• What are the application scenarios of AI technology in music products?


    Automatic annotation, smooth transition, music authentication, AI creation, when AI technology is applied to the music industry to bring convenience and more choices for human spiritual culture and entertainment life, it is also an exciting thing. With the emergence of deep learning algorithm, the maturity of big data and 5g technology, ai artificial intelligence has […]

  • Himalayan song download tool – xmlyfetcher


    Himalayan song download tool – xmlyfetcher This tool is used to download Himalayan song resources. You can download a single audio resource or the whole albumhttps://github.com/smallmuou/… install 1. Install jshon wget http://kmkeen.com/jshon/jshon.tar.gz tar xzvf json.tar.gz cd jshon-20120914 make sudo make install PS: jshon download address may change, please download according to the official website 2. […]

  • Developed an open source project of listening to songs and chatting together


    Project brief Bbbug is an online chat room for listening to songs. It supports multiple rooms and creating private rooms. It also supports room encryption and room mode switchingwww.bbbug.com Project warehouse address:https://github.com/HammCn/ | https://gitee.com/bbbug_com Realized function 1. Ordinary text and picture expression message chat function 2. Song search, song request, song cut, top song, song […]

  • Simple music recognition with STM32 F103 and LM386 sound sensor


      Simple music recognition with STM32 F103 and LM386 sound sensor 1. Preface     In early December 2019, there will be a biped robot competition in the Chinese robot skills competition, which means robotRecognize the music and dance with corresponding rhythmThree songs randomly selected from five music, music stop, robot stop.     New competition, new project, difficulty […]

  • React music player (react + Redux + react router + webpack)


    Personal website:https://www.neroht.com Technology: react16, Redux, react router, webpack Project presentation Project GitHub address Will point PS, so I designed the page and interaction. Now all the data is mock. When developing the background, it will connect with the real data. Because the functions of searching, collecting songs, creating new songs, deleting songs, collecting songs, and […]

  • Getting started with Amazon dynamodb 6: query and scan


    In the last section, we introduced the creation and management of dynamodb indexes. In this section, we will introduce the use of query and scan. Query SQL can use select statements to query key, non critical, or any combination. The where clause determines the rows returned. Dynamodb query operations provide fast and efficient access to […]

  • WeChat official account development in Go language


    preface Two days ago, I shared the development of WeChat public official account of cloud network. <!–more–> WeChat official account development For details, please click ronetting / MP dev At present, music only supports network cloud suppression usage: -/ help ා view help -/ music / play /: Sid ා play music sid is the […]

  • [necessary for fishing] configure VSC Netease music and unblocknetease music to listen to Netease cloud gray songs


    bullshit Have you ever encountered the situation that Netease cloud client cannot be installed? Have you ever encountered the situation that Netease cloud can’t play grey songs? As a geek, do you think it’s cool to listen to songs with vs Code? Here’s the best way to fish and listen to music: VSC Netease music […]

  • Realizing the effect of gradual in and out of a song playing pause — electron + Vue writing a player (1)


    order Decided to start blogging. Start with something simple. Today, we are still pondering over the implementation details of music on various platforms. We find that when playing and pausing songs, they will have a short gradual in and gradual out effect. Let’s start to implement it. Design At present, a better way is to […]

  • Deep recall model based on multi task learning and negative feedback


    Introduction:Recall results have a crucial impact on the overall recommendation results. A series of recent practices and studies show that the deep learning recommendation model based on behavior sequence and high-performance approximate retrieval algorithm can achieve accurate and fast recall performance; at the same time, users can also control real-time instructions on tmall Genie (song […]

  • Wx – a simple page


    An HTML page with top, bottom, and middle, but no JS Personality recommendation song sheet Anchor station Ranking List Private FM Daily song recommendation Cloud music new song list 推荐song sheet Who is the favorite in life? Who is the favorite in life? Who is the favorite in life? Who is the favorite in life? […]

  • How to download your favorite music in Python


    Preface The text and pictures of the article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. The copyright belongs to the original author. If you have any questions, please contact us in time for handling. PS: if you need Python learning materials, you can click the link […]