• The great role of an insignificant character “/” in the nginx configuration is lost by a thousand miles


    As a lightweight and high-performance web service software, nginx is widely used because of its characteristics of less memory and strong concurrency. Many large domestic Internet companies also favor nginx. Like bat (Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent), TMD (headlines, meituan and didi) and so on. Students who have used nginx know that you only need to […]

  • About in SAP Spartacus feature library_ index. SCSS file


    As shown in the following figure: there is a quick order folder_ index. SCSS file, which imports the index under the styles folder: However, there is no index. XML in the styles folder SCSS file, only one_ index. scss. However, after clicking the first line of code in the figure above with Ctrl + click, […]

  • Python learning note 9: regular expressions


    Regular expression is a text pattern that includes ordinary characters (for example, letters between a and z) and special characters (called “metacharacters”).Regular expressions use a single string to describe and match a series of strings that match a syntactic rule.Regular expression is a special character sequence, which can help you easily check whether a string […]

  • Python crawler must learn: regular expression explanation


    The text and pictures of this article come from the network, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial purpose. If you have any questions, please contact us in time for handling. The following article is an introduction to level 1 AI, written by little brother Wu Novices and Xiaobai who have […]

  • Basic problems encountered in writing Django.


    When writing Django, I encountered many small problems that needed time to solve. Divide into several categories and add them slowly: Restart Apache:Generally, you do not need to restart to modify the template.You need to restart to modify views.py, but sometimes you can see the effect without restarting, but there will be problems when you […]

  • Leetcode-071-simplified path


    Simplified path Title Description: give you a string path, which indicates the UNIX style absolute path to a file or directory (starting with ‘/’), please convert it into a more concise standard path. In UNIX style file system, a dot (.) indicates the current directory itself; In addition, two dots (..) indicate switching the directory […]

  • Springboot canal data synchronization solution


    Springboot canal data synchronization solution 1、 Demand In the case of multiple microservices databases, canal can be used to replace the trigger. Canal is proposed in response to Alibaba’s business requirements of cross machine room synchronization. Canal obtains changes for incremental subscription & Consumption Based on database log analysis. Whether it is necessary for the […]

  • How does latex output backslashes and single line comments


    Single backslash Use “\ backslah” to represent “\”, as shown in the following figure: \backslash Double backslash “\ \” is represented by “\ backslash \ backslash”, as shown in the following figure: Single-Line Comments x+1=y\\ Latex blogging skills This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this article Hacking

  • Illegal character processing in Linux command line


    Characters like $, & in linux commands are illegal. What if you only want to display these special characters as general symbols in the command? Reference is required. There are three reference methods in Linux. Enclose in double quotation marks’ ‘, but this is not valid for’ $’. echo “Today is $(date)” Use single quotation […]

  • Linux uses the echo command to output content


    #Displays a string on standard output echo hello #Line breaks at the end of lines are not output echo -n hello #Interpret characters escaped with backslashes echo -e ‘hello\nworld’ echo -e ‘hostname\nhello’ > 1.sh #View file contents cat 1.sh hostname hello

  • Bash: String


    \Backslash (escape) Follow closely\The literal amount of characters will be retained and removed when outputting\。 A special case is\newline(backslash + newline character), this combination will be regarded as a long string newline, and will be used when outputting\newline(backslash + newline) remove, ignore. $ echo \a a $ echo \aaa aaa $ echo aaa\ > ssss […]

  • Python + ffmpeg video transcoding format


    This article is forwarded from:blog.csdn.net/KH_FC/article/detail… crap At present, I’m also learning python, and I’m not very proficient in it. I can use it to write video transcoding. So I wrote such a simple tool after consulting some materials. This tool can be used by myself. There are still many shortcomings when I use it in […]