• About the instantiation process of spring’s bean object


    Before spring instantiation, the bean object is encapsulated asBeandefinition objectFor more information, please refer to the previous article OK, let’s talk about some important roles in the instantiation process of bean Beandefinitionregistrypostprocessor interface Refresh(). Invokebeanfactorypostprocessors. The beandefinitionregistrypostprocessor interface is called in three parts: 1. Calling implements the priorityordered sorting interface 2. Call implements ordered sorting […]

  • DataTables table plug-in learning


    DataTables is aJQuery table plug-in。 It is a highly flexible tool, which can add advanced interactive functions to any HTML table, and can easily realize paging, instant search and sorting. 1、 Easy to use How to use DataTables simply? Use the following simple lines of code, a method to initialize table. $(document).ready(function(){ $(‘#myTable’).DataTable(); }); It’s […]

  • Bubble, insert, quick sort, recursion (settimeout() memory does not overflow)


    Bubble, insert, quick sort, recursion (settimeout() memory does not overflow) Strengthen the impression Video address of station B (timeliness): https://www.bilibili.com/vide… Baidu transportation diversion: Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1KZGW…Extraction code: wkjtIt’s more convenient to open Baidu online mobile app after copying this content code /** *@ name array sorting algorithm (ensure unique array data) * @author SunSeekerX * @time […]

  • Finally, there is a component that can completely surpass Apache poi


    Before the appearance of GrapeCity documents, the server-side document component always represented by Apache poi. As an open-source API library written by Java, Apache POI is mainly used to read, write, create and maintain Microsoft office documents. However, as defined by POI, as the acronym of “position obfuscation implementation”, Apache POI only provides “simple fuzzy […]

  • leetcode506. Relative Ranks


    Title Requirements Given scores ofNathletes, find their relative ranks and the people with the top three highest scores, who will be awarded medals: “Gold Medal”, “Silver Medal” and “Bronze Medal”. Example 1: Input: [5, 4, 3, 2, 1]Output: [“Gold Medal”, “Silver Medal”, “Bronze Medal”, “4”, “5”]Explanation: The first three athletes got the top three highest […]

  • Methods and properties of array string object


    Array Note: the following examples all operate at one level (keep the previous operation). Example: VAR arr = [1,2,3,4,5,6]; 1. Arr.length: get the length of array elements console.log(arr.length); // 6 2. Arr.join (STR): connect arr to a string with specified characters var str = ‘:’; console.log(arr.join(str)); // 1:2:3:4:5:6 3. Arr.push(): push the specified element at […]

  • Query.js – SQL like front-end data query class library


    A SQL like class library implemented in JavaScript for querying data in the front end. The basic interface refers to the implementation of ThinkPHP query syntax. Example Github How to use //Support UMD <script></script> Var data = [] // data var query = new Query(data) Instance method range Description [Parameter Collections]Select a shallow copy from […]

  • Oracle foundation – query statement (3)


    Oracle foundation – query statement (3) Data sorting The order of data in the query statement is implemented by the order by clause. Sorting is divided into ascending and descending, and the keywords are ASC and desc. The order by clause must be the last clause of the select statement. The sort column used by […]

  • Linux character processing


    preface Most projects will add some log files to the project after deployment, and we often need to analyze or process the characters in related files, so it is very important to master the linux character processing command. For example: the back-end provides an interface. When receiving a request, one of the parameters can’t be […]

  • WSDM cup 2020 retrieval ranking evaluation task first experience summary


    1. Background The 13th international network search and Data Mining Conference (WSDM 2020) was held in Houston on February 3. The conference was co organized by four special committees, SIGIR, SIGKDD, SIGMOD and sigweb. It enjoys a high academic reputation in the field of Internet search and data mining. The paper recruitment rate of this […]

  • Wechat app payment PHP


    <?php /** *Wechat app payment * * @license * @link * @since */ class wxAppPay { Private $key =’8102b2a111111176d9f381ec6f837 ‘; // the merchant ID is the 32-bit API key set by the key on the wechat merchant platform Private $appid =’wxbca550502a91e9a ‘; // appid applied in wechat open platform Private $mchid = ‘1000000’; // merchant […]

  • Leetcode 49: Group anagrams


    Leetcode 49: Group anagrams Title: Given an array of strings, you can combine words with different letters. Alphabetic words refer to strings with the same letters but arranged differently. Given an array of strings, group anagrams together. Example: Input: [“eat”, “tea”, “Tan”, “ate”, “NAT”, “bat”], Output: [ [“ate”,”eat”,”tea”], [“nat”,”tan”], [“bat”] ] explain: All inputs are […]