• Example tutorial of making slider with native JS drag function


    Drag and drop is a common function of the front end, and the drag and drop function of JS is used for many effects. The core function of the slider is to use js to drag the slider to modify the position. A complete sliding bar includes sliding bar, sliding trace, slider, text and other […]

  • Lightroom classic tutorial, how to reduce noise in night photos in Lightroom?


    Welcome to the Lightroom classic tutorial. Let’s learn the basic tools and skills of Lightroom classic, and learn how to use noise reduction and sharpening settings in Lightroom to sharpen the sense of particles in night photos. Open Lightroom classic and select File – import photos and videos. In the open panel, find the folder […]

  • Little red book applet x-sign


    Small programs need to pay attention to x-sign and authorization to grab data. Authorization is fixed, one for each user. It is equivalent to the login session. This will not become. However, a large number of requests will be out of the slider. We’ll talk about this later. The next step is x-sign verification. Multiple […]

  • How to use CSS and JS to create “before and after” image comparison function


    Use HTMLrange inputCreate a step-by-step tutorial for comparing the effects of before and after images. Using CSS and JavaScript, there is very little code in JS, mainly HTML, CSS and implementation ideas. introduce If you have two images to compare, the “front and back” image slider is an effective and simple UI element. The “slider” […]

  • Simulated movement of Python crawler


    One of the difficulties of the crawler is to crack the verification code. Verification codes are roughly divided into character recognition, sliding, character click, image recognition, etc. This paper is about one of themSliding verification code。 To slide the verification code, we need to move the slider to the notch of the picture. In fact, […]

  • Take you to realize audio and video playback with avplayer


    Project overview The following items are based on the actual application of AVPlayer, which can achieve the full play effect of audio playing, vertical and vertical screen video switching, and tiktok vertical screen.Project address:AVPlayerAudioVideoIf articles and projects are helpful to you, please give a star ⭐ Hello, your star ⭐ It is the driving force […]

  • Customize browser scroll bar styles


    When making a theme skin change, you need to adapt the color matching of page elements according to the theme selected by the user. This involves editing the browser’s default scroll bar style. After consulting the documents, it is found that WebKit currently supports areas with overflow attribute, list box, drop-down menu and scroll bar […]

  • JS reverse 5173 analysis encryption password


    Limited space Full content and source code: official account: ReverseCode, sendpunching Grab bag Login URL: POST https://passport.5173.com/?returnUrl=http%3A//www.5173.com/ Parameters: smsLogin: 0 userName: 15806204095 password: 6a771c7ecf7ebe2c3d4c0075cdb96ae5 mobileNo: smsCaptcha: category: passpod: __validationToken__: 1680e6a3947c43aea45d83e69b0d7291 __validationDna__: analysis password Password has 32 bits, possibly MD5 Search password, there are too many places, too lazy to see, give up. Click the login […]

  • Flutter common third-party library


    flutter_redux: use Redux on the flutter. flutter_webview_plugin: WebView plug-in. flutter_amap: Gaode map fluent plug-in. flutter_alipayAlipay pays Flutter plug-in. amap_location: Gaode map positioning plug-in. flutter_mobile_vision: QR code recognition library, which supports human face recognition. barcode_scan: QR code identification library. flutter_local_notifications: app pushes notifications to the mobile notification bar. fluttertoast: Toast implementation. image_picke: picture selector, you can […]

  • Bidirectional sliding selector (interval selector) at applet end


    During development, it was found that there was no convenient and smooth two-way selector on the applet side, so a simple plug-in was encapsulated <view class=’sliderView’ id=”slider” > <movable-area class=”slider_warp”> <view class=”slider_line”></view> <view class=”slider_line_top” style=”left:{{_sliderLineLeft}}px;width:{{_sliderLineWidth}}px” ></view> <movable-view class=”left” direction=”horizontal” x=”{{_sliderMinLeft}}” animation=”{{!enAnimation}}” bindchange=”sliderChange” data-type=”min” ></movable-view> <movable-view class=”right” direction=”horizontal” x=”{{_sliderMaxLeft}}” animation=”{{!enAnimation}}” bindchange=”sliderChange” data-type=”max” ></movable-view> </movable-area> </view> js […]

  • [actual combat] version 1.20 update and new components


    Lao Meng Guide: fluent 1.20 updates the styles of slider, rangeslider, date selector component and time selector component, and adds an exchange component: interactive viewer. Its usage is described in detail below. slider Flutter version 1.20 willSliderandRangeSliderThe widget is updated to the latest material guidelines. The new slider is designed for better accessibility: the track […]

  • Practical application of Python crawler: cracking sliding verification code


    Crawlers will always encounter various anti climbing restrictions. The first line of defense against anti climbing often appears when they log in. In order to limit the automatic login of crawlers, all families have tried their best. The so-called way is one foot higher and the devil is one foot higher. Today, I share a […]