• Novice site building tutorial – installation and use of pagoda panel


    Why use the pagoda panel? Novice site building the biggest pain is not easy to get started, too much code, can not easily manage.Here, we introduce a simple and easy to use free server operation and maintenance panel pagoda panel. Using the pagoda panel, you can install applications, synchronize files, execute code regularly and manage […]

  • On the cross domain problem in the separation of front end and back end


    In the development process of separating the front end and the back end, the following error messages often appear: Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘’ from origin ‘’ has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn’t pass access control check: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. HelloWorld.vue?18db:50 err Error: Network […]

  • Front end document site construction scheme


    The first46Original articlesThis article first appeared on the blog of Zhengcai cloud front end team:Front end document site construction scheme preface stayAutomatic web performance optimization analysis schemeIn this paper, the principle of Baice system performance test and the test page will eventually generate a test report, as shown in the following figure: Through the test […]

  • Ubuntu install Apache


    1. Install Apache To install Apache, pleaseapache2Install the latest metapackage by running the following command: sudo apt update sudo apt install apache2 After running the command, all the necessary packages will be installed and we can test it by entering the IP address of the web server. If you see the above page, Apache has […]

  • Travis CI plus hexo to automatically build and deploy GitHub pages blogs


    This article has been published on my blog ne0ng’s blogTravis Ci and hexo to realize automatic construction and deployment of GitHub pages blog | ne0ng’s blog Re installed a few days agofedora 31So I rebuilt this blog at home during the Chinese New YearTravis CITo automatically build and deploy my blog, and then put my […]

  • Chrome 81 released! The last step to eliminate mixed content


    Chrome 81It was officially released the day before yesterday. This version was originally planned forMarch 17thBut because of the coronavirus(COVID-19)It’s been delayed until now.Chrome 81It’s also disruptedGoogleNormal six week release schedule. thereforeGoogleIt has also been announced that the next version will be skipped directlyChrome 82, direct releaseChrome 83。 Now I’ll show youChrome 81What are the […]

  • On CC attack protection strategy (1) – attack principle and protection means


    Foreword: in the last week, our server has suffered a lot of CC attacks. The following is the specific protection strategy and attack principle from the recent experience What is CC attack First of all, we need to know what kind of attack is defined as CC attack. Here are some official explanations of encyclopedia. […]

  • JWT must know and know


    Recently, JWT has been adopted in the security authentication mechanism of the project. Now, when the whole work has basically come to an end, some knowledge points will be summarized and released. Why migrate? The reason is very simple, just as follows: In order to migrate to the microservice architecture, because the single login entry […]

  • Learning Vue (1)


    1、 Install NPM       1、  https://www.cnblogs.com/lgx5/p/10732016.html 2、 Install nginx      1、   https://blog.csdn.net/zuoyigehaizei/article/details/93061002 2. Configure nginx multisite Open the configuration file, copy a server {}, and modify the port and site path.           3、 Install vscode      1、https://www.jianshu.com/p/cab79d188e42 4、 Start 1. Create a new folder, put the […]

  • Domain learning note 12: optimizing user login with site control active directory replication


    1、 Preface If the company has branches in Beijing and Shanghai, each branch has its own domain (or domain tree). They form a domain forest together and visit each other through the Internet (such as VPN). When a user in Shanghai logs in to the domain, it is possible to find the domain server in […]

  • Xixiaofan meets maven


    Maven Maven’s role: project construction, dependency management.This article draws on the relevant content of Maven tutorial for rookie, and links to Maven tutorial. 1. Project model (POM object) It consists of four parts POM relationship Build settings Building the environment Project information 2. Maven’s life cycle clean Clear the files generated by the last build […]

  • Mobile easy version 0.2.0 release, support SMS and push, release mailing list


    Increased functionality Add 253 SMS platform interface, only need to register 253 account to send SMS verification code; Add a push SDK integration, and you only need to register a push account to push; Modify swagger UI, add Chinese support, and realize online API Chinese prompt; Add log printing instance to controller class; Document reference […]