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  • Development of webapp imitating QQ music by react


    preface Because of my previous work, I studied first Vue.js But always right React.js They are very interested, especially react native. They want to learn how to develop cross platform solutions. Moreover, the company is gradually using RN to develop with native app, but it’s not very urgent, so it’s still going to learn first […]

  • Sand sculpture plug-ins in vs Code


    The author of this article is unknown. If there is any infringement, it can be deleted. As the most powerful front-end editor, vs code is the most popular development tool. With its extensible program support (by installing the extension program, vs code can support more new languages, interface themes, testers, and more value-added services), and […]

  • Analysis of Vue family barrel + typescript Music Project (highly imitated Netease cloud)


    Vue Vue router vuex Vue / cli typescript Foreword: Vue family barrel + typescript to build a mobile music webapp project notes Project source code address( https://github.com/lang1427/vue-typescript-music ) Functions involved: Music player (play progress bar; play list; collect songs; delete songs in the play list; long scrolling of top song list name (notification information); play […]

  • Netease cloud music API music


    I have been paying attention to nodejs for a long time. I didn’t try to write nodejs small demo until I was free recently. If there is any mistake in the article, please criticize and correct it! From an unknown front end. Foreword (this project is for learning only) 1. At the beginning of this […]

  • Wx – a simple page


    An HTML page with top, bottom, and middle, but no JS Personality recommendation song sheet Anchor station Ranking List Private FM Daily song recommendation Cloud music new song list 推荐song sheet Who is the favorite in life? Who is the favorite in life? Who is the favorite in life? Who is the favorite in life? […]