• The web page table or div layer is expanded in the web page


    When we design web pages, we will always encounter some unpleasant things. The most common thing is to find that the displayed pages are opened after adding content in the background, resulting in extremely unsightly web pages. In the past, we basically designed forms. Naturally, there are many solutions for forms on the Internet. Now […]

  • K-means clustering of advertising effect


    Project background Explore classic data sets in depth. 1 data set review import matplotlib. Pyplot as plot # graphics library import numpy as np import pandas as pd from sklearn. metrics import silhouette_ Score # import contour coefficient index from sklearn. Cluster import kmeans # kmeans module from sklearn. Preprocessing import minmaxscaler, onehotencoder # data […]

  • Xcode set startup page


    Preface: there are two ways to set the startup page in IOS: launch image and launchscreen 1、 Launch image 1. Search for asset catalog launch image set name in project targets — build settings, and then set the name of the created launch page, as shown in the following figure. Launchimage1.png 2. In info Delete […]

  • Difficulty analysis of constraintlayout


    WRAP_CONTENT We know that this attribute in other views means the package content, which is its own size. The maximum size will not exceed the size of the screen. image.png The general meaning is that this attribute is added in version 1.1. If wrap is set before version 1.1_ Content, the constraint will not limit […]

  • Android audio and video development — use and packaging of camera, Camera2 and cameraX


    preface Source code: https://github.com/Peakmain/Video_Audio/tree/master/app/src/main/java/com/peakmain/video_audio/utils My developer:https://www.jianshu.com/u/3ff32f5aea98 My GitHub:https://github.com/peakmain Basic knowledge On Android 5 Before 0, we used camera. Although it is easy to use, it has been abandoned. Android 5 Camera2 appeared after 0, but the use of Camera2 was very cumbersome, so cameraX appeared later, but cameraX was actually just the encapsulation of Camera2 […]

  • Linux system modifies the size of pictures in batches with commands


    Taking photos often requires reducing the size of a large number of photos to facilitate online transmission or storage.   Here is a simple methodmethodChange a large number of photos to the specified size   find ./ -name ‘*.jpg’ -exec convert -resize 600×480 {} {} \;   Note the space and the last semicolon. The […]

  • Cycle MLP a MLP like architecture for dense prediction of visoin MLP


    Cycle MLP a MLP like architecture for dense prediction of visoin MLP Original document:https://www.yuque.com/lart/pa… Read the article from the abstract This paper presents a simple MLP-like architecture, CycleMLP, which is a versatile backbone for visual recognition and dense predictions, unlike modern MLP architectures, e.g., MLP-Mixer, ResMLP, and gMLP, whose architectures are correlated to image size […]

  • Total analysis of web element units


    Relative length unitsem Description: relative length unit. The font size relative to the text in the current object.If the font size of the text in the current line is not artificially set, it is relative to the default font size of the browser.Example:div { font-size : 1.2em; } ex Description: relative length unit. Height relative […]

  • Freadhub Mac version it’s coming


    Related article 1: write an app for readhub with fluent Related article 2: flutter version readhub open source Related article 3: record of real machine debugging and packaging process of fluent IOS Related article 4: summary of fluent IOS packaging process and online audit process Related article 5: freadhub finally upgraded flutter2 0 Related article […]

  • Java inserts data into PDF (pdfbox + POI)


    Specify page number insert / replace Pdfbox doesn’t seem to provide this method specifically, but the existing methods can also realize this function by multiple combinations, Requirements: a PDF file a has 10 pages. Now I want to insert a new PDF file B on page 6. After insertion, the whole PDF file a becomes […]

  • Front end – image compression, tinypng plug-in based on Vue / webpack


    Introduction / Info auto compress img by tinypng when used webpack or vueThis plugin can record the compression and will not recompress the file if it is not updated Tinypng plug-in for Vue and webpack, which supports image resizingIt can judge whether the resource has changed according to the record. If it has not changed, […]

  • Question 2: what is a box model?


    concept All HTML tags can be understood as a box model The box model is mainly composed of four parts: content, padding, border and margin <img></img> Standard box model (W3C box model) content box Box size = content Weird box model (ie box model) border box Box size = content + padding + border The […]