• IOS custom view enables card sliding


    This example shares the specific code of IOS custom view to realize the card sliding effect for your reference. The specific contents are as follows explain Control is encapsulated based on uiview, and uipangestrurerecognizer is used to monitor its own touch events to handle various sliding animation operations.The contents can be switched circularly, and the […]

  • Using C to realize a PPT remote controller


    explain This project refers tohttps://github.com/yangzhongke/PhoneAsPrompterProject to complete the implementation, and made some modifications and improvements. Complete code can be found inhttps://github.com/PuZhiweizuishuai/PPT-Remote-controlAndhttps://gitee.com/puzhiweizuishuai/PPT-Remote-controlsee. Software download address:https://gitee.com/puzhiweizuishuai/PPT-Remote-control/releases/v1.0.0 In addition, since a web server will be created after the program starts to display the PPT control interface, some security software may report poison. But there is no problem with […]

  • Edit ppt SmartArt graphics with Java


    This paper introduces how to edit the existing SmartArt graphics in PPT slide in Java program, including resetting graphics style, color, adding / deleting graphics node, editing node content, adding hyperlink to node (link to web page, link to specified slide), etc. In PPT to create SmartArt graphics, read SmartArt graphics can refer to this […]

  • Windows form adds some simple animation effects to the window


    When displaying or hiding windows, you can use the AnimateWindow function in Windows API to achieve some special effects. There are four main types of animation: scroll, slide, collapse or expand, and alpha blend gradient. Window animation effect Firstly, the animation tool class is defined and the AnimateWindow function is introduced. public class WindowsEffects { […]

  • Master these Python special skills! Python data analysis work is not as you choose!


    The text and pictures of this article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. The copyright belongs to the original author. If you have any questions, please contact us in time This article comes from Tencent cloud Author: Python learning tutorial This article lists some skills […]

  • Java print PPT document


    preface This article will show you how to useFree Spire.Presentation for JavaProvide the presentationprintdocument and printersettings objects to print the PowerPoint document. The code example mainly explains the printing method from the following aspects: adoptDefault printerPrint text in documentAllslide adoptDefault printerPrint text in documentgivenslide adoptVirtual printerPrinting usePrintersettings objectPrinting Before running the code, you need to […]

  • Java inserts HTML into PowerPoint documents


    preface This article will use theFree Spire.Presentation for JavaControl to demonstrate how to insert HTML into a PowerPoint document in a java program. The code example mainly demonstrates from the following two aspects. Insert HTML onlytextIn PowerPoint Insert containsPictures and textHTML into PowerPoint slides Free Spire.Presentation for JavaIt allows developers to create, write, read, convert […]

  • Java adds footers to PowerPoint documents


    preface In the production of PowerPoint slides, you may encounter the need to add the page number, time, company name and other landmark content to the slide. At this point, we can do this by inserting the header and footers. This paper will useFree Spire.Presentation for JavaThe free control demonstrates how to add a page […]

  • Unity ugui realizes the effect of sliding page turning


    In this paper, we share the specific code of unity ugui to achieve the effect of sliding page for your reference. The specific content is as follows This question is really a cliche, but I still want to talk about it here for future needs Let’s take a look at the renderings first Finally, below […]

  • Detailed explanation of ugui scrollrect sliding positioning optimization


    Although the performance of ugui’s slide component is consistent with that of ngui’s Scrollview, it is better to open source. If you don’t understand the principle, you can check the source code directly. When scrollrect is used, if you want to slide smoothly and then locate, you need to set the rolling inertia. As shown […]

  • X120mn12 guide rail


    This paper introduces a kind of high wear-resistant x120mn12 guide rail, slide rail, chute, slide rail, rail, flat channel and channel steel Of course, the x120mn12 made of high manganese steel must not be used for ordinary chute. The manganese content of high manganese steel x120mn12 is as high as 11-14%, which has the characteristics […]

  • [deep learning] interpretation of r-cnn (V5) papers


    R-cnn paper: rich feature hierarchies for accurate object detection and semantic segmentation Rich feature hierarchy for precise object detection and semantic segmentationAuthors: Ross girshick, Jeff Donahue, Trevor Darrell, Jitendra Malik, UC BerkeleyRoss girshick’s personal home page: http://www.rossgirshick.info/ , there are many papers and code, including the code of this article, slides, poster, etc. The workload […]