• Multithreaded FTP tools, 10 super easy to use and free multithreaded FTP tools, Chinese version.


    Multithreading FTP tool There are many kinds of free FTP tools, and each has its own characteristics. Which FTP tool is easy to use? Xiaobian thinks that radish and cabbage have their own love, depending on their personal preferences, combined with the needs of server and various functions. One of my favorite is the IIS7 […]

  • Installation and deployment of CentOS 7


    1、 Installation and configuration of virtual software virtual machine(virtual machine) refers to a complete computer system with complete hardware system functions simulated by software and running in a completely isolated environment. All the work that can be done in the real computer can be realized in the virtual machine. When creating a virtual machine in […]

  • Configuration system failed to initialize


    Recently, users reported that some computer startup programs crashed, and also demonstrated a strange problem “Copy the software back to another directory and it will work.”.Also said that a period of time and can not run, you need to change the location. ’Because there was no global exception set at that time, it could only […]

  • Installation and deployment of CentOS 7 02


    2.2 operating system installation process Step 01: load system image Step 02: start the virtual host Step 03: modify network card name in system installation selection interface After starting the virtual machine, the selection menu will appear. First, select the install centos7 option with the direction key, and then press the tab key to open […]

  • It’s too awesome! At present, redis is the most comprehensive horizontal evaluation tool


    1. Command line I don’t know what kind of visualization tool you use in the daily operation of redis? I used to think that there was no good visualization tool, so I asked a friend in the industry. The other party replied: do you still use visualization tools? Direct command line ah, redis provides so […]

  • For three consecutive years, Flink won the most active Apache open source project in the world


    2020, a year destined to be remembered by history. Under the challenge of global cooperation, as the world’s largest open source software foundation, the open source community led by Apache Software Foundation still gathers the world’s top developers and delivers an inspiring report card. On January 1, 2021, Apache Foundation published an article “Apache in […]

  • ICalendar learning record


    brief introduction ICalendar is the standard for calendar data exchange (RFC 5545). This standard sometimes refers to “ical”, which is a calendar software with the same name produced by apple, and this software is also an implementation of this standard. Website records Document class library Standardization description Python class library PHP handler other Personal blog […]

  • How to install CUDA on Linux


    Higher version installation: https://blog.csdn.net/ashome123/article/details/105822040 Normal installation tutorial: https://blog.csdn.net/fdqw_sph/article/details/78745375 Software version matching: https://blog.csdn.net/dudu815110/article/details/87167518 Kernel version mismatch: https://blog.csdn.net/sinat_23619409/article/details/85220561 https://blog.csdn.net/andyL_05/article/details/89877063 https://blog.csdn.net/u013249853/article/details/102640731?utm_medium=distribute.pc_relevant.none-task-blog-BlogCommendFromMachineLearnPai2-1.compare&depth_1-utm_source=distribute.pc_relevant.none-task-blog-BlogCommendFromMachineLearnPai2-1.compare GCC mismatch: https://blog.csdn.net/ashome123/article/details/105822040 Understanding of CUDA related terms: https://cloud.tencent.com/developer/article/1536738  

  • How to open the manual processing virus in QQ computer housekeeper — win10 Professional Edition


    QQ computer housekeeper is a full-featured computer protection software, which provides garbage cleaning, virus killing and other functions. When using automatic virus cleaning, sometimes useful files will be cleaned up as viruses. We can choose to manually clean up to prevent this situation. Then, the editor will teach you how to manually handle viruses. Method […]

  • Can I date someone on vscode???


    Vs code can be used to fall in love now. In order to find a boyfriend (girlfriend) in the most hardcore way, 23-year-old programmer Ben Awad built a dating software vsinder in vs code.As the name suggests, vsinder = vs code + tinder is to integrate the dating software into the code editor, which is […]

  • How to use NSIS to make installation program


    1、 Download the NSIS software first https://nsis.sourceforge.io/Download 2、 Open the visual script editor 3、 Select new text Wizard 4、 Set the application name, version number, URL, logo, just customize one, and then go to the next step 5、 Set the setup icon (icon must be ICO format), name, language (SimpChinese), interface, and then go to […]

  • The average annual salary is more than 800000. What is docker? Why is it so hot?


    In the past two years, container technology and related tools and platforms have been extremely popular. In the major technical forums or cloud computing summit conference topics, will account for a large proportion, the mainstream cloud computing platforms without exception quickly provide container services. All the big factories are using it Alibaba JD.COM Meituan Baidu […]