• How to use Clickhouse to realize temporal data management and mining?


    Clickhouse is an efficient open-source column database management system for online analysis, developed by yandex, a Russian IT company, and announced its open source in June 2016. This article will interpret the Jingdong City spatiotemporal data engine just in detail(https://just.urban-computing.cn/)How to use Clickhouse to realize temporal data management and mining. 1. Introduction of time series […]

  • Shardingsphere will support PostgreSQL agent soon


    About the author Zhang Yonglun, Senior Software Engineer of Jingdong Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Apache shardingsphere (incubating) PPMC. Engaged in high availability and high concurrency of distributed system for a long time. Keen on technical challenges of network IO and performance optimization. At present, we focus on the continuous optimization of sharding proxy and the […]

  • Redis real combat — 12. Reduce memory consumption


    brief introduction Reducing the memory consumption of redis helps to reduce the time required to create and load snapshots, improve the efficiency of loading AOF files and rewriting AOF files, and shorten the time required for synchronization from the server (snapshot and AOF file rewriting are introduced in persistence options, from server synchronization to replication, […]

  • Redis: 13. Expanding redis


    brief introduction When the amount of data increases or the number of read-write requests increases, a redis server may not be able to store all the data or process all the read-write requests. Therefore, it is necessary to expand redis to ensure that redis can process the read-write requests normally when it can store all […]

  • Hand in hand super detailed docker deployment mongodb cluster


    Mongodb cluster construction There are three ways to build mongodb cluster Master – slave mode, or master – slave copy mode. Replica set mode. Sharding mode. Among them, the first way is basically meaningless, and the government does not recommend this way. The other two are replica set and fragmentation. Today, we will introduce how […]

  • Redis actual combat — 14. Lua script programming of redis


    brief introduction Redis has introduced the server-side script programming function using Lua programming language since version 2.6. This function allows users to perform various operations directly inside redis, so as to simplify the code and improve the performance.P248 Adding new features without writing C codeP248 By using Lua to script redis, we can avoid some […]

  • Open source background framework, gloriadmin, springboot, Vue admin template, role, distributed


    Glory-Admin Gloriadmin is a background framework based on springboot 2.1.9.release and Vue admin template; Gloriadmin uses role-based rights management. The role tree is a tree with “system administrator” as the root node, and the permission tree is composed of multiple sub permission trees. “System administrator” has all permissions; non system administrator role can view the […]

  • 5000 + words hard core dry goods! Redis distributed cluster deployment


    Principle: Redis cluster uses consistent hash slot to assign a hash slot to each master node in the cluster, and the data written is hashed and then allocated to a master node for storage. The cluster uses the formula (CRC16 key) & 16384 to calculate the key data slot. 16384 slots are evenly distributed on […]

  • Stage 4 notes Jingtao_ day12


    Day 12 redis split This document is arranged according to the class process. Please refer to Miss Liu’s column for more details and pictures Jiang GE’s column 《Cgb2008 Jingtao Day12》 1、 Realization of commodity classification cache by AOP Business requirements Through the form of user-defined annotation, dynamic cache operation is realized. The target of interception […]

  • Getting things technology teaches you how to understand mongodb


    background With the full opening of the company’s live broadcasting platform and the various upgrading of live broadcasting playing methods, the most obvious feeling is: ① The data increment is obvious. ② The number of complications increased significantly. In response to these two changes, as a back-end development, we need to make some choices in […]

  • Evaluation of Clickhouse cluster solution


    This article is published in:Walker AI It takes too long to calculate the data index of round to war, and even can’t meet the demand due to the lack of single machine memory. Therefore, we consider changing the original single node single machine Clickhouse into a cluster, and using distributed tables for related calculation. 1. […]

  • 7000 words dry goods learning notes, one day finish MySQL


    Introduction of MySQL database MySQL has been in the second place in the past two years, and may be promoted to the first place at any time, surpassing oracle. Because the performance of MySQL has been optimized all the time, the security mechanism is also gradually mature, and more importantly, it is open source and […]