• Encapsulating websql (VII) encapsulating paging and query


    Although there are many ways of paging now, unlike before, you can only turn by page, but the basic principle is the same. The paging of websql is relatively simple (regardless of performance), because limit can be used. SQL select * from table where xxx order by xxxx limit 0,10 encapsulation /** *Paging to obtain […]

  • Send you a good way to sort Python data


    Summary:Learning the pandas sorting method is a good way to start or practice basic data analysis using python. The most common data analysis is done using spreadsheets, SQL, or pandas. One of the advantages of using pandas is that it can process a large amount of data and provide high-performance data operation capability. This article […]

  • 16. The closest is leetcode — C language and JS


    1、 Double finger needling — C language implementation /** *The nearest sum of three numbers *Leetcode question 16 * author: aliao language: C */ #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int compare (const void *a, const void *b) { return (*(int *)a) – (*(int *)b); } int threeSumClosest(int *nums, int numsSize, int target) { //Sort the array […]

  • MySQL explain field meaning


    Explain contains ID and select_ type、table、type、possible_ keys、key、key_ Len, ref, rows, extra field ID The number of the ID column is the serial number of the select. If there are several selections, there are several IDS, and the order of IDS increases in the order in which the select appears.   select_type select_ Type indicates whether […]

  • C #: simplified syntax of delegation, talk about anonymous methods and closures (Part 1)


    0x00 Preface Through previous blogDetailed description c#: the cook talks about the entrustment, which are hidden by the compiler and given by U3DWe implemented the process of using delegates to build our own messaging system. However, in daily development, there are still many developers who choose to alienate the entrustment for one reason or another, […]

  • Hyperledger fabric is deployed on multiple hosts


    preface In the experiment, hyperledger fabric unordered organization starts multiple orderer services with raft protocol and TLS organization runs and maintains orderer services, we have completed the operation and maintenance of three orderer nodes of raft protocol with Council organization providing tls-ca service. However, at present, we all start the fabric network on a single […]

  • (4) MySQL advanced SQL optimization (optimization of common SQL)


    1. General Earlier, we introduced how to optimize queries through indexes in MySQL. In daily development, in addition to using query, we will also use some other common SQL, such as insert, group by, etc. How should we optimize these SQL statements? This section will introduce some optimization methods for these SQL statements. 2. Optimize […]

  • Force deduction leetcode algorithm foundation 21 day question brushing record ①


    Force buckle [leetcode]Basic algorithm 21 days brush questionsRecord one Vegetable chicken algorithm swipe questions and punch in!! ⭐ Binary search 34. Find the first and last position of an element in a sorted array Given an integer array nums arranged in ascending order and a target value target. Find the start and end positions of […]

  • DataTables in ASP Net MVC


    preface Recently usedABP(ASP.NET Boilerplate)For new projects, I used to expand an htmlhelper to complete synchronous / asynchronous paging, but I’m not satisfied with one thing. Sorting is too hard.I’ve been in touch with a little DataTables before. I know that its sorting is very convenient. Click the header to sort. It also supports multi column […]

  • Golang’s operation method of elegant sorting of structures using reflection


    Recently, I started my internship. The working technology stack mainly focuses on Python and golang. At present, the task is to reconstruct Python modules into go modules. Then there is a problem, that is, to sort a structure according to various fields in the structure, and then write it to redis. For Python, the for […]

  • Mo learning notes team


    For reprint, please bring this blog address:https://www.cnblogs.com/continue126/p/14450059.htmlAnd indicate the original author: @ blog Park: continue_ 1025, creation is not easy, please understand. Ordinary Mo team Introduce a small example \(zl\)My sister has a string of numbers. Because students are too bald, now he wants to ask you\(m(m≤1e5)\)Times, of which\(L\)reach\(R\)Number of interval occurrences\(3\)How many times and […]

  • Sort summary


    Sort summary Insert sort Direct insert sort Half sort Shell Sort process Traversal inserts elements into the preceding ordered queue Improvement on the basis of direct insertion: find the position to be inserted through half search By setting the step size, the array within the step size is sorted, which is repeated many times to […]