• How does latex output backslashes and single line comments


    Single backslash Use “\ backslah” to represent “\”, as shown in the following figure: \backslash Double backslash “\ \” is represented by “\ backslash \ backslash”, as shown in the following figure: Single-Line Comments x+1=y\\ Latex blogging skills This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this article Hacking

  • 8.1 docker charging mode


    Docker enterprise Skill training Skill certification Docker store, paid image Docker cloud is deployed online according to docker-compose.yml

  • Angular learning notes – how does angular perform


    Angular execution diagram:JQuery startup:The JS DOM element binds the corresponding event. When the DOM listens to the corresponding event, it starts to execute the registered eventAngularjs execution:first,Bind jQuery to determine whether to introduce jQuery. If jQuery is not introduced, you will implement a jqlit yourself.secondly,publishExternalApi2. Publishexternalapi should first prepare services, directives… Before starting angular. First, […]

  • IntelliJ idea tutorial collection


    <p align=”center”> <img width=”250px”></p> Use the crawler to search the excellent articles of IntelliJ idea in the whole network, and aggregate here. The platform includes “CSDN”, “Nuggets”, “Jianshu”, “Zhihu”, “segmentfault”, “blog Park”, “open source China” and “Muke notes”. I believe this collection can help you no matter what you know about IntelliJ idea. There is […]

  • Tips for troubleshooting applications on kubernetes


    After migrating from docker to docker swarm and then to kubernetes, and handling all kinds of API changes over the years, I am very happy to find and fix problems in deployment. Today, I’d like to share 5 troubleshooting tips that I think are most useful, as well as some other usage tips. Kubectl – […]

  • Scaffold structure design and frame construction


    The next few articles mainly talk about the whole process of realizing enterprise scaffold from the entrance target Realization principle of scaffold Common usage of lerna Architecture design skills and architecture drawing methods primary coverage Learn how to think about infrastructure from an architect’s perspective The pain points and solutions of multi package project management […]

  • Zooteam front end weekly issue 89


    Zhengcai cloud front end tabloid No. 89 For more past tabloids, please visit:https://weekly.zoo.team First acquaintance with umi.js What is umi.js? UMI, pronounced UMI in Chinese, is a pluggable enterprise level react application framework. You can simply understand it as a performance focused front-end framework of class next.js, and through convention, automatic Read an article about […]

  • Summary of skills for efficient use of SSH


    SSH has many cool features. How can it be your daily work partner? I think you need to understand the following 16 secrets for efficient use of SSH. They will certainly save you much more time than you use to configure them. 1. Multiple connections are shared If you need to open the connection to […]

  • Windows common Tips & actions


    Windows common Tips & actions: catalogue Windows common Tips & actions: typewriting Width Toggle Input skills: (Microsoft Pinyin) Solutions to misoperation typewriting Width Toggle In the full angle state, use the shortcut key shift + space to quickly switch half angles. When shift + space cannot be used, right-click the input method in the lower […]

  • Several skills related to using history in Linux command line


    When you use the Linux command line frequently, using history effectively can greatly improve productivity. Use histtimeformat to display time stampsWhen you enter history on the command line, it displays the sequence number and commands. For audit purposes, it may be helpful to display the timestamp with the command. [[email protected] ~]# export HISTTIMEFORMAT=’%F %T ‘[[email protected] […]

  • Using apipost tool to quickly generate online interface documents


    Apipost is an API debugging and management tool that supports teamwork and can directly generate documents. It supports simulating common requests such as post, get and put. It is a rare tool for background interface developers or front-end and interface testers. Users can not only use apiopst to debug the interface, but also write relevant […]

  • Seaborn’s six simple tips


    Author | zolzaya luvsandorjCompile VKSource: towards Data Science In this article, we will explore some simple ways to customize your charts to make them aesthetically better. I hope these simple techniques can help you get a better picture. Baseline map The script in this article was tested in Python 3.8.3 in the Jupiter notebook. Let’s […]