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  • Moocnet_ Learning summary of Java generating QR code


    Time: Friday, June 23, 2017Note: part of this article is from moocnet. @Moocnet:http://www.imooc.comTeaching example source code: NonePersonal learning source code:https://github.com/zccodere/s… Chapter one: the concept of two-dimensional code Overview of 1-1 QR code Schematic diagram of QR code Usage scenarios catalog Two dimensional code concept Development history of QR code QR code classification Advantages and disadvantages […]

  • Graphic SQL, this is too image!


    Author Tony, who doesn’t cut her hairSource https://blog.csdn.net/horses/… This paper introduces the design idea of relational database: everything is relational in SQL. There are many great design concepts and ideas in the computer field, such as: In UNIX, everything is a file. In object-oriented programming languages, everything is an object. The same is true of […]