• Elasticsearch day 2 installation and configuration of elasticsearch and elasticsearch head


    Today’s goal Installation, configuration and integration of elasticsearch and elasticsearch head in PHP laravel project 1. Selection of ES version Before using ES, we must first choose an appropriate version. Choosing the latest version is always an infallible choice. At present, the latest version of ES official website is 8.0.0-alpha 2, which is published in […]

  • Common problems of Vue simple uploader


    catalogue How can option or query be made dynamic? How to make target dynamic? How to limit the number of uploaded files or ignore some files? How to customize the request parameters of the interface? Dynamic modificationattrsUnsuccessful problems Display of some custom verification statuses (about MD5 and MD5) On the logic of second transmission and […]

  • Divide databases and tables, deploy MYCAT service, and fragment rules


    Sub database and sub table summary Relational database itself is easy to become a system bottleneck, and the storage capacity, connection number and processing capacity of a single machine are limited. When the data volume of a single table reaches 1000W or 100g, due to the large number of query dimensions, the performance still degrades […]

  • What is the process of writing data in elasticsearch? And how to update the index data


    preface Recently, I have encountered many questions about elasticsearch during the interview. This time, I’ll summarize it and find out what kind of internal structure elasticsearch is. After all, I can’t just know an inverted index. The title of this article is the two problems I have encountered, so this time is basically just a […]

  • Java practice: teach you how to divide databases and tables


    Summary:Through a practical case, this paper explains how to horizontally divide the order data into database and table according to the date, so as to realize the distributed query and operation of the data. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《Summary of Java practical experience in database sub database and table [bloom! Database]》, author: […]

  • Landing trip of Apache shardingsphere in Jingdong white bar scene


    JD Baitiao used Apache shardingsphere to solve the problem of 100 billion data storage and capacity expansion, which laid the foundation for the promotion activities. At the beginning of 2014, “Jingdong Baitiao”, as an Internet credit payment product in the industry, the amount of data increased explosively. Every big promotion and preparation is a test […]

  • Spark join optimization – bucket join implementation


    I accidentally read some optimizations about spark, and found that one of them is called buckedtjoin Portal:Optimization Practice of spark SQL in byte beating data warehouse I once implemented a similar solution, and now I know that this solution has a professional term bucketjoin. In this article, let’s introduce how to implement bucketjoin without modifying […]

  • Springboot + sharding JDBC + mybatis plus to quickly realize database and table division


    pom.xml <dependency> <groupId>mysql</groupId> <artifactId>mysql-connector-java</artifactId> </dependency> <dependency> <groupId>org.mybatis</groupId> <artifactId>mybatis-spring</artifactId> </dependency> <dependency> <groupId>com.baomidou</groupId> <artifactId>mybatis-plus-boot-starter</artifactId> <version>3.3.0</version> </dependency> <dependency> <groupId>org.apache.shardingsphere</groupId> <artifactId>sharding-jdbc-spring-boot-starter</artifactId> <version>4.0.0-RC1</version> </dependency> The version used here is 4.0.0-rc1, which has been tested4.0.0-rc2 there will be situations in which the sub table rules do not produce communication4.1.1 there will be the problem of generating SPI from user-defined primary key […]

  • Go multi-threaded download optimization, sliding window concurrency control


    P2P nodes can download tens of gigabytes of files, especially when they start to use P2P centers.In fact, the files of the central node are shared with other nodes while downloading. From the perspective of fragmentation, after downloading the first fragment, the whole node sharing and downloading process begins.This paper introduces some optimizations and improvements […]

  • Basic working principle of react fiber


    What is react fiber? React fiber is simply a new coordination engine introduced from react V16 to realize incremental rendering of virtual dom. Human words: it is a processing method that can make the process of react view update more smooth and smooth. We all know that the process is large and the thread is […]

  • Construction of single timing task to distributed cluster timing platform


    task-scheduling modular:corn、Timer、ScheduledExecutor、scheduled、quartz、elastic-job Gitee address (open source project): https://gitee.com/flowerAndJava/task-scheduling Open source Timer demo module: timer timing case;Scheduledexecutor demo module: timed tasks for scheduledexecutor thread pool;Springboot scheduled module: timing tasks provided by springboot;Quartz monomer demo module: Quartz realizes single task scheduling;Quartz cluster demo module: Quartz cluster task scheduling;Spring elastic job module: Spring integrates elastic job;Elasticjob springboot starter […]

  • Summary of mongodb daily operation and maintenance practice


    1、 Introduction to mongodb cluster Mongodb is a database based on distributed file storage. Its purpose is to provide scalable high-performance data storage solutions for web applications. The following will introduce the most common cluster scheme with three machines. For details, you can check the official websitehttps://docs.mongodb.com/v3.4…。 1. Introduction to cluster components Mongos (routing processing): […]