• Quickly build the front-end code static display website tool codeinstant


    Codeinstant is a tool for quickly building a static display website of front-end code. Codeinstant provides a set of static website framework and automatic script generation for site navigation, which helps front-end developers quickly build a code display website on GitHub pages and other platforms. Codeinstant supports online editing of HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes, […]

  • How to search in Baidu and Google to find your blog – hexo SEO optimization


    Introduction After writing personal blog, I hope to find my own article in Baidu search engine, so SEO optimization is needed. Here is the optimization of Google and Baidu crawlers. text What is SEO? Search engine optimization, also known as SEO (search engine optimization), is a technology to understand how search engines search, how to […]

  • Filtering out logs that the ABP framework does not need to record


    This article is one of a series of articles based on the. NETCORE and ABP framework on how to let Windows services perform quartz scheduled jobs. problem ABP. Windowsservice / demo. Myjob / 4.0.0 this project not only contains job service, but also a web site service automatically generated by ABP project. The logging of […]

  • Why does a single page crash cause all pages of the browser to crash at the same time?


    Have you ever encountered a single page stuck or crashed in the browser, resulting in the final collapse of all pages in the browser? BrowserMulti process architecture designEach page will have its own independent process. According to this logic, a single page’s blocking or crashing should only cause the process where the page is located […]

  • Rax 0.2 introduction


    At the end of March 2017, rax released version 0.2. Let’s take a look at the new thinking brought by version 0.2. Some data From the open source to the 0.2 release and launch, some data confirm the growth behind rax. At the same time, it is also a kind of urging of rax, urging […]

  • Ask if you don’t understand: Cookie vs. session (1. Cookie)


    Cookies are small data stored on the user’s local terminal that is no more than 4KB Brief description: /** * commonly used *@ name username cookie name *@ name expires sets the cookie expiration time (UTC or GMT). By default, cookies are removed when the browser is closed * other *@ name path defines the […]

  • The configuration of IIS supporting PHP in Windows Server 2003


    1. Install MySQL (install by default if there is no special instructions)Select custom custom installationClick “change” to change MySQL installation directory (customized)Others can follow the default next step After installation, it will automatically jump to the setting interface and select detailed configuration for detailed configurationSelect MySQL running mode: server machineSelect the default storage method of […]

  • 15 sites that web designers and developers must know


     ColorCombos Color matching is the top priority of web design. Color combos helps you prepare thousands of color schemes, which can be selected according to color browsing.LIpsum Lorem Ipsum text is a self-made word that does not exist in the dictionary. When demonstrating the page structure, it is necessary to use lorem Ipsum text to […]

  • Some knowledge of link promotion


    Today’s products basically need to be promoted. No matter the size of the company, there are TVs and networks. At present, wechat promotion has to be mentioned in the field of network, which can be said to be the relatively mainstream way to promote social software.But there will also be problems, that is, domain names […]

  • Virtual host built by IIS Web


    Virtual host built by IIS Web Virtual directory: it can store the files of a website in different directories of the same computer and other computers. Benefits of using virtual directories: 1. Store the data on different disks or computers, which is convenient for development and maintenance. 2. When the data is moved to another […]

  • Window server 2008 R2 FTP service user isolation


    Window server 2008 R2 FTP service user isolation Original title:Install the FTP service, and create a new FTP site. The main directory is C: \ ftproot. When users soft1 and soft2 log in to the FTP site anonymously through appropriate technologies, they can only browse the contents of the “public” subdirectory. If they log in […]

  • Simple and elegant construction of personal blog


    Preface Ah ah ~ ~, after nearly two days of continuous exploration and optimization, personal blog is preliminarily completed, and now I see the effect is very good. This article is about how to build such a blog. As early as 17 years ago, I used hexo and GitHub to build a personal blog, but […]