),prop(),removeProp(),data()And so on. Next, we will figure out how they are implemented one by one… Click the zepto module source code annotation to see the corresponding parsing of this […]

  • Tikv source code analysis series article (XI) storage transaction control layer


    Author: Zhang Jinpeng background knowledge Tikv is a highly consistent distributed kV storage that supports transactions. Tikv uses raft to ensure strong consistency between multiple copies. Transaction, tikv, refers to the percolator transaction model of Google and makes some optimization. When the service layer of tikv receives the requests, it will forward them to different […]

  • Pumpkin Raising Walk Through


    Summary: The rule of the target machine is to get pumpkin seed according to the prompt, then log in to the server according to the once obtained seed and complete the right lifting, which involves some CTF knowledge, encryption and decryption, right lifting! Host port scan: ╰─ nmap -p1-65535 -sV -A -sT 22/tcp open […]

  • Create spring boot microservice project


    Create a microservice project HelloWorld for testing Create project Write service code @RestController public class HelloWorld { @RequestMapping(“/hello”) public String Hello(@RequestParam String name){ Return “Hello! “+ name +”, this is a microservice. “; } } Edit the configuration file application.properties: spring.application.name=spring-cloud-provider-01 server.port=9000 test run Source code GitHub warehouse: https://github.com/sunweisheng/spring-cloud-example

  • Go language (construction of environment)


    Step by step, build a go language development environment from scratch. Install go language and build go language development environment download Download address Go official website: https://golang.org/dl/ Go official image station (recommended): https://golang.google.cn/dl/ Version selection For Windows platform and Mac platform, it is recommended to download the executable version, and for Linux platform, it is […]

  • C language learning course: box game development source sharing


    C language learning tutorial: carry the box game development source sharing, push the box game rules are very simple, is to use as little as possible to push or move all the boxes to the target point. Boxes can only be pushed but not pulled; only one box can be pushed at a time.   […]

  • Vue source notes data driven createElement


    Vue version: 2.5.17-beta.0 As recorded in “Vue source code Notes – data driven – render”, through thevm.$createElementFunction creationvnodeData return, record belowvm.$createElementCommon node creation forvnodeImplementation process. new Vue({ el: ‘#app’, render: createElement => createElement(‘div’, { attrs: { id: ‘app’ } }, ‘Hello Vue!’) }) The above example is the use ofvm.$createElementCreate a normal node vnode and […]

  • Meet jQuery from evolving source code


    What is the essence of jQuery? A JavaScript library.Accept an old node and return a new object (hash), which is the jQuery object.The characteristic of jQuery is that it has its own API.The source code of jQuery calls DOM API, but jQuery objects cannot use DOM API. The convenience of jquery JQuery greatly simplifies JS […]

  • waiting_520


    As a programmer, you must have encountered NullPointerException, which is inevitable for new comers or experienced people in the Jianghu, but it is so powerless. In order to solve it, you can only judge a value before using it. However, this will make the code become bloated. Fortunately, jdk8 introduces optional to deal with the […]

  • DomDom: 1 Vulnhub Walkthrough


      Host level scanning: ╰─ nmap -p1-65535 -A -sV XSS vulnerability in you name Right click the source code to hide the form form Modify its type attribute to: Text Tried SQL injection, seemingly no injection Try directory under wfuzz + (CODE:200|SIZE:329) + (CODE:200|SIZE:694) + (CODE:403|SIZE:301) Welcome to DomDom ! […]

  • Java.util.optional learning notes


    Java.util.optional is a new class in Java 8. As a container class holding instances, it can help us write more elegant empty code, and it also provides some practical APIs. The official documents are here. Next, let’s learn through practice: Three construction methods of optional First, optional.of (object object object): the input parameter object cannot […]