• Troubleshooting of installation NRM error


    There are many warnings when installing NRM. Errors are reported when using NRM – V or NRM ls. internal/validators.js:124 throw new ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE(name, ‘string’, value); ^ [TypeError [ERR_INVALID_ARG_TYPE]: The “path” argument must be of type string. Received undefined at validateString (internal/validators.js:124:11) at Object.join (path.js:375:7) at Object.<anonymous> (D:\Program Files\nodejs\node_global\node_modules\nrm\cli.js:17:20) at Module._compile (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1063:30) at Object.Module._extensions..js (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:1092:10) at Module.load […]

  • About the elastic box layout, after setting an element flex: 1, the height: 100% of a primitive sub element is invalid


    <div class=”box”> <div class=”boxa”></div> <div class=”boxb”> <div class=”son”><div/> </div> </div> .box { display: flex; width: 100%; } .boxa { width: 100px; } .boxb { flex: 1 } .son{ width: 100% } In this case, 100% of the son element will not take effect. You can add a height: 0; .boxb { height: 0; flex: 1 […]

  • When the wechat page is shared to the enterprise wechat, the set text and icon are abnormal


    The situation is that there is no problem sharing in wechat, but sharing in enterprise wechat is invalid. Share in wechat, everything is normal Sharing to enterprise wechat, the set sharing information is invalid Finally, it is found that it is a problem with the jsapi. It can be solved by replacing updateappmessagesharedata with onmenushaappmessage. […]

  • SQL ranking questions, 100% leetcode answers open!


    (first of all, forgive me for reading too much recently and giving me the name of secondary 2) I’m looking for an internship recently, so I plan to systematically summarize (review) the problems often encountered in SQL. Whether it is to brush leetcode or Niuke’s SQL questions, there is always a problem that can’t be […]

  • How to query errors in PLSQL garbled code?


    Environmental Science: SCOTTbook> ver1PORT_STRING VERSION BANNER x86_64/Linux 2.4.xx Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production SCOTTbook> show parameter plsqlNAME TYPE VALUE plsql_ccflags stringplsql_code_type string INTERPRETEDplsql_debug boolean FALSEplsql_optimize_level integer 2plsql_v2_compatibility boolean FALSEplsql_warnings string DISABLE:ALL SCOTTook> alter session set plsql_code_type=native ;Session altered. $ ls -l /dev/shm/total 0 create or replace PROCEDURE testp2 ( […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (49): Free


    Yesterday’s recommendation:Learn a Linux command every day (48): Top Command introduction The free command is used to display the memory usage, the total amount of available and used physical memory and swap memory, and the buffer used by the kernel. Syntax format free [options] Option description -b  # Displays memory usage in bytes -k  # Displays […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (107): SAR


    Command introduction The SAR command is used to comprehensively obtain the performance data of the system, such as CPU, run queue, disk I / O, paging (swap area), memory, CPU interrupt and network. Syntax format sar -[ options ] time_interval number_of_tines_to_display Option description -A   # Summarize all reports -a   # View file read / write usage -B   # View the […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (117): atop


    Command introduction Atop command is a tool for monitoring Linux system resources and processes. It is not an internal command and needs to be installed. [[email protected] ~]# atop -bash: atop: command not found [[email protected] ~]# yum install atop -y #Debian && Ubuntu apt-get install atop #Fedora dnf install atop Atop records the operation status of […]

  • Record the learning and thinking caused by a simple SQL tuning


    Now there is a membership table. The structure of the table is as follows:As you can see, platform_ The ID column is indexed. Now analyze the following SQL statement:As can be seen from the type field in the fifth column, the result of this analysis is a full table scan. At the first time, I […]

  • [go] file download and storage directory after go get when go module is enabled


    When the go module is enabled, it is executed go env -w GO111MODULE=on   Then execute go get XXXXX The file will be stored in $gopath / PKG / mod   And the uppercase letters in the directory name will be converted to lowercase letters, preceded by one!   For example: go get github.com/GoAdminGroup/[email protected]   […]

  • Algorithm interview question: how many 7 are there between 1 and 1000?


    I saw a very interesting interview question these two days: the examiner directly asked, 1 to 1000 to how many 7? Requirements, no programming, give the answer directly, and give a simple idea.   C / C + + Learning skirt [712]   two eight four   seven zero five  】, Whether you are Xiaobai […]

  • Web pack independent packaging and caching


    We will package files through webpack and separate corresponding configuration files according to different environments. However, we can’t be satisfied with packaging files. We should also think about how to package better files. For example, we all know that the browser has strong cache and negotiation cache. If the unchanged files can be effectively cached […]