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  • Installing ffmpeg in centos7


    The first step is to download the source code package Official websiteFfmpeg official websiteDownload ffmpeg source packageNote: my installation directory is/rootFfmpeg full directory is/root/ffmpeg-4.2.4/ wget http://ffmpeg.org/releases/ffmpeg-4.2.4.tar.bz2 The second step is to unzip the source code package tar -jxvf ffmpeg-4.2.4.tar.bz2 I report an error in this step. The error information is as follows:————————Error message————————Tar (child): bzip2: […]

  • 51 MCU assembler, temperature alarm project


    Temperature University MCU assembly works, project addresshttps://github.com/jan-bar/Temperature The project requiresprotuesRun, the following is the available download addressLink:https://pan.baidu.com/s/13gSiLTenkSV3a5niS3untQExtraction code: 7×48 The installation and cracking methods are as follows: 1. Download and unzip to get Proteus Pro 8.9 SP0 original program, patch cracking file and Chinese patch; Then open it directly with ProteusTemperature monitoring display . DSNFile, […]

  • The core concepts of webpack entry, output and sourcemap


    1. Basic configuration of entry and ouput Here we continue to explain the two configuration items: … entry:{ main:’./src/index.js’ }, … output:{ filename:’bundle.js’, path:path.resolve(__dirname,’dist’) } 1.1 package multiple files and output We have a new demand, and we hope to put it into practice index.js Package twice to generate two files, one is called main, […]

  • Implementation of aspects AOP


    It is said that the runtime of OC is very NB. Let’s take a look at the very famous one todayAspectsThe source code is here https://github.com/steipete/A… The contents are very simple. In fact, there are only two files,Aspect.handAspect.m, which usesCategorybyNSObjectTwo additional methods are provided. The API is as follows: /// Adds a block of code […]

  • Apigcc – non intrusive restdoc document generation tool


    Apigcc – non intrusive restdoc document generation tool Preface — restdoc Programmers always have a worry, just want to write code, do not want to write documents. The code expresses my mind and soul. Python comes up with a solution calleddocstringTo try to solve this problem. That is to write code, but also to write […]

  • The core concepts of webpack — devserver, HMR and Babel


    [toc] 1. devServer I don’t know if you have found a tedious step in debugging in the previous lessons, that is, you need to re execute the NPM run bundle command every time the test is packaged, and then manually open the index.html File to see the effect, can we automatically complete the above process […]

  • Automatic loading mechanism such as tp5.1 source code snooping


    A series of articles: Automatic loading mechanism such as tp5.1 source code snooping Tp5.1 source code to explore the container to understand the implementation of the three interfaces Reflection of tp5.1 source code snooping and yaconf configuration extension Configuration of tp5.1 source code Container veil of tp5.1 source code Tp5.1 source code snooping facade agent […]

  • Laradock build development environment


    Configure the local laradock environment (development environment) Clone laradock source code to local environment The docker environment needs to be installed before running git clone https://github.com/laradock/laradock.git Create. Env file cp env-example-local .env You can modify the contents of the. Env file according to the situation. The following is the configuration that needs to be modified […]

  • Using Arthas to find weird and time-consuming bugs in springboot


    Introduction:The company has a channel system, which is specially used for docking with three-party channels. There is no business logic, mainly for the work of converting messages and parameter verification, which plays a connecting role. Recently, after optimizing the response time of the interface and the code, the time still can’t meet the requirements. There […]

  • Building a big data analysis platform: interactive data science based on Apache Zeppelin notebook and R


    introduce The purpose of this article is to help you get started with Apache Zeppelin notebook, which can meet your needs for data science with R. Zeppelin is a web-based notebook that provides interactive data analysis. It is convenient for you to make data-driven, interactive and collaborative documents, and supports multiple languages, including Scala (using […]

  • Holden karau: looking for friendly people to work with


    Holden KarauHe is the chief software engineer of IBM, responsible for improving Apache spark and assisting developers to contribute code to spark. Holden used to be a software development engineer at databricks, responsible for the back-end development of spark and databricks cloud. She has worked in software development at Google and Amazon, respectively in charge […]

  • Development should also prevent “addiction”? Idea plug in tutorial


    When I was young and ignorant, I volunteered to choose a major that summer. My parents heard other elders say it’s good to choose a computer major. Since then, I have a deep brand of the Institute. From dormitory to computer room, from computer room to library, C, C + +, Java As long as […]