• Install Sogou input method for Ubuntu


    environment Linux/Ubuntu20.04LTS Fcitx Chinese language support dependency sogoupinyin_2.4.0.3469_amd64.deb download https://pinyin.sogou.com/linux/ programme If there is no “fcitx” option in the keyboard input method system, it is recommended to open the terminal and install fcitx manually: sudo apt-get install fcitx Directly install the downloaded package and install Sogou input method through the command line sudo dpkg -i […]

  • Chinese input method error of JetBrains in Ubuntu environment


    Problem expression:When using clion in Ubuntu, it is found that after inputting two characters with the IBus Pinyin provided by Ubuntu, the candidate box will disappear terms of settlement:Uninstall IBus and its related components, install fcitx and Google Pinyin Reference article:Installation of Google Pinyin input method in Ubuntu 20.04 LTSThe story between Ubuntu input method […]

  • Python crawler, crawling 3000 + wechat articles in 30 seconds


    introduction Due to the needs of work, I made a small tool for the front end of the company. I used Python language to crawl the wechat articles of Sogou and attached the official website of Sogou wechat Sogou wechat:https://weixin.sogou.com/ From the hot to the fashion world, and includes the load more content options under […]

  • Unbuntu installation Sogou input method


    In fact, I really like the IBus input method in Ubuntu 20.04. After all, it’s so cute. It’s simple with a little bit of playfulness. On this point, it’s very similar to the Microsoft input methodHowever, as a matter of practice, I still want to write a blog about how to install Sogou input method. […]

  • chrome


    Since the first time I started to use the computer, I have almost always used Sogou browser, such as QQ browser, 2345 browser and so on. These have also been used a lot, but the survival time of my computer is not long, because for the acute person like me, surfing the Internet must be […]

  • How to open soft keyboard in win8 system — win10 Professional Edition


    I believe that many people know that there is a soft keyboard in our operating system, which can be used when there is a problem with our keyboard, to ease the emergency. So, how to turn on the win8 system soft keyboard? Next, let’s take a look at the way to open the soft keyboard […]

  • Ubuntu practice – basic installation


    Ubuntu introduction In the world of computer system, it can be said that there are three carriages in parallel, except for the greatwindowsBesides, there are two others. One is calledLinux, which will be explained next; another one is calledMac OS, this is more powerful, especially his hardwareAppleIt was once popular all over the world, but […]

  • Cefsharp can’t input Chinese


    In cefsharp75, the Chinese input method of Sogou cannot be supported after using wpfiimekeyboardhandler support   One of the fixes: In the Chrome web browser, add the rewrite of focus event and modify the inputmethod Setisinputmethodenabled — whether Chinese can be entered Setisinputmethodsuspended — set ime off protected override void OnGotFocus(RoutedEventArgs e) { InputMethod.SetIsInputMethodEnabled(this, true); […]