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  • Annotation case sharing: automatic driving image semantic segmentation – Manfu Technology


    At present, the mainstream algorithm model of automatic driving is mainly based on supervised deep learning. It is an algorithm model based on the derivation of functional relationship between known variables and dependent variables. It needs a large number of structured annotation data to train and optimize the model. Common annotation types in the field […]

  • Machine learning (2): understand linear regression and gradient descent and make simple prediction


    Prediction begins with guesswork PressLast articleMachine learning is the process of applying mathematical methods to find laws in data. Since mathematics is the interpretation of the real world, let’s return to the real world and make some comparative imagination. Imagine that there is a white board made of plastic foam in front of us. There […]

  • Flow chart of markdown advanced use


    The form of flow chart in markdown is code block, and the code block language is marked as Mermaid. The main content is roughly divided into: direction, node, the connection between nodes, the following will focus on these three points to sort out. Mermaid supports flow chart, Gantt chart and sequence chart, but after this […]

  • How to get started with writing


    This paper mainly introduces how to start quicklyMermaidFlow chart, no map upload, no drag and drop drawing, real-time rendering flow chart based on source code, easy to operate and widely integrated into mainstream editors, includingmarkdownWriting environment Through this section, you will learn the following main contents: Understand what a flowchart is andMermaidflow chart; Master and […]

  • Connect to front page


    The price is cheap 50-100 has the graph (imitates the station does not need the graph) the package animation effect also may pack the interface docking too complex page price to calculate intentionally adds qq896705559 Another body temperature list source code : 8077 / ා / online address includes broken line chart, solid line, […]

  • [Hadoop learning] basic principles of HDFS


    HDFS introduction HDSF Hadoop distributed file system. Characteristic 1. Save multiple copies, and provide fault tolerance mechanism, and automatically recover the lost or down copies. Three copies are saved by default. 2. Run on cheap machines. 3. Suitable for big data processing. HDFS will split the file into blocks by default, and 64M will be […]

  • Learning notes of UML (1)


    UML is a unified modeling language, which describes any system in an object-oriented way, It includes nine kinds of graph + package graph, which are static and dynamic, that is, structure graph and behavior graph “Static” diagrams include use case diagram, class diagram, object diagram, deployment diagram and component diagram Dynamic diagrams include sequence diagrams, […]

  • 37. Solve Sudoku


    Write a program to solve Sudoku problem through filled space. The solution of a Sudoku should follow the following rules: Numbers 1-9 can only appear once per line.Numbers 1-9 can only appear once in each column.The numbers 1-9 can only appear once in every 3 x 3 uterus separated by thick solid lines.Blank spaces are […]

  • Love fish


    Some time ago, because of a bug, I studied the general process of Android binder and drew a diagram for my own understanding. The thick dotted line arrow is the inheritance relation, and the thin solid line arrow is the calling relation.