• 6. painting snowflakes in the sky with canvas 1


    Attachment: drawing the flying snowflakes 2 with canvasDrawing flying snowflakes with canvas 3 Effect preview: https://codepen.io/andy-js/pen/ojpzpdeIt is recommended that you right-click a new label or window to open a preview Today, I saw a beautiful snowflake drawn with pure CSS published by Mr. comehopeIt’s a whim. I drew a picture with canvas. 1. First, we […]

  • 7. Draw flying snowflakes with canvas 2


    Attached link: draw flying snowflake 1 with canvasDrawing flying snowflakes with canvas 3 Next:Effect link: https://codepen.io/andy-js/pen/qwwavjjRight click to open it. This time, we installed the JS method in the previous article, and basically added an initial angle setting.Called as a method at any time. Direct code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <meta name=”viewport” […]

  • 8. Draw flying snowflakes with canvas 3


    Link before:Using canvas to draw flying snowflake 1Drawing flying snowflakes 2 with canvas This effect: Effect preview: https://codepen.io/andy-js/pen/yzpyqvz No nonsense, just code itThe difference is that it increases the random appearance and top-down effect of snowflakes.And this time I used RAF to do animation.The next article introduces some features of Raf. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> […]

  • Front end daily battle No. 171: draw a beautiful snowflake with pure CSS


    Last night, it snowed heavily in Beijing. Let’s draw a snowflake with CSS to welcome the white and beautiful world! 1、 Effect preview Press the “click preview” button on the right to preview on the current page, and click the link to preview in full screen. https://codepen.io/comehope/pen/LYEeRBb 2、 Source code download Please download all the […]

  • Distributed unique ID: snowflake ID snowflake. Net version


    First, copy a snowflake ID introduction, snowflake algorithm: Snowflake ID uses a 64 bit integer number as ID, corresponding to long in. Net, bigint in database, and scala as the original version of snowflake algorithm, which is used to generate distributed ID (pure number, time sequence), order number, etc. Self increasing ID: it is not […]

  • PHP ID generator based on snowflake algorithm


    Snowflake is an ID generation algorithm in twitter. It can generate unique ID numbers in large-scale distributed situation by some simple rules. It consists of: The first bit is the unused symbol bit. The second part is composed of 41 bit time stamp (MS), whose value is the offset of the current time relative to […]