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  • Java Concurrent Programming — ThreadLocal


    1.ThreadLocal 1.1 introduction to ThreadLocal ThreadLocal maintains an independent copy of the variable for each thread that uses the variable. In other words, each thread maintains its own copy of the shared variable. The operations between each thread are independent of each other and do not affect it. Imagine that multiple people (multithreading) have a […]

  • Flink system — task execution — tasks — parallelism


    Flink parallelism: Priority: operator level > environment level > client level > system level Operator level (operator level) final StreamExecutionEnvironment env = StreamExecutionEnvironment.getExecutionEnvironment(); DataStream<String> text = […] DataStream<Tuple2<String, Integer>> wordCounts = text .flatMap(new LineSplitter()) .keyBy(0) .timeWindow(Time.seconds(5)) .sum(1).setParallelism(5); wordCounts.print(); env.execute(“Word Count Example”); Copy code Operators, data sources, and data sinks can call the setparallelism() method to […]

  • Redis for programmers


    Redis for programmers summary In fact, programmers also have to deal with operating systems, such as the most common, deployment of their own computer development environment Of course, sometimes awesome people feel that the operators or the colleagues in the basic departments are not expert enough to deploy servers or online environments in person. This […]