• I found the fake picture you sent in the circle of friends


    Baidu, our common search engine, has a small camera in its search box. I don’t know if you pay attention to it. We can find similar pictures and their sources by uploading photos. For example, I upload a picture of NG, Baidu will give its search answer. How is this done? How are similar pictures […]

  • Mobile adaptation summary


    Personal summary, combined with the articles of the gods, if there is something wrong, please point out~ Preconception Device pixels The physical pixel of the device screen, indicating how many dots can be laid on the screen, rather than an absolute length unit (such as in, mm); the unit is Px, such as iPhone 6 […]

  • Deep learning notes


    TensorFlow Tensorflow is not only an interface to implement machine learning algorithm, but also a framework, which can also be used in linear regression, logical regression, random forest and other algorithms; Tensorflow uses data flow graph to plan calculation process. Each operation is a node, and the connection between nodes is called edge, and the […]

  • Screenshot of unity camera


    When doing the project recently, we need to cut a high-definition screenshot in the game, and study the script, which is convenient for later use.The script can customize the resolution and use the camera to capture high-definition screenshots. You can use code to take dynamic screenshots, or you can take screenshots in edit mode.Pay attention […]

  • C. It is forbidden to change the size of the form by dragging and double clicking the title bar


    Recently, I wrote a Windows Forms program and found an annoying problem. The maximize button is disabled and maximized when the form is initialized. I wanted the form to be maximized all the time. But drag, and the form will shrink when you double-click the title bar. I’m tired of it. Finally, a solution was […]

  • IOS – iPhone screen adaptation / boot map adaptation / APP icon adaptation (iPhone full size includes iPhone X / XR / XS / XS max, etc.)


    Before the new iPhone product is released, make notes on screen adaptation, startup map adaptation and app icon adaptation for later reference: Note: some of the pictures are from the Internet; (I) iPhone screen adaptation: (1) Screen resolution:     ① Design dimension specification (table):     ② Design dimension specification (text):     ③ Development dimensions are easy to understand: […]

  • Deconvolution


    Specific calculation steps of deconvolution Make the image as   Convolution kernel is       case 1 If you want the output size to be 5×5 and the step number to be stripe = 2, the command in tensorflow is: transpose_conv = tf.nn.conv2d_transpose(value=input, filter=kernel, output_shape=[1,5,5,1], strides=2, padding=’SAME’) When you execute the transfer_conv command, tensorflow […]

  • How to adjust the size of the “Start Menu” page in the lower left corner of the computer


    Method / stepLet’s take resizing as an example. First, open the attribute Custom in start menu And the key to getting bigger is here Determine the size of the project and then determine it. There is an interface after confirmation. You can only click that to confirm, otherwise it will not change. That’s good. Matters […]

  • Universal waterfall


    Most of the common waterfall flow implementations are only applicable to the case of fixed sub block size or asynchronous loading of pictures inside. In the case of sub block with picture, which may cause size change, the usual method is to write down the height of picture, or check the internalimgElement so thatonloadEvent. Due […]

  • Suggestions for mobile development


    More articles 1. Page adaptation This is not a suggestion, but a solution. Recently, I checked a lot of data about mobile terminal adaptation, and I lost my mind and got the following nouns CSS pixel, physical pixel, logical pixel, device pixel ratio, PPI, DPI, DPR, dip, viewport To be honest, I don’t want to […]

  • Pyqt implementation makes the elements in the window change with the size of the window


    *If you want to achieve this visual state, you need to use the layout method. After creating a control, right-click on the main window to select a layout Lay out horizontally: vertical layout Lay out vertically Lay out horizontally in splitter Lay out vertically in splitter Lay out in a grid Lay out in a […]

  • Openbsd4.1 + Apache + MySQL + PHP environment configuration


    Environmental Science: WINXP+VM5 openbsd4.1 apache2.0.55 mysql4.1.21 php4.4.4 discuz6.0_utf8 1. Install OPENBSD4.1 and confirm that the APACHE stopped service (modifying the parameters in / etc/rc.conf).2. Set up FTP of OPENBSD and put relevant software on it.3. Install MYSQL  #tar zxvf mysql-4.1.21.tar.gz  #cd mysql-4.1.21  #./configure –prefix=/usr/local/mysql –with-charset=gb2312  #make  #make isntall  #./scripts/mysql_install_db  #adduser mysql  #chown -R root /usr/local/mysql […]