• Vue version rotation chart


    mySwiper.vue <template> <div class=”swiper-box” ref=”swiperBox”> <!– Slider body — > <div class=”swiper-wrapper” :style=”{width: width + ‘rem’, height: oHeight}” @touchstart=”startMove” @touchend=”endMove” @touchmove=”move” ref=”sliderBox”> <slot class=”swiper-sliber” /> </div> <!– Button — > <div class=”btn-box” v-if=”nextBtn” @touchstart=”startMove” @touchend=”endMove” @touchmove=”move”> <p @click.stop=”handleLast” :class=”{‘click’: isClickL}”><i class=”iconfont icon-arrow-left-s-fill”></i></p> <p @click.stop=”handleNext” :class=”{‘click’: isClickR}”><i class=”iconfont icon-arrow-right-s-fill”></i> </p> </div> <!– Paging text — > […]

  • Android uses a simpler way to implement the Slider Puzzle verification code function


    I have written an article before realizing the Slider Puzzle verification code function. In the last article, I used the way of user-defined controls to realize this function. I mainly want to let children’s shoes know what it is and why. Children’s shoes that haven’t seen can be seen firstAndroid realizes the function of Slider […]

  • Modify the style of scroll bar based on WebKit browser (such as Google browser, Safari browser, opera browser, etc.)


    Problem description The style of Google browser’s own scroll bar is not very good-looking. So sometimes you may have to change its style. This paper takes the Vue project as an example. For browsers using WebKit kernel, the style control of the corresponding browser scroll bar is effective. Introduction to browser kernel The browser’s kernel […]

  • Login processing of puppeter


    To get a site’s comment data, visit the API and find that you will return to the landing page, that is, you can’t get enough information without logging in.Therefore, we plan to use the method of getting cookie by using the puppeter login to solve the problem.There are two problems navigater.webdriver Online course is mostly […]

  • Bidirectional sliding selector (interval selector) on the side of small program


    Development found that there is no more convenient and smooth two-way selector on the small program side, so a simple plug-in is encapsulated <view class=’sliderView’ id=”slider” > <movable-area class=”slider_warp”> <view class=”slider_line”></view> <view class=”slider_line_top” style=”left:{{_sliderLineLeft}}px;width:{{_sliderLineWidth}}px” ></view> <movable-view class=”left” direction=”horizontal” x=”{{_sliderMinLeft}}” animation=”{{!enAnimation}}” bindchange=”sliderChange” data-type=”min” ></movable-view> <movable-view class=”right” direction=”horizontal” x=”{{_sliderMaxLeft}}” animation=”{{!enAnimation}}” bindchange=”sliderChange” data-type=”max” ></movable-view> </movable-area> </view> js Component({ […]

  • CSS3 custom scroll bar style: WebKit scroll bar


    The default scroll bar style in windows is very ugly, and there are many places in the project where the scroll bar will be displayed, so I turn back to CSS3, and I really can realize the custom scroll bar style without plug-ins, which is just what I want The code is as follows: /The […]

  • Android uses a simpler way to realize the Slider Puzzle captcha function


    Before the realization of the Slider Puzzle captcha function, I have written an article. In the last article, I used a custom control to realize this function. I mainly want to let children’s shoes know more about it and why. If you haven’t seen children’s shoes, you can have a look firstAndroid realizes the function […]

  • Trigonometric function, slow in and slow out animation and C # implementation


    You can often see the animation effect of slow in and slow out in daily life, such as: 1. Scroll bar with slow in and slow out effect: 2. Breathing lamp with slow in and slow out effect: Like the above effect, it uses the knowledge related to trigonometric function. Next, we will explain how […]

  • Tkinter (16) pull rod


    Creation and options of pull rod parts The slider, slider slot, tick, title label and slider value are included in the pull rod import tkinter as tk parent = tk.Tk() scale = tk.Scale(parent, option, …) option explain activebackground Background color when active bg or background The background color is 0 for dot matrix bd or […]

  • Tkinter (17) scroll bar


    Creation of scroll bar and its options The scroll bar consists of slider, arrow1, arrow2 and trough. The size and position of the slider represent the proportion and position of the visible part in the whole content (0.0 ~ 1.0) import tkinter as tk root = tk.Tk() parent_widget = … scroll_bar = tk.Scrollbar(parent_widget, option, …) […]

  • Angularjs learning notes


    Today, we use AJ to implement a continuous calculation based on the input value of the slidereSmall application of valueeThe definition of is as follows: (1 + 1 / x) ^ XWith the increase of X, e is closer to the bottom of natural logarithm 2.718281828459045 < div ng app = “myapp” ng controller = […]

  • How to view shadow DOM structure in Chrome browser


    How to view shadow DOM structure in Chrome browser If we write the following code: <div> <input id=”foo” type=”range”/> </div> <div> <video controls=”controls”> your browser does not support the video tag </video> </div> The following UI is rendered in the page: A slider and a video element. But we will find that we have not […]