• Android imitates lazyfragment lazy loading of microblog – (2)


    I left two questions last time1. What happens when you jump back to another page?2. What if there is another viewpager + fragment in the sub fragment? Question 1 It doesn’t matter. It’s just that you won’t distribute the event of loading data when you come back. TutSo I add a piece of code that […]

  • Leetcode sword finger offer interview question 36. Binary search tree and two-way linked list


    Interview question 36. Binary search tree and two-way linked list solution Step 1: you need to point the left pointer to the previous value smaller than the element, and the right pointer to the next value larger than the current element. However, this value is not necessarily the father or son of the node. Therefore, […]

  • From another angle, it’s very good to understand JS inheritance in depth


    A young man came to me and asked me, “I’ve read the inheritance and prototype chain many times, but I still don’t understand.” I said, “if you have a son, you understand.” catalog preface What is prototype What is prototype chain Infrastructure Promotion Agency Advanced structure Official structure New operator END preface Recently, in the […]

  • General description of CSS units


    First: px There is no doubt that I learned for the first time that yearCompanyIt’s 1px, commonly known aspixel。If someone has used itPSYou should know that the square of the picture is made up of PX one by oneTo be more blunt, my laptop screen is 1920px1080px Second: REM The REM actually depends on HTML, […]

  • Data structure section 4 (tree (middle))


    tree This time, we will continue to talk about trees. Last time, we talked about the basic properties of trees and the four ways to traverse a tree. This time, we will talk about several “useful” binary trees Binary search tree For a binary tree, how to achieve its dynamic search (there will be new […]

  • The ambiguity in angular custom instruction and the nesting of custom instruction


    original intention The original intention of this article is as follows: 1. Recently, we need to use the ng custom instruction in the project, and it also involves the nesting of the custom instruction.2. Baidu and Google find the answer is not satisfactory. So I want to write an article by myself. Prior statement In […]

  • JQuery – learning Day1


    JQuery – Basic Learning What is jQuery? JQuery is a JS library, which encapsulates the functions of native JS(method)The purpose is to simplify the code amount of native JS and improve the efficiency.JQuery aims at:Write Less,Do MoreWrite less, do more! Basic use of jquery 1. JQuery Download Two ways are provided Enter the official website […]