• 11.3


    1. Pull the remote code2. Complete code merging locally3. Re submit the push codeZuul filters sensitive HTTP protocol headers. By default, it filters the following protocol headers:1.Cookie 2.Set-Cookie 3.Authorization You can set zuul not to filter these protocol headerszuul: sensitive-headers:RDB snapshot AOF data operation recordThe link log generated by the zikpin service is sent to […]

  • Flash back of MySQL


    MySQL DBAs or developers sometimes delete or update data by mistake. If it is an online environment and has a great impact, they need to be able to roll back quickly. The traditional recovery method is to use the backup instance, and then use the binlog after removing the wrong SQL to recover the data. […]

  • Enjoy learning MySQL series: deep understanding of transactions in MySQL


    1 Introduction It must be known to all the partners who have participated in the background development interview that MySQL transaction is the knowledge that the major interviewers are never tired of asking, but what level do you know about the transactionACIDLast month, this article will accompany you to go deep into the transactions in […]

  • Detailed analysis of checkpoint mechanism, the cornerstone of Flink reliability


    Checkpoint introduction Checkpoint mechanism is the cornerstone of Flink’s reliability, which can ensure that the Flink cluster can restore the state of the whole application flow graph to a certain state before the failure when an operator fails due to some reasons (such as abnormal exit), so as to ensure the consistency of the application […]

  • How to realize multi person real-time annotation when sharing screen?


    preface With the development of real-time communication technology, online education, video conferencing, online finance and other real-time interactive applications are used more and more. It is increasingly common to share documents and desktop online for teaching, collaboration and product demonstration. Diversified scenarios also give rise to more personalized demand for real-time interactive technology, including real-time […]

  • Redis and Memcache


    1. The difference between redis and Memcache Redis supports complex data structures Redis supports native cluster mode Redis only uses a single core, while Memcache can use multiple cores. So on average, the efficiency of storing small data on each core is higher than that of Memcache. For data storage above 100k, Memcache is more […]

  • Redis persistence and memory optimization


    Springboot real e-commerce project mall4j( https://gitee.com/gz-yami/mall4j ) Redis persistence and memory optimization Some persistence and memory optimization operations are carried out through the configuration file of redis. If there are any errors, you are welcome to guide. 1. Why persistence If the user data is saved to memory, the memory data will be cleared when […]

  • Classic course 4: fault tolerance in Flink


    Introduction:This paper is shared by Apache Flink PMC and Li Yu, a senior technical expert of Alibaba. It mainly introduces Flink’s fault-tolerant mechanism from four aspects: stateful flow computing, global consistent snapshot, Flink’s fault-tolerant mechanism and Flink’s state management. By Li Yu Sharer: This article is shared by Apache Flink PMC and Alibaba senior technology […]

  • Practice of Flink integrating iceberg in Tongcheng Yilong


    Introduction:This article is shared by Zhang Jun, a big data development engineer of citywide elong. It mainly introduces the production practice of citywide eLong Flink integrating iceberg. This article is shared by Zhang Jun, a big data development engineer of citywide elong. It mainly introduces the production practice of citywide eLong Flink integrating iiceberg. The […]

  • Getting started with redis – Components


    Databases Redis has the same basic concept as relational database. A typical use scenario is to group all the data of an application together to distinguish it from the data of other applications.The database in redis uses numbers as the identifier, and the default database identifier is 0. Use the following command to select a […]

  • Painful process of transaction rollback in testhole mongodb4.0


    The supervisor found that mongodb has been upgraded to 4.0 a few days ago. He can’t wait for me to realize his long-awaited transaction rollback. He found that there are still many pitfalls!The following is the process of upgrading my existing mongodb to support transaction rollback. If there are any mistakes, please correct them!Take MAC […]

  • Redis: 06. Persistence options


    Introduction to persistence optionsP61 Redis provides two different persistence methods to store data in the hard disk. RDB (redis database): it can write all the data at a certain time to the hard disk. (the data itself is stored) Aof (append only file): copies the executed write command to the hard disk when executing the […]