• How to install Keil C51 Chinese version? Keil C51 Chinese version installation registration activation detailed graphic tutorial


    Keil C51 v9.56 Chinese versionIs a programming software. This software also has compiling and editing tools. It can edit C language online and is easy to use. It is a necessary application for netizens in the programming industry! Keil c51 is a 51 series compatible MCU C language software development system produced by American keil […]

  • Tortoisegit installation and use of docking code cloud (Windows)


    Tortoisegit is a git tool used for visual interface, which is basically similar to SVN Link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1D0Ke… Extraction code: w6d1 One is the tortoisegit tool installation package, and the other is the Sinicization toolFirst install the tortoisegit tool installation package, and then install the Sinicization tool According to the path you need Then install the Sinicization […]

  • Installation, configuration and localization of eclipse


    1. Baidu search eclipse It is usually the first to find the website of the official website. There is the portal of the website belowEclipse Official WebsiteClick the position as shown in the figureFind this location and click 2020-06;It seems that the latest version of eclipse only supports jdk11. The specific reason is unknown. If […]

  • Antd datepicker in Chinese


    It’s really sour to work overtime on the Dragon Boat Festival. Due to the low version of antd (“antd”: “3.6.4”), the Chinese version of datepicker was not successful and finally solved./////————-It’s an urgent task. It’s not finished yet…..

  • Vscode + sublime installation and Sinicization


    Installation and Sinicization of two common editors Want to code? If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen the tools, and first install the tools you need to write code. The main characters of this issue are vscode and sublime, which are two popular code editors. The installation environment is win10 […]

  • How to translate datagrip2017 into Chinese


    JetBrains DataGrid is a new heavyweight product released by JetBrains, a Czech software company. It is known as the Swiss Army knife in the field of database and SQL. DataGrid supports almost all the mainstream relational database products, such as DB2, Derby, H2, mysql, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL server, sqllite and Sybase, etc. Moreover, JetBrains DataGrid […]

  • 51 MCU assembler, temperature alarm project


    Temperature University MCU assembly works, project addresshttps://github.com/jan-bar/Temperature The project requiresprotuesRun, the following is the available download addressLink:https://pan.baidu.com/s/13gSiLTenkSV3a5niS3untQExtraction code: 7×48 The installation and cracking methods are as follows: 1. Download and unzip to get Proteus Pro 8.9 SP0 original program, patch cracking file and Chinese patch; Then open it directly with ProteusTemperature monitoring display . DSNFile, […]

  • Change from Firefox to Chinese in Kali


    1. Open Settings   2. Find language to add Chinese                 ——————————————————————-So far, we have finished the Chinese version of Firefox—————————————————————————

  • Installing SVN in idea


    Download SVN and Chinese installation package:   (in the following installation process, administrator rights are required to run these two installation packages: run CMD with administrator rights, and run these two installation packages in CMD)   1. Install SVN When installing SVN, you need to select [will be installed on…]. If you don’t select it, […]

  • PLSQL developer 13 installation tutorial


    1: Double click the installation package to install it. Click “next”.2: Click “W accept the terms…” to agree to the terms, and click “next” to proceed to the next step.3: Click “enter license information” and “next”.4: Fill in the download information in the registration boxproduct code: 4vkjwhfeh3ufnqnmpr9brvcuyujrx3n3le serial Number:226959 password: xs374ca5: Select the installation mode, the default […]

  • Keil uvision4 installation, sinicization and cracking graphic detailed tutorial (with download)


    keil uvision4Is a very excellent and authoritative SCM development tools. It has editing, compiling, simulation and other functions, and also provides a complete development scheme including library management, macro assembly, C compiler, connector and simulation debugger, which can be combined in one environment. In addition, it can fully support the latest ARM chip, and introduces […]

  • Pychar, idea and GoLand are officially sinicized


    As the editor of software development, we have to mention the famous oneJetBrainsThe company’s software: pychar, idea, webstorm, phpstorm, clion, rubymine, appcode, DataGrid, are all the most popular at present! However, because the software is in English, it is not suitable for some novices, so many people began to look for Chinese tutorial. Before the […]