• How to create a “Hello World” smart contract with Solidity


    Recently, I have published several simple introductory articles to help engineers who have just entered the industry. This article will take you through how to create a smart contract called “Hello World” using the smart contract development language Solidity. This article does not require prior knowledge, and it is easy for beginners to use. Follow […]

  • The whole process of creating a DAPP


    write in front 1. The process of creating a Dapp in the last article was too simple. Using the CHAINPIP community to issue tokens and create a Dapp feels like it has nothing to do with programmers. So today I will follow the official method to make a wave. Prerequisite: Have some understanding of Ethereum […]

  • How to read smart contracts on EtherScan


    What is a smart contract? The simplest definition is: a smart contract is an immutable program in a blockchain network that is executed if certain preset conditions are met.Simply put, a smart contract is a piece of program code that is transparent and immutable, and they are executed on the blockchain network. The definition is […]