• HTML5 add mouse suspension sound effect without flash


    Use HTML5 + jQuery instead of flash: Browser scope of application: Firefox 3.5 +, chrome 3 +, opera 10.5 +, Safari 4 +, ie 9+ Code example: Copy code The code is as follows: $(“#speak”).mouseenter(function(){ $(“<audio></audio>”).attr({ ‘src’:’audio/’+Math.ceil(Math.random() * 5)+’.mp3′, ‘volume’:0.4, ‘autoplay’:’autoplay’ }).appendTo(“body”); }); The above is to use the audio element of HTML5 to play […]

  • How does a computer connect to a Bluetooth stereo? A course on how to connect a computer to a Bluetooth stereo


    Start a Bluetooth speaker, want to link the audio to play music, how to connect? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software Name: Bluetooth-Driven Chinese Green Version of Universal Computer Software size: 1.31MB Update time: 2014-04-03 1. Install Bluetooth Driver, right-click My computer/this computer/computer, left-click“Administration” Pictured 2. Click on Device Management and […]