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  • My common atom plug-ins


    Why use atom There’s only one reason: good looking! How to install plug-ins Through APM install cmd+,Open settings and click Install Common plug-ins: sync-settings To synchronize the configuration of atom on different machines, you need to provide a GitHub access token and gist ID, and the configuration will be recorded in GIST sublime-style-column-selection It allows […]

  • How to display small icons in the title bar of HTML web page


     Like this effect, the method is very simple, that is,Write in the head: < link rel =’icon ‘href =’pic. ICO’ type = ‘image / x-ico’ / >Remember that the icon is a file in. ICO format, otherwise it will not be displayed

  • Using Python to add a Christmas cap or Santa’s badge


    With the coming of Christmas, I want to add a Christmas hat to my head. If it’s not a picture, add a Santa Claus. Add a Christmas hat to the avatar in Python. I’ve read the articles from the great God in 2017: https://xuanlan.zhihu.com/p/32283641 Main processMaterial preparationFace detection and face key point detectionResize, add hat […]