• Kubernetes on bare metal server bare metal


    Kubernetes on bare metal server bare metal Kubernetes on the public cloud is a sufficient solution for small and medium-sized applications with predictable expansion requirements. However, for organizations seeking more control and stable performance,Bare metal serverClouds are the way out.Container choreography tools facilitate software development by providing flexibility, portability, speed and easier expansion for distributed […]

  • Blockchain LEGO of CKB style: Polyjuice on godwood


    ​​Before studying godtoken, Polyjuice or other blockchain related things, let’s start from the pastStory of database fieldStart talking. Decades ago, people needed better tools to organize data, so SQL database( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SQL )Came into being. Acid attribute( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ACID )Is designed so that data can be safely written and read years after its original creation. At that […]

  • Microsoft announces power FX open source!


    Power FX is a low code general programming language based on similar table formulas. It is a strongly typed, declarative and functional language. It can provide command logic and state management as needed. Excel users will be particularly familiar with power FX. In May this year, Microsoft further improved its language ability by integrating with […]

  • A bloody case caused by chrysanthemum of react native flatlist


    background The pull-down refresh and pull-up loading function is a very high-frequency component on the mobile terminal, both app and applet. Recently, when developing RN, I thought this wheel should be very mature, so I ran all over the worldgithubNo one can find a self refreshing refreshing component, and many components with high star number […]

  • Blockbuster launch | free fish construction flutter enterprise application development e-book fresh out


    With the gradual application of fluent in China, many developers gradually realize its mystery. While developers skillfully use fluent to develop and improve R & D efficiency, they also face many challenges. The technical team of idle fish continued to plough on the basis of the previous book for one year and gave the answer: […]

  • Create asp.net mvc5 program step by step [repository + Autofac + automapper + sqlsugar] (I)


    preface Hello, I’m rector Starting today, rector will launch a series of articles on creating asp.net mvc5 program [repository + Autofac + automapper + sqlsugar], and work with you to create asp.net mvc5 web application step by step. From the project solution to the integration of repository pattern, dependency injection based on Autofac, entity and […]

  • 4) MySQL index optimization


    Index optimization 1. Try to match all values When the index is created, the index column can be used in the where condition as much as possible.For example, alter table staffs add index idx_ staffs_ nameAgePos(name,age,pos);Try to add three columns in where, explain select * from stacks where name = ‘July’ and age = 25 […]

  • GitHub actions: authorization and communication of public and private warehouses under submodule


    Let’s look at a scene first stay  Github  There is a project with a brief structure as follows structure Briefly explain this figure: This project consists of a public project and a private project  git submodule  The two are linked together. They all have a lot of  Actions , For example: deploy  Responsible for publishing tasks. […]

  • Windows command tools


    Babun – a windows shell you will love Cmder – Portable console emulator for Windows Settings Nodejs FAQ Reference Babun – a windows shell you will love http://babun.github.io/ Cmder – Portable console emulator for Windows http://cmder.net/ Settings Open babun and executebabun check, check whether the installation is successful. { ~ } » babun check ~ […]

  • Installing redis 5 in CentOS 7


    Unzip the installation package # tar zxvf redis-5.0.9.tar.gz Rename and move folders # mv redis-5.0.9 redis # mv redis /usr/local/src/redis Install redis # cd /usr/local/src/redis/ # make PREFIX=/usr/local/redis install If malloc reports an error, use make malloc = libc prefix = / usr / local / redis install copyredis.confTo the installation directory # cp redis.conf […]

  • news flash! The distributed scheduling project elasticjob was officially moved into the Apache warehouse


    ElasticJob(https://github.com/elasticjob)It is a distributed scheduling solution, which provides fragmentation, elastic scaling, automatic discovery of distributed tasks, multi task types based on time driven, data-driven, resident tasks and temporary tasks, task aggregation and dynamic resource allocation, fault detection, automatic repair, failure transfer and retry, perfect operation and maintenance platform and management tools, And good support for […]

  • Guanxuan.net Maui preview 6


    Recently, we released the latest development of. Net multi platform application UI (Maui). In this release, we fully support visual studio 2022 preview 2. This also marks the first time that we have installed and released. Net Maui as a workload. Some new features are now available, including gestures, modal pages, view clips, native warnings, […]