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  • On flyweight mode in C + + 17


    Review the meta model and consider the problems of implementing it. Prologue Skip FlyWeight Pattern theory Shared element pattern is a structural design pattern that extracts the same constituent elements of complex objects and maintains them separately. These same constituent elements are called shared elements. They are uniquely managed in a separate container, and complex […]

  • Vue project global custom modification of font style – only three steps


    Problem description In development projects, you can use your own fonts, such as Microsoft YaHei or Song typeface (Song typeface is ugly and not recommended); You can also download fonts to use. This article records how to modify the font in the project. Step description There will be reset style sheets (reset. CSS) in projects […]

  • This in JavaScript


    thisKeywords represent objects In the method,thisRepresents the object to which the method belongs; If used alone,thisRepresents a global object; In the function,thisRepresents a global object; In the function, in strict mode,thisIs undefined(undefined); In the event,thisRepresents the element that accepts the event; similarcall( )andapply( )Method canthisReference to any object. Example: 1. In the methodthis   1 […]