• Blog recommended | multi picture detailed explanation of Apache pulsar message storage model


    Editor’s recommendation:Ran Xiaolong, the original author, was first released in the official account of Tencent cloud. For reprint, please contact. This article mainly introduces the message and storage model of Apache pulsar for your reference. About Apache pulsar Apache pulsar is a top-level project of the Apache Software Foundation. It is a native distributed message […]

  • Comparison of several batch insertion efficiencies of [mybatis]


    There are three main methods for batch data processing: Execute a single insert statement repeatedly foreachSplicingsql Batch processing 1、 Preliminary preparation be based onSpring Boot + MysqlAt the same time, in order to omitget/set, usedlombok, seepom.xml。 1.1 table structure idUse database self augmentation. DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `user_info_batch`; CREATE TABLE `user_info_batch` ( `id` bigint(11) unsigned […]

  • In depth analysis of Apache pulsar series (I): client message confirmation


    Author introduction: Tencent cloud middleware expert engineer Apache pulsar PMC, author of in-depth analysis of Apache pulsar. At present, he focuses on the field of middleware and has rich experience in message queuing and microservice. Responsible for the design and development of ckafka and tdmq, and is currently committed to building stable, efficient and scalable […]

  • Ubuntu unzip rar


    Generally, Ubuntu installed by default cannot unzip rar files. You can unzip rar files only after the RAR unzip tool is installed. In fact, installing rar decompression tool under Ubuntu is very simple. It can be done quickly in only two steps. Installation method of RAR decompression tool under Ubuntu: Compression function Install sudo apt […]

  • Analyze Xu Song’s 175 songs and see why everyone likes listening to his songs so much


    The text and pictures of this article come from the network, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial purpose. If you have any questions, please contact us in time for handling. The following article comes from Luo Luopan, author Luo Luopan Novices and Xiaobai who have just come into contact with […]

  • [Android development] how to use the message extension of rongyun


    [Android development] how to use the message extension of rongyun Starting from version [4.0.3], rongyun has added the message extension function. The document is as follows:https://docs.rongcloud.cn/v4/… Summarize several key points in the document: Versions before 4.0.3 cannot be used. Message extension is a property of message class, that is, custom messages can also be used. […]

  • Implementation of single div drawing skills in CSS


    Often see articles about CSS drawing, such as using pure HTML + CSS to draw a Doraemon picture. The way to achieve this is to stack divs step by step to achieve the picture one by one. There is no problem with this technique, but it is less difficult. With patience, many graphics can be […]

  • Should mongodb use B-tree or B + tree for index implementation


    1、 B or B +? As for the index implementation of mongodb, I am not sure whether it is a B + tree or a B-tree at present, because the official documents of mongodb clearly indicate that B-tree is usedBut some people in yunqi said that they asked the author of wiredtiger to confirm that […]

  • What are the configurations for adding insert element tags in mybatis configuration file?


    How to add insert element label Adding records does not return the primary key configuration Add record to return primary key 1 (property configuration) Add record to return primary key 2 (property configuration) Batch add record return affects the total number of record rows (property configuration) Case practice Adding records does not return the primary […]

  • Upgrade php7 to operate mongodb


    preface usePHP+MongoDBA lot of users, becauseMongoDBThe storage of unstructured data is very convenient. stayPHP5Before that, the government provided two extensions,MongoandMongoDBOf whichMongoYes, it isMongoClientAnd so on several core class based class group operation, encapsulation is very convenient, so basically will chooseMongoExpansion. Please refer to the official manual for details:http://php.net/manual/zh/book… But withPHP5Upgrade toPHP7, no longer officially supportedMongoExtension, […]

  • How to change dapper to sqlsugar ORM


    Why write this article I see that although many people use sqlsugar, they also use dapper. Because sqlsugar is compatible with all dapper APIs, since you use sqlsugar, there is no need to use two orm in the same project So this article is for friends who use or want to use sqlsugar   Dapper […]

  • Hyperf uses alicloud SMS


    <?php declare(strict_types=1); namespace Service\ALiSms; use Hyperf\Di\Annotation\Inject; use Hyperf\Guzzle\ClientFactory; class ALiSmsService { /** * @var \Hyperf\Guzzle\ClientFactory */ private $clientFactory; private $url = ‘http://dysmsapi.aliyuncs.com/?’; public function __construct(ClientFactory $clientFactory) { $this->clientFactory = $clientFactory; } private function percentEncode($string) { $string = urlencode ( $string ); $string = preg_replace ( ‘/\+/’, ‘%20’, $string ); $string = preg_replace ( ‘/\*/’, ‘%2A’, […]