• Let the fields and model names in Django model be displayed in Chinese


    Simple method: models.py class IceCreamBar(models.Model): title = Models. Charfield (max_length = 200, db_index = true, verbose_name = “name”) Shell = models.charfield (max_length = 100, verbose_name = ‘skin’) Filling = models.charfield (max_length = 100, verbose_name = ‘included’) has_ Stick = models. Boolean field (default = true, verbose_name = ‘have stick’) def __unicode__(self): return self.title class Meta: […]

  • Perfect ant design dynamic skin changing scheme


    preface Preview address:Ant Design Theme const App = () => { return ( <ThemeProvider theme={{ name: ‘dark’, variables: { ‘primary-color’: ‘#00ff00’ }, }} > <Button type=”primary”>Primary Button</Button> </ThemeProvider> ); }; Out of the boxantd-themeWelcome, star ❤ Defects of existing schemes CSS variables Complex expressions cannot be supportedmix(var(–primary-color), #fff, 20%) Limited browser compatibility Multiple sets of […]

  • Sublime text transformation plan


    Why choose sublime text IntelliJ idea, which has been used for many years before, is a heavyweight ide with powerful functions and high efficiency. It is very comfortable to use. The disadvantage is that the startup speed is too slow and there is no beautiful skin theme. There is a big difference between the front […]

  • Simple crawling of bleeding skin


    Series articles: Simple implementation of Baidu translation by Python crawler Python crawler to cool dog music Simple crawling of bleeding skin Simple crawling of little skin on MC skin station of Python crawler Python crawler to send the weather forecast of the day to learnku friends Python crawler automatically switches the daytime / nighttime mode […]

  • Deveexpress + WinForm (2)


    Invincible fuzzy learning video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV15x411x7WN?p=3 Episode 3: implement a page and create a new deveexpress WinForm blankapplication.   Using ribboncontrol, add several groups of pagegroups. Pagegroup adds several items and pagegroup sets text. Set largeimage or image (old version lageglyph, glyph) for each item. When you want to display image, you should clear largeimage. Item […]

  • Experience of using sublime text


    Packages Using shortcut keysCtrl + Alt + POpen command floating window, enterinstall, then select the first item to enter, enter the name of the plug-in you want to install in the later input field, and install it. formatting code Shortcut keys:Ctrl + Alt + F Run Html Open the preferences – key bindings – user […]

  • Android UU realizes APK plug-in skin changing


    Skin changing ideas: 1. When do you change your skin? Before XML loading, the skin will be changed. If the skin is changed after XML loading, the user will see the color before the skin change, and the user experience is not good. 2. What is skin? Skin is APK, which is a resource package, […]

  • WinForm form skin beautification


    1. First add the irisskin2.dll file to the current project reference (Solution Explorer – > current project – > reference – > right click – > Add Reference, find the irisskin2.dll file….. Then I don’t need to say anything). The irisskin2.dll file is better placed in the bindebug file of the current project 2. Then […]

  • How to use ISSkin to add skin to the installation program made by Unicode Inno Setup?


    What is ISSkin? How does ISSkin work? ISSkin is an Inno Setup skin plug-in produced by Code Jock Company. It is used to provide skin function for Inno’s installation program. ISSkin provides you with the flexibility to create custom visual styles that can be used with innovative installers, adding a rich professional look to any […]