• Regular use of box: what to do if the box size is not correct


    What should I do if the content area falls down? It’s a headache if the size is not accurate Combined with the characteristics of inline block: the box size is supported by the content area, so we changed the outermost box model todisplay:inline-blockIn this way, some measurement errors can be avoided, which will lead to […]

  • How to reduce the IPA size of packaged project in IOS


    Before the project was launched completely by the technical boss. This time, I independently developed my own project. I think my package project is a little larger. I searched the Internet for some good methods, which are summarized here. 1. Configure the compile option (in the levels option) generate debug symbols to No. this configuration […]

  • Non volatile memory balancing method


    Nonvolatile memoryAs it becomes more and more complex on advanced nodes, the price and speed, power and utilization on advanced nodes are becoming some very application specific trade-offs to determine the location of the storage. NVM can be embedded in the chip or removed from the chip using various types of interconnection technology. But the decision […]

  • Ueditor custom image video size verification


    Ueditor supports single image, multi image and video upload. Editor configuration item supports file format and file size verification, but does not support file width and height size verification. Here we record the verification process of user-defined pictures and videos. The core content is to expand the verification logic and add custom prompt text. Single […]

  • Requirements of wafer level chip level packaging in SRAM


    When talking about the future of wearable technology, it clearly shows the future process of wearable technology innovation. Loud and clear is that to be successful, wearable electronics must be small and capable. In order to reduce the occupied space and thus the whole circuit board space, microcontrollers migrate to smaller process nodes every generation. At […]

  • CSS world 4 chapters


    Chapter 4 four family of box size The four boxes in the box size, content box, padding box, border box and margin box correspond to the content, padding, border and margin attributes in CSS world respectively. 4.1 in depth understanding of content 4.1.1 content and replacement elements 1. What are replacement elements According to whether […]

  • Datasource magic of IOS development, elegant writing let you easily control tableview


    brief introduction Recently, when refactoring the code written before, I found that there is a stinky and long code in each viewcontroller to define thedataSourceanddelegateSo I wonder if there is a more elegant way to writedataSourceThe cbtableviewdatasource is generated. Project address: https://github.com/cocbin/CBTableViewDataSource Before using cbtableviewdatasource // define a enum to split section typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, SectionNameDefine) […]

  • Storage characteristics and internal principle of mongodb


    preface `This paper focuses on the storage principle of mongodb,In the next article, let’s build the replica sets + sharded cluster cluster` Storage engine Wiredtiger engine 1. 3.0 new engine is recommended. 2. It can support higher read-write load and concurrency `All write requests are based on the “document level” lock,Therefore, multiple clients can update […]

  • Asp.NET How to control the size of file upload (super simple)


    stay web.config Medium system.web Add the following code under the node: The maxrequest length in the second line is “8192”. The maximum limit here is 8MB, which can be set by yourself. Executiontimeout = 800, and the default execution timeout is 90 seconds <system.web> <httpRuntime maxRequestLength=”8192″ executionTimeout=”800″/> </system.web> The above article Asp.NET The method to […]

  • Tip: how to convert SVG to PNG with chrome


    How to convert SVG to PNG? Use chrome. It’s very easy to use. You can also set your own size. What is SVG? Svg (scalable vector graphics) is an XML based graphics format for describing two-dimensional vector graphics. SVG is an open standard developed by W3C. What are the methods of SVG to PNG? Online […]

  • Image processing and composition in JavaScript (1)


    Image processing and composition in JavaScript (1) introduction: Image processing has now become a rigid need in our life, presumably we also often have this demand. In the actual front-end business, there are often many projects that need to be processed and processed. Due to the business needs of the company in the past period […]

  • Summary of mobile terminal adaptation


    Foreword: personal summary, combined with the articles of the great gods, if there is something wrong, please point out~ Prepositional concept Device pixels The physical pixel of the device screen, indicating how many dots can be laid on the screen instead of an absolute length unit (such as in, mm); the unit is Px, such […]