• Redux: ask yourself and answer yourself


    I read the source code of Redux some time ago and wrote an analysis on the source code of Redux:Redux: one hundred lines of code and one thousand lines of document, you can have a look. The whole article mainly analyzes the operation principle of Redux, but there are many contents that have not been […]

  • How to migrate Flink tasks to real-time computing


    Introduction: This article is shared by Alibaba technical expert Jing lining (Yantian). It mainly introduces how to migrate Flink tasks to real-time computing Flink. Usually, users mainly use Flink run offline, which will cause some problems. For example, the same configuration changes due to the version; Unable to quickly switch between different versions; Cannot recover […]

  • Redux learning notes – source code reading


    Synchronous selfBlog I saw it a long time agoReduxThe source code of the related technology stack. Recently, when reading a book, I found that some details had been forgotten, and I found that there was some deviation in my understanding at that time. I plan to write some learning notes. This is the first article, […]

  • Teach Linux virtual machine and environment configuration on Windows


    catalogue[Version Description] [install virtual machine] [typical installation (Xiaobai is recommended, with graphical interface, which is helpful for learning, but takes up a lot of space)] [custom installation (old driver recommended)] [create snapshot] [clone virtual machine] Installing Linux virtual machine on windows is very convenient for both new and old employees. You can understand the basic […]

  • Redis learning – redis persistence


    Redis learning – redis persistence Persistence is the focus, both in interviews and at work. Generally, when redis occupies more than 20GB of memory, it is necessary to consider data synchronization and backup between master and slave redis instances to ensure availability. The files saved by RBD aredump.rdb, are generated from the snapshot configuration in […]

  • Getting started with redis (7) – persistence, master-slave replication, security


    Persistence RDB mode Redis snapshot implementation process Aof mode Operating system cache RDB and AOF copy Master-slave database The meaning of master-slave replication security Persistence Redis achieves extremely fast speed by storing data in memory. However, in order to ensure that redis does not lose data after restart, it is necessary to persist the data […]

  • The web page you are viewing does not allow Baidu to save its snapshot setting method


    Today, when searching a page in Baidu, because the page has been deleted, it is natural to use Baidu snapshot and open Baidu snapshot, but it shows: sorry, the web page you are viewing does not allow Baidu to save its snapshot, so I thought of writing down how to set the method to prohibit […]

  • Creating AWR baselines for Oracle databases


    The main purpose of creating AWR baseline for Oracle database is to establish an error reported workload view for the database for comparison with other AWR snapshots in the future. Performance statistics for AWR baselines are stored in the database and are not automatically deleted. There are two types of baselines for Oracle databases: fixed […]

  • Flink + iceberg + object storage to build data Lake scheme


    Introduction:Flink meetup of Shanghai station shares content and how to build a data Lake Ecology Based on Flink, object storage and iceberg. This article is compiled from iceberg and object storage building data Lake scheme shared by Sun Wei, senior software R & D Manager of Dell technology group, in Flink meetup of Shanghai station […]

  • Several necessary and common tools for Java developers, it’s no problem to get off work on time


    Summary:Easy to learn and master java tools in the form of one question and one answer. Learn java tools in the form of one question and one answer Q: What are the tools for checking memory leaks?A: Jmap generates dump files, which can be viewed visually by jhat. Q: The CPU utilization of a process […]

  • Analysis of common problems in redis


    1. How to ensure high availability and high concurrency of redis Redis master-slave architecture, with one master and multiple slaves, can meet high availability and high concurrency. When an instance goes down, it automatically switches between active and standby, configures read-write separation, and relieves the read-write pressure on the master. 2. How to implement redis […]

  • Alibaba cloud ECS can not be turned on solution and security operation process


    Once before, alicloud’s ECS disk was full and couldn’t connect to the host computer. Later, it couldn’t be started up by clicking restart. The engineer who issued the work order to alicloud got the following reply: Your server system will be stuck in the process of startup and cannot be started normally. When the system […]