• Data structure section 4 (tree (middle))


    tree This time, we will continue to talk about trees. Last time, we talked about the basic properties of trees and the four ways to traverse a tree. This time, we will talk about several “useful” binary trees Binary search tree For a binary tree, how to achieve its dynamic search (there will be new […]

  • The ambiguity in angular custom instruction and the nesting of custom instruction


    original intention The original intention of this article is as follows: 1. Recently, we need to use the ng custom instruction in the project, and it also involves the nesting of the custom instruction.2. Baidu and Google find the answer is not satisfactory. So I want to write an article by myself. Prior statement In […]

  • JQuery – learning Day1


    JQuery – Basic Learning What is jQuery? JQuery is a JS library, which encapsulates the functions of native JS(method)The purpose is to simplify the code amount of native JS and improve the efficiency.JQuery aims at:Write Less,Do MoreWrite less, do more! Basic use of jquery 1. JQuery Download Two ways are provided Enter the official website […]