• Learn bypass CSP record


    Recently, I saw a Bypas CSP record, and then I learned it again Configure CSP Here, set the HTML header directly to achieve the effect of configuring CSP. Content-Security-Policy: script-src ‘self’ ‘unsafe-inline’ Create HTML and load JS. The code is as follows, It can be executed normally Change JS to external JS You can see […]

  • Explain Linux multithreading — mutex, conditional variable, read-write lock, spin lock, semaphore


    1、 Mutex (synchronous) In a multitasking operating system, multiple tasks running simultaneously may need to use the same resource. This process is a little similar to that in the company department, while I am using the printer to print things (I have not finished printing), others are also using the printer to print things at […]

  • apache+mod_ Detailed installation steps of WSGI + mask


    Record Apache + Mod_ WSGI + Flash is based on the detailed installation steps of Python 3, and configures the HTML and restful API requests for site access at the same time Introduction to the machine environment Apache / 2.4.6 installed Python 3.6 is installed The system is centos7 Install Mod_ wsgi Because I introduced […]

  • About performance tools


    Introduction In performance metrics, performance indicators and measurement content are introduced. In addition to using the API provided by the browser, you can also use some tools to measure. Let’s take a look at the introduction to the tools this time. The following is part of the personal understanding of the translation. The original text […]

  • Centos7 uses pagoda Linux to install dzzoffice to realize online collaborative office / exclusive network disk


    1. Install pagoda Linux [[email protected] ~]# pip install –upgrade pip [[email protected] ~]# yum install -y wget && wget -O install.sh http://download.bt.cn/install/install.sh && sh install.sh You are using pip version 9.0.3, however version 20.0.2 is available. You should consider upgrading via the ‘pip install –upgrade pip’ command. //When it appears as shown above, PIP needs to […]

  • Openresty China released


    brief introduction After releasing the web development framework lor based on openresty, a community system openresty China based on lor is developed. It is the most typical demonstration example of lor framework, involving all aspects of developing web applications based on openresty. It is a good example for beginners of openresty web development and lor […]

  • Modern browser internal mechanism part 1 multi process architecture


    Inside look at modern web browser (Part 1)Author: Mariko KosakaTranslation: kyrieliu In this four article series, we’ll take chrome to the top of its overall architecture, down to page rendering rules. If you’re curious about how browsers turn code into a functional website, or are not sure why specific technologies can improve page performance, it’s […]

  • Interactive subway route map based on HTML5 canvas


    preface Two days ago, when I was looking for inspiration on echarts, I saw a lot of examples about maps, such as map positioning, etc., but it seemed that there was no subway route map, so I spent some time working out this interactive subway route map Demo, the point on the subway line is […]

  • Learn more about one of the modern browsers – Architecture


    I accidentally turned to this series on chord developer. The author described it very clearly, and the pictures are excellent. It is recommended to read it (when you read this blog, it was published in September 2018, and some things may be outdated for now). This is the first part of a series of blogs […]

  • Replacement image source of Jenkins basic system


    Tsinghua University image address: https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/jenkins/updates/update-center.json Operation steps: Enter Jenkins system management Access plug-in management Click advanced to change the address of the upgrade site to the image address of Tsinghua University 2、 Replace source configuration 1. Close update- center.json Safety inspection of Add the following properties to the Jenkins startup parameter hudson.model.DownloadService.noSignatureCheck=true Example 1 Java […]

  • Nginx configuration PHP / pathinfo mode / PHP multi version service


    structure /home/wwwroot/demo/public/index.php /index.php/index/index?p=1&ps=2 SCRIPT_FILENAME: /home/wwwroot/demo/public/index.php PHP_SELF: /index.php/index/index SCRIPT_NAME: /index.php PATHI_INFO: /index/index QUERY_STRING: p=1&ps=2 URI: /index.php/index/index?p=1&ps=2 fastcgi_ split_ path_ Info instruction This instruction will override the$fastcgi_script_name / $fastcgi_path_infoAssign request path to$fastcgi_path_infoThat’s what we wantpath_info。 index.php/news/1 $fastcgi_script_name: index.php $fastcgi_path_info: news/1 1、 General configuration The following configuration files are the same as nginx.conf Peer pathinfo.conf Parse and setPATH_INFO […]

  • Technology sharing | slave_ relay_ log_ Some extensions of info table cognition


    Author: Hu Chengqing slave_ relay_ log_ The info table looks like this: mysql> select * from mysql.slave_relay_log_info\G *************************** 1. row *************************** Number_of_lines: 7 Relay_log_name: ./mysql-relay.000015 Relay_log_pos: 621 Master_log_name: mysql-bin.000001 Master_log_pos: 2407 Sql_delay: 0 Number_of_workers: 16 Id: 1 Channel_name: slave_ relay_ log_ The info table stores the working location of the slave SQL thread. When starting […]